Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sweet Treat - Donna Salazar Designs

Hi everyone!  I felt like creating with pink today, and while looking for an image to go with the papers I'd chosen I found this one of macarons I'd had on my phone for ages.  Stupidly, I didn't know these were macarons... I'd never had them before, I just had the photo because they looked so pretty.

A few weeks ago I had my first macaron... followed quickly by another 4!  I'm not sure what log I've been hiding under to have missed tasting these delights, but they are now easily my fave treat... and so they were scrapped!

I've used papers from Donna's Family Jeans line by GCD Studios, as well as some cool corrugated board from Want2Scrap.  I created some flowers to match the paper using Donna's Rose Creations Dies as well a sweet little one with the Bitty Blossom Die.  I've cut the Bitty Blossom using the Mulberry paper from the Mix'd Media Stax 2, it cuts beautifully and makes such a soft little flower.

I've also cut one of words from the Family Jeans line and used it as part of my title.

Because the the tiny bit of denim pattern in the title I cut a denim butterfly using Donna's Wonderful Wings Die, blinged up with the matching Nestabling from Want2Scrap.

And also introduced a bow I made from some denim offcuts.  I love adding the denim to contrast with the patterns in Donna's papers, it always works so well!

I hope you've liked my sweet little offering today... and if you've not tried macarons, you really have to do yourself a favour and try one!

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Friday, 27 September 2013

Doesn't Need to be Perfect - Mixed Media - Green Tara

Here's another I created with Michelle... she challenged me to created something on a wood base, which was fun!

The background was created with many layers of corrugated board, patterned papers, tissue paper, doilies and whatever other bits and pieces that were handy.  This was covered with a thin layer of texture paste to help smooth all the layers.  The Dusty Attic chipboard {aside from the dress forme} was added raw, along with some muslin and then sprayed with layers of smooch spritz colour sprays.  Once dried it was accented with inka-gold rub, the title added and then more smooch spritz added.

The dress forme was painted white and then 'dressed' with one of my ruffles.  I've created 'skirts' with the ruffles before, but got the idea to make a matching 'corset' from a lovely girl named Susan who was at Michelle's workshop... such a fabulous idea {and such a talented young lady}!

Then the fun part... adding a spray of flowers to accent the dress forme.  Adding flowers is always the fun part!!

I have used mostly white flowers, withe one peach one to tie it in with the background.

The flat white petals made a beautiful backdrop for the dress form, helping it not blend in too much with the complex background.  Using clusters of Primulas, Cherry Blossoms and Roses helps continue the flow, embracing the Camellia nestled among them.

The final coat of Cashmere Smooch Spritz added such a beautiful tone to the background.  The chipboard was bought to life with the inks-gold rubs... they add such beautiful visual texture.

Green Tara Products used:

Primulas, White - XF9325Wh
Cherry Blossoms, White - FLC22Wh
Camellia, Peach
3cm Roses, White - FDR024Wh
7cm Petals, White - FDS021Wh

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Art Washes from the Soul - Reverse Canvas - Green Tara

Hi everyone!  Today I have a new reverse canvas to share with you... I created this while in Mackay with Michelle, it was such fun to draw on each others creativity again.

I haven't used masses of Green Tara flowers on this one, I preferred the lovely simplicity of just using a few... and allowing the wonderfully earthy Natural Jute Ribbon to feature.  This ribbon is one of my faves, it's versatile and holds it shape well.  

This time I experimented with it, to see what else it could handle.  One bow was added before I sprayed all the colour and it held the colour well.  Then I hit it with the heat gun.  The fibres are held together with the finest synthetic threads, which melted, creating a fabulous effect - lots of fun!

I have used white Cherry Blossoms and Roses for this one, tucking a few on small clusters here and there.

Some of the flowers were added before the final colour spray, which has given them a slightly antiqued look.  A few others were added once the canvas was finished to give a pop of fresh white.

The Dusty Attic chipboard was added raw, all the colours was added in the colour wash.  Once dried parts of the chipboard was highlighted with Inka-Gold rub.  This is a wonderfully versatile metallic rub, which doesn't smell and comes off your hands easily with a baby wipe.  It can also be watered down to use in alternate ways.

