Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sooo... how was your weekend?

I so love weekends: well we all do but I especially like weekends that start on Friday nights! Went to Chelle's Friday for a Welcome Home, Birthday, Drinks Night Get Together thing... was a good night. I couldn't drink because I was driving... blah, but still had fun, always a good sign you're in good company. Darren and Kel had a great night as well, in fact Kel was so pooped he fell asleep in the car on the way home... thanks Chelle and Ian.

This is my fave pic from the night!!

Saturday, nothing... was a boring and restless day. But Dags and Kel did all the housework while I was 'working on the shop"... aka scrapping! Certainly wasn't much working happening! But I appreciate someone else pottering around while I did nothing, was a real treat!!

Did the August Colour Challenge over at ScrapWitch though... was fun and I soooo loved the colours! So I have another LO done and approved by his Lord Muck Kellan... lol!!

Today, Sunday... went to a craft fair at Claremont, same one you and I went to last year Kazz {if you reading}... came home just as broke too!! Here's my loot!

I picked up some MEGA bargains, especially the Prima stuff again... less or same as wholesale, hard to beat that! So more MoonGlow's, more Cuttlebug Embossing Folders and lots of boy style stuff... chipboard with skulls and flames and cougars {ohhh cool says Kel}, cogs and arrows... and some more yummy Golden paint, this one an Iridescent Stainless Steel {bling for boys in my eyes!}... will look great on the cogs and stuff!!

Met up with Nes and her gorgeous girls there, so was nice to have some company... and then ran into Peta and Annette as well, they were just starting and I was about finished. Perth is such a small place!

Am scrapping another LO atm as well... oh and I scrapped some Brissy pics as well... will show them when I have them all done. So I've had a good scrappy weekend, but have still had time to hang with the boys and relax... perfect weekend I'd reckon!!

Not long until Karen gets here... woohooo, am really looking forward to her visit! Have booked us into a crop as well, Jules and Chrissie are coming along to so will be a great day!! We plan to simply scrap and relax while she is here... and eat lots of salami and cheese toasted focacias and drink much wine!! LOL!

Ohhhhhhhh also not long until I do a workshop with Judy Wilkenfeld making this:

Sharon has enough numbers to go ahead {GO Sharon, what a legend!!}... I'm so excited about this, mum is doing it with me as well... which will be really special for us... it's right up her alley and she'll be having sleep overs here, am really looking forward to spending the time together. She's making a maternal hand me down book. On her side of the family some of the special treasures were handed down to the youngest daughter in the family, so mum is going to incorporate some of those treasures into the book and it will be handed to my sister and then in time her little girl, how precious is that! I'm just going to do my memories, special pics and treasures from growing up, I'm so scared I will forget them... so this will be a good journey for me!! There are still some spaces available, so if you're interested... go have a see here and then contact Sharon via this link here.

So that's my weekend roundup!! Time to go and see if the fridge has anything appealing in it to cook... and maybe catch another BoxOffice flick with Kel!

Take care of you!

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