Sunday, 31 August 2008

Class with Judy Wilkenfeld

Isn't it embarrassing when someone remembers you and you're pulling a complete blank... until the comment "I had the name Wilko @ Scrapboxx" and a whole flood of memories come flooding back! That was me yesterday morning. Of course Judy was Wilko... derr!! I loved her style of scrapbooking back then, of course I'm going to love what she does now... really, how can one not... this woman is an inspiration!!

I have had one of the best weekends/classes/time... whatever this weekend! I have learnt so many things, using things I have at home with lovely inspiring people who are SOOOOOO bloody talented {I really was clueless... these women are amazing}... but what's more, I have learnt to relax, do my own thing... stuff up... and create fabulous things from the stuff up!

I also had the chance to work with my mum for the whole weekend, something we rarely do. When we get together it's usually just chattering and/or shopping {yes, I got that from my mother!!}, and to have all this one on one time with her was very special. Especially satisfying was seeing her take to this like a duck to water... she was incredible, I'm so proud to be her daughter!!

My book isn't finished yet... far from it. But I have learnt the skills I need to finish it and will do that through the week. From now on not a piece of fabric, old jewelry, chains, ribbon, bits of furniture hinges and handles... none are going to be safe. I thought scrapbooking had no rules... well this stuff SO has no rules it makes scrapbooking look stiff!! {Don't worry... I'm looking forward to finishing some LO's as well...!!}

I'm still somewhat overwhelmed, the brain is dead... but so alive at the same time. I want to play but I'm pooped {hence I'm writing this}. Judy is an amazing tutor, she shows you what to do, shares her tricks... and then lets you go off and do your thing your way! If you want help she'll be there with advice and run with what you need, not what she wants you to have. She's supportive and encouraging... would be the best class I have ever done!

So Judy, thanks for being so inspiring and coming to backwater Perth to show us how you do what you do... and Sharon, thanks so much for having us in your home and making this happen, you're an amazing woman!!!

OH... check out the hands! These are AFTER I cleaned them before we left. Walnut and Distress Inks stain like buggery... and I LOVED it, I even got so into everything I drew blood 4 times! Now that's commitment to getting messy!!


  1. I am so glad you and your mum had a great time.. thats awesome to hear. I can't wait to see the finished product.. or even what you have done so far.. its going to be great I bet.
    hope to chat to you tomorrow.

  2. OMG I see it but I don't believe it.
    There is actually some dirt on your hands. Woo Hoo.
    Way to go Little Miss.
    I am so very proud of you
    he he he
    And by the way just love the book you did with Judy,
    Man are you ever a talent.
    Loves ya Jules xo