Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Princess Bride...

would HAVE to be one of my favourite of all time movies... so while looking for a 'fairy tale princess be saved and become free' kind of quote for this book cover/album thingy that started as a set of Twiddleybitz Gates and ended up an altered book cover, I hit quotes from The Princess Bride and remembered that classic phrase "as you wish"... sigh.

And so... here is my altered book cover {thanks to Karen who ripped a book apart to give it to me}. I have forgotten how much FUN it was to recover and repurpose a book cover... seems so many years ago that I learned from the Master {Mistress} herself - Judy Wilkenfeld - just what to do when I did this but it's not been that long... just a long journey in between then and now is all! Judy does it with SO much more style than I do, mine's just slapped together to look pretties, her books tell visual stories with so much depth and passion you can help but be awed by the power of emotions evoked {yeah, I'm a bit of a fan}, but I'm more than pleased with my pretties, it makes me happy, and that's a wonderful emotion!

So anyways... here is my latest 'favourite' item:

I'm going to bind some pages into the spine later, with lots of pretty ribbons, more fabrics and some images & quotes from the movie... when I get them. It will be my little treasure of a favourite movie, perfect romance and the story of never give up! And if somehow you've not seen this movie - really now, get it out and watch it - it's a true classic, tragic in all the right ways, it's about a farmboy who loves a princess, she gets kidnapped, he gets killed but it all turns out right in the end! And for those who have seen it... remember - "my Westley will come for me"!

Take care of you.

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