Thursday, 29 October 2009

A LO Share and some Cards...

I created this one and only LO for October's Cyber Crop @ Home and Scrapped, Kerri challenged us to create a LO using a tree and one of a few quote choices, I knew exactly what I wanted to use and say!

Isn't that tree FAB! It's from Dusty Attic, they have great designs and are really well priced. I was going to have a big shop there this week but the hubby decided he had to have a new PC Game, poor boy hasn't had one for months and months so I can't really deny him that treat! I can wait another week... just! hehehe!

I also created some cards... I don't do cards, well so I keep saying... but I have to say now - these are such FUN! Susanne from 3 Angels Scrapping challenged us to use something old but never used... of which I had a treasure trove of things. So I grabbed these Chatterbox Layered Stickers that I have no idea why I bought, teamed them up with some Doodlebug Glitter Cardstock that I bought on my 1st trip to Melbourne years ago, and some L'il Davis PP from LC's days and some Scenic Route paper I'd not touched since I bought... they were all made for each other!

So I've been making these cards using Pagemaps Card Sketchs while the mojo it low and during the week... just these little creative things to keep me doing something when the boys go and play together. I've made another 4 after this, all sorts of sizes and still have PP left to play with, good value!

I have created a few more LO's the last couple of weeks, but they are under wraps atm for Totally Addicted to Sketch and for Boutique Creations, will share when they've been released!

Saturday I'm off scrapping at a 12 hour Halloween Crop at Tomorrow's Memories, will be a fun fun day! Hopefully the mojo follows along and joins in the fun also!

Until next time, take care of you.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Buy One, Share Two

Baby Teresa sells funky baby outfits - that are all-in-one suits in either a long or short version. The cool thing is, when you buy a Baby Teresa gift for a baby you know, you're also gifting one to a baby you don't know because for each one they sell, they'll also donate one to a baby in need.

Go have a see @ Baby Teresa, this is such a wonderful idea and will help babies in need: children are our future! Spread the word...

Until next time, take care of you.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Oh... and these not so Pink LO's

Until next time, take care of you.

Pinkalicious... baby!!

I love Pink... love love love it, rarely get to scrap, rarely wear it... but I LOVE IT!!

So when the girls at 3 Angels Scrapping set a challenge to "Think Pink" this week, I couldn't resist... so I have created a "Missy's Favourite Pink Bits" Canvas, just for me;

3 Pinkalicious Cards;

and a LO of a fabulous friend!

Until next time, take care of you.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Holiday scrapping:

My mojo went walkabout again, it's really naughty you know... it's supposed to wait for me in my scrap room for whenever I want it!!

This LO took me all day to do... not sure if the mojo was being bad or the procrastination levels were at an extreme high! Mind you... I did sit there at my desk with the laptop chattering away for most of the day; looking at the photo for about 2 hours, paper for another couple of hours. Well at least my fingers got some exercise!!

This one I did in under 2 hours this morning... and that was while I was nattering away as well. Go figure. The difference here though is this used a sketch {from So Sketchy} and the colours and patterns {bright and out there as they are} just called to me! Using a sketch made it all so easy though!!

I love them both... one is comfy and grungy and the other is what I call grungy bright {as opposed to the true fun kiddy brights} and yeah, 'interesting' in my pattern choices.

I do need to take some more photos again though... I'm running out again!

Until next time, take care of you.

Monday, 5 October 2009

and the holidays begin:

I have just started some long service leave, I've been looking forward to this for AGES it seems, although it's only been a few months since my last lot. But this time I have the rest of the week with Kel and then some time for just me by myself. I really need that 'me' time... seriously!

I'm very lucky that Kel's at the age where he doesn't need me all the time. He and Darren have a great friendship and most times are more like buddies than father and son; this frees me up, giving me time to do my own thing, to create and have a natter online with good friends and I'm so lucky that I have this best of both worlds {because luckily for me mum still gives good cuddles}.

But even with such freedom, it's never really me doing just my 'own' thing... working full time, being a wife, mother, housekeeper, cook, personal organiser yada yada yada... we all know the drill especially if you also have a 'day job' to go with the mum/wife job... it wears you out! Even though there is no way I would want to trade our day to day chaos for another life {well ok, a big lotto win would happily allow us to change some things LOL}, but sometimes I need time just for me and this time 'round it's come at the perfect time. My sister said to me tonight that mum was saying she has no idea how I do it all... just to hear that makes me feel ok to admit that, yes it's HARD, worth it yes, but hard... and how I cope: a usually helpful hubby & son, holidays and ME time!

All the stress, worry, fear from our last few months of rollercoaster rides have worn me out... it will be nice to just 'be' for a change. These next couple of weeks, I'm going to savour it all...

So this week Kel and I have no firm plans. I have visions of some walks in the bush behind us, a walk along the river at Bells splashing in rock pools and hunting for tadpoles... a trip up to Northam to see my sister and so Kel can run amock up there with his cousins, then when Darren gets paid a trip for the whole family to the movies... such a treat after so long of not going out. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow... my week with just Kel will be bliss!

Next week sadly involves some paperwork that MUST be done... but will also include a lunch date with my sister, a shopping day with a friend, a scrappy cleanup day at another friends house, getting ready for selling some shop stock at the markets, a scrap over... oh and a Tupperware Party at mum's. So many wonderful girly Missy things to look forward to... these holidays are going to bring me the best of all my worlds!!

Until next time, take care of you.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tag Time... 52Q Tags that is!

I would write something... but I'm sleepy... and most of you know what these are, my tags for Emily Falconbridge's 52 Questions.

{The Prima Donna Diva kind of course... is there any other? LOL}

All up to date!

I had plans of doing some LO's today and then actually making cards with the scraps for today's World Cardmaking Day... but that didn't happen. But I made some tags... that sorta counts doesn't it?

Until next time, take care of you.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Want a challenge...

Go check out Totally Addicted to Sketch... Ms Karen McLauchlan scrapper extraordinaire has taken over ownership of this cute sketch challenge blog! And guess what else... there's me there on her DT *big grin* ... which really is funny, amusing and right all at the same time because once 'aponce' a time Karen was one of my much loved MaD's DT members... and now I'm one of hers. I love this scrappy life with it's twists and turns...

Until next time, take care of you.