The background of this one is layers of corrugated board, printed napkins and patterned paper offcuts. They were then coated randomly with a thin coat of texture paste and set aside to dry.  Once dried I dribbled some green and brown acrylic paint down from the top of the canvas and blended them with a palette knife before adding layers of colour sprays.

Once the canvas was finished, I added a thick layer of Dusty Attic Clear Gloss and Clear Crackle to the background and put it aside for a day to dry.

Green Tara Products used:

15mm Natural Jute Ribbon - RB17Nat15
9mm Natural Jute Ribbon - RB17Nat9

Cherry Blossoms, White - FLC22WH
3cm Roses, White - FDR024WH
2cm Roses, White - FDR006Wh
1cm Roses, White - FDR001Iv

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Random Ramblings ~ Beautiful Mackay

Long time no post... that's because I've been off gallivanting around the country on a little 'girl time' holiday with Michelle up in Mackay!

We've been joking around all year saying I should come over and do a workshop with her, and then back in July we decided it was time to make it happen.  So I booked flights and mosey'd on over.

As always... we hit the ground running.  Mich has one speed... flat out!  She's amazing, truly!

So anyways, here's a quick visual of bits and pieces we did!

I made ruffles for a kit I designed for her... we needed them dry quick so we hung them out on the line, I still laugh at this photo, but hey, it worked!!

Mich cooking... she did all her own catering for this workshop, see... amazing!

I helped roll some of the marshmallows... how cool are these!  One for the workshop, one for Mis...

This is one side of the workshop... such beautiful ladies attended, was the best fun!

I created pretties as well...

 and there's more but I'm 'saving' them to share later!

We went for a walk one morning... I know exercise, me... but I wanted to see where Mich goes walking.  She's often sending me little snippets of birds and things she sees along the way.

I love the little train tracks... and the cute cane carriages.

This was to show how tall the cane was... took me some courage to get that close, terrified a snake would jump out and eat me LOL! {Yes, sad case I know - they are more scared of me than I them, but I doubt that with all my heart}

Mich's girls... who gave us beautiful eggs each day...

... and a moo, love this quick shot from the iPhone!

Mich's gorgeous girl Maddie... she's a beautiful dog!

We managed a 'just play' day as well... Mich makes such a mess, look at the comparison {my side is the right side where you can see the matt}

We even had a lovely last day... starting with delish breakfast in the morning {Canadian Waffles for me}.  I think I came back with an extra 10kg on my tummy.

This is me and Christine, one of Michelle's lovely friends.  I'm so glad that she has such beautiful souls around her.

New shoes I bought while shopping... 3 new pairs came home with me!


and a last pic of us before I had to leave...

... and I wasn't allowed home without bringing Krispy Kremes for the boys!

I truly loved my time with Michelle, and I loved Mackay.  Next time I need more time so I can do all the touristy things, but all I wanted to do was spend time with Mich, just us. One of the first things I noticed different about Mackay {other than the wonderfully slower pace} was the smell... it smelled divine.  The sugar mill creates a sweet smell in the air, combined with the sugar cane, the open fields and the ocean it was wonderful.  Can't wait to smell it again!

Thank you again beautiful girl for having me...

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Home Decor Letter - Donna Salazar Designs

I created this for a friend who hasn't been well, just to let her know I've been thinking of her, something little she can add to her inspiration board in her studio.   I haven't given it to her yet, oopsy... so I guess if she's reading she'll have a little surprise before the surprise LOL!

I've used a simple papier mache "K" I picked up at my local craft store and first gave it a coat of gesso and then covered the front with some paper from Donna's gorgeous Family Jeans collection.

I've then cut some butterflies from Want2Scrap Canvas using Donna's Wonderful Wings Dies from Spellbinders.  I've dabbed the butterflies with Clearsnap's Chiffon Mix'd Media Inx, spritzed them with water to allow the ink to blend into the canvas and then set them aside to dry.  Once dried I overlayed them with the matching NestaBling from Want2Scrap.

I used Donna's Natural Beauty Chipboard Alphas by GCD Studios to add her name and "create" up the side of the letter.

I love the simplicity of this one... the gorgeous paper shines through and creates a happy backdrop for the butterflies.

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