Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I went to ScrapIT on the weekend, a fundraiser for the McCusker Foundation {Alzeimers Research}... it was obvious that the committee behind it worked so well and so hard to make it a perfect day, they are to be commended for all they've achieved and raised over $36000 amazing job!!! The Sheraton however need a kick up the proverbial! They stuffed up big time and really let the committee and all the scrappers down; although beautiful, they changed the seating plan the night before so the ScrapIT committee had no where to go on that, they gave us no room to scrap {we were supposed to get a metre square, ended up with a dinner place setting space} let alone put totes etc behind us, some of the lunch was actually inedible, as in still raw in the middle and then there wasn't enough dessert to go around... not that I needed any, but really... you'd think they'd be a bit more switched on with 240 or more women at a function!! But venue stuff ups aside... it was fabulous day and the scrapIT committee should be proud of themselves!

The great part was scrapping with friends. Well once I got to sit with them... I was one of the ones bumped off the table when they changed the seating... and then it turned out it was Sharon's seat I flogged so she took mine, I so wish I could be as gracious as she is... she's one very selfless human being!! So I got to sit with everyone... Cath, Jen, Vicki, Jules and Chrissie. I find Jules and Chrissie are such fun girls to be around... the friendship they have is gorgeous, to be with them just rubs off and when I leave I miss them already!

I scrapped 7 8x8 LO's, although one was a 4 page spread so should really be counted as one only. So I got all the Boxx Retreat Pics done, well except for the KimBear ones, she needs her own little section!! Maria was there {owner of the Boxx} so I had to show her for a laugh, especially the pics when she'd discovered the emergency packs!! 1 isn't on here yet, I scraplifted one of Karen's DT LO's so I can't show it yet... she's seen it though and fell off her chair laughing, got the giggles on something chronic... trust me when I say I cannot do freestyle!!

Oh... this and the one above use the new Rose Moka papers... man I cannot say enough how STUNNING these papers are... so stunning I now have the whole PP range on order... shouldn't be too long and they'll be on MaDscraps shelves and they'll be in at a good price as well, with no added GST surprise at the end of checkout! Woohooo... now to see if I can manage to leave any to sell!!

And these are the rest of the Pink Night pics... so more pink flowers and bling... ahhhh heaven!! Click on them and you can see the LO's bigger.

So... that was my weekend!

Kel had pocket money burning a hole in his wallet so he and I went shopping on Saturday, which was really fun! He's at that age now where taking him shopping is a fun thing and not a chore... I'm loving him at this age... well love him no matter what but you know what I mean! He's old enough to ask for a little independence and be trusted with some, but not quite old enough yet to cop a huge attitude and he still gives me hugs... most times!! He and Dags are getting along better than ever, like best mates... we have quite a harmonious little household at the moment!

Kel's 11 and a half right, today he did homework... the FIRST time since starting school he's EVER had homework! The school has a no homework policy, what a crock! So he and I did that tonight... well he did it, I didn't have to help him at all... in fact he taught me some things! But the special thing about this little event... he wanted to do it with mummy, he waited until I got home from work to do it with him... awwwww, don't ya just love little moments like that, it's those little things that make everything so worthwhile!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Ahhhh... flowers!!

Well I can't scrap something without flowers and then leave it as that can I! I got a flower fix in today... phew. Only a peek here as it's for someone's circle journal and she's not allowed to see it all yet!

So now I'm going to watch "The Holiday" on Foxtel and then crash... happy with my little flower fix!!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

I finished a class...

I'm a chronic one for going to a class and because we run out of time, leaving bits for later... I'm always still waiting for later!!

But today... I finished a class!! I did a class with Jenny Burns doing her Journal It Mini Album. She has 3 boys... and scraps, well... boys! Now Kellan is getting older I'm struggling finding the right everything for him... so thought the class would be perfect... and it has helped... I've done a whole album with no flowers... or bling... although there is metallic paint and glimmermist, phew!!

Once I saw what Jen was doing with all the bits I was off and running. I've actually got all these papers {and the other Teresa Collins ones} here at home, sitting unused for months... finally I know what to do with the things!! It uses Bind-It-All Acrylic Covers, Teresa Collins Journal It Diecuts and Papers, Grungeboard, German Scrap, Prima Clear Tape and Cuttlebug'd Alphas and Shapes. At home I've added Kaiser and Daisy D's RubOns, some more Grungeboard and Collections Chipboard, 7 Gypsies Cloth Tabs and lots of journaling.

Thanks Jen!!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

CC'ing @ ScrapWitch

Well, instead of sitting around all weekend watching all the creations being made at the CC, I actually found enough mojo to join in! Jill's challenges always motivate!

This is for a Lucky Seven Challenge
Make a layout features the number SEVEN. Ensure that:
  • the page title contains the word "seven"
  • you have seven of the same embellishment (but not ALL of your embellishments need to be in lots of seven)
  • you have seven bullet points in your journalling
  • you have the numeral "7" appearing somewhere on your page.

So I did the 7 messy rooms in our house atm!! Hey, why not... needed to scrap something!!

Environmentally Friendly Challenge
Make a layout that is environmentally friendly...your layout should include:
  • Something recycled
  • Something green
  • Some flora
  • Some fauna (ie wildlife)
She here I've reused the wrapper from Fancy Pants packaging,added some green PP, flora is covered in the PP & RubOns and the fauna is a the cute chipboard bird.

Song/Theme Challenge: Moon
Make a layout inspired by the lyrics of one these moon-related songs:
  • Fly Me To The Moon (Frank Sinatra)
  • Blue Moon (Rodgers and Hart)
  • Moondance (Van Morrison)
  • To The Moon & Back (Savage Garden)
  • Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  • Moon River (Henri Mancini)
  • Moonshadow (Cat Stevens)

So I was inspired by Moon River... I'll explain: Moon River was sung by Holly Golightly {Audrey Hepburn} in Breakfast at Tiffany's... one of my fave movies and she is my inspiration... and hence "Love to be Like Audrey"

There's one more to do... not too sure if I'll get it done but I'm going to make a start!!

Ok... got it done!! 4 for 4... I'm a bit happy about that!! I managed to get a nice shot of Kel, came up even better with a bit of Lightroom help!

Quote Challenge
Use one of the following quotes on a layout. The quote can form part of your journalling, your page title or you can just use it on your page somewhere.

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do
it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." ~ Howard

"Within each of us is a God-wired uniqueness, something that makes us feel
more alive than breath itself. To embrace that uniqueness and pursue it is
the first step to radiating light." ~ Louie Giglio

I liked both quotes but settled with this one, Kel's pretty unique... I hope one day that will do him well instead of go against him!!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

ATC's - Travel

I'm a week behind, but finally got these ones done. All I need is the time to sit and play and I have such fun doing them!!

This months {well last months now} theme was Travel... mine are a bit cliche with the stamped passport pages in the background, but that's ok!!

So these ones have: Alcohol ink background {somewhere there}, Hot Fix Angelina Fibre {soooo cool this stuff}, Rubons, German Scrap, Rub'n'Buff, Travel Collage Images, MM Kraft Word Sticker and then it's all coated in Mod Podge as I was worried it would fall apart!!

I really love the Hot Fix stuff, I bought it when shopping with Jules and Chrissie, but haven't been shown how to play with it yet... so did that 'follow the instructions' thing and had a ball!!

So let's see if I can manage to get onto the CJ's tomorrow...

One Word

OK... there's 3... Art... is Life!!

I was doing some articles for Aussie Scrapbooking, technique ones... and I like to show what you can do with the technique I've shown. This one was for Alcohol Inks and I sooo love the effect the give... then brainwave... my poor One Word journal that has a whole 2 pages {and we should be up to about 26} in it... I used a stamp that had Art & Life on it and that was my word... ART.

Anyway... so here it is, another entry for my One Word Journal!!

So I have used Alcohol Inks on GlossPaper using the 'swirly' technique and then used the applicator on some Collections Acetate Butterflies. The butterflies and the backing Core'dinations card stock were put through the Cuttlebug {I love my Bug}.

Hopefully some more scrapping will happen tonight... but I've had a busy, productive but fun day so far!!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Me 'n' V

After sitting around staring at my desk... being bored, not doing the work I should be doing, but not doing what I wanted to be doing {scrap}... I finally scrapped!! I stared at all these supplies for a good 3 hours before thinking to myself... just cut the bloody paper and be done with it... and it was done in under an hour! Mistra's "Cut and Commit" Technique to the rescue yet again!! LOL!!

I've played with the photo {naturally}, I used a "300" Preset for Lightroom... I love this preset, it puts a sepia.gold tone through the pic and picks up the reds {just like in the movie 300, hence the preset name}, my jacket is actually turquoise! But it's a great effect, well I think so anyway!

I have used: Core'dinations Cardstock, MME Tres Jolie Friends PP, Prima Journal Card, Prima Flowers, 2 Crafty Chipboard Shape, Maya Rd Alphas, Kaiser & $2 Shop Pearls, MoonGlow Pirates Plunder Gold MoonShadow Mist, MoonGlow Peony Scarlet Red Starburst Stain & Tattered Angels Red Velvet GlimmerMist.

More scrapping is planned for the weekend!! Well with luck...