Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Perfect - Green Tara

Here's another layout I've created using the same background techniques as my "Fun Times Together" layout I posted earlier, but looking different!  

click on the image for a larger view
This is my favourite technique at the moment, it helps me use the bolder brighter patterns that I'm not usually comfortable with, but am drawn towards anyway because the colours are simply stunning!

And as always... Green Tara seems to have just the right tones available to suit!

I've tucked in some flat petals under the folds and creases of the paper layers.  This may be older lines, and I can remember using them years ago... but for me they have a new lease on life as these tuck in accents.  They soften hard edges, fill in gaps and come in so many fabulous colours!  They have once again become a mainstay in my scrap stash!

This Gingham Frill Ribbon is such a sweetie... I usually use it to add subtle edges, but I was playing around and thought why not create a bow from it.  I love the look of it with it's different textures and how it curls once tied!

I love the combination of peach and mint!  The Sakura flower always make such a lovely centrepiece in a cluster...

It's just one of those flowers that's not too big, not too small ad just goes with everything!  Above it's accented with flat Petals, a Cherry Blossom and a Rose.  And here below it sits beautifully with one of the delicate Poppy flowers!

Thanks for stopping by today... until next time, take care of you!

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Green Tara Products used:

7cm Petals, Baby Blue - FDS021BB
Cherry Blossoms, White - FLC22Wh
Sakura 5cm Silk and Pearl Flowers, Coral - XF9221Cor
1.5cm Rose, Mint - FDR003MI
Poppy 8cm Organza Flower, Ivory - XF9212Iv 
15mm Gingham Frill, Light Brown/White - RB317LBW 

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Fun Times Together - Green Tara


As I was sorting through some photos I found these old ones of us hamming it up with big cheesy grins for the camera.  I've never scrapped them because they weren't quite perfect... but they are, in the sense that this was us, having fun eating ice-cream in the middle of winter!

I created this one while I was teaching a class... there was only a few girls who made it on this day, so I grabbed some stock from the shelves, some Green Tara flowers, ribbon, lace and tulle and sat there with them and created a layout in the same style, just different paper.  It turned out quite different! 

As it turned out, these papers were just perfect for the photos!  Love it when that happens.

I have created layers and layers of paper, lace, tulle and flowers on this layout.  The visual elegance and softness of the lace and tulle works nicely with the girlified grunginess of the crumpled and distressed background.

The beautiful soft Primula's look so lovely against the lace and tulle...

And the gorgeous Herringbone Ribbon was a perfect shade and adds a stunning pop of colour and great contrast to the Satin Rosette.

I'll have another layout to share soon... or pop on over to the Green Tara blog to see them there, as well as all the gorgeous work the team creates!

 photo Signature250_zpsdd4c2565.png

Green Tara Products used:

20mm Herringbone Ribbon, Turquoise - RB405Tu
100mm Tulle, White - RB163Wh
5cm Lace, White - L2864W
Primula 4.5cm Silk and Organza Flower, White - XF9325Wh
Cherry Blossoms, White - FLC22Wh
Satin Rosette 5cm Satin and Pearl Flower, Olive - XF933Ol

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Random Ramblings - Hubby's Vacation and a cool iPhone App

My hubby is home!  He's been on vacation in Esperance with our sister in law, having a break... {or giving me a break, we're not sure who got the better break} LOL.  But he's home now, and I'm relieved. 

As independent as I like to think I am, having to run around after a teenager and work full time proved not as simple as it used to, even with a teen as easy-going as Kel is. And while the house was blissfully quiet and peaceful, perhaps it was a little too quiet!  I guess I must have missed him, because when I saw the bus coming into the station I got all teary - I'm such a wuss!  I know I'd get into a routine if I had to, but I now know I'd rather not have to.

The first few days were great... I got up on time, got Kel sorted, came to work, got home, moved half the dining room around, cleaned the kitchen and made Taco's for dinner.  The next night same {well I didn't move the dining room around}... and we had left-overs for dinner, then I started 'tidying' my scrap room... as you saw earlier that was no little job.  Saturday night we had more left-overs for dinner.  I was going to call for takeout but Kel insisted I be good and use the last of the chili I made, sigh. I'm now a little over mexican chili now after Tacos, then Chili con Carne on rice, then Nachos.  Kel however was in heaven LOL.

And the leftover saga continued with the veggie mash I made... there was enough for at least 8 of us, thankfully it was really yummy!

I did enjoy cooking again though, think I might need to do some more of that... but I get so tired with everything I try and cram into my life, including fitting my full time employment in there.  These last few months I've realised I'm doing too much, taking too much of myself away from my family - which is kinda sad hey. 

But I'm thankful I've noticed that now, before it's too late.  So changes will be made, slowly at first.  Instead of running like a bull at a gate like I usually do with new ideas, I'm slowly slowing down {LOL that sounds funny}.  I pray though that I don't go and fill up the extra time I create with the same kinds of things I'm removing myself from though, that would be so typical of me!

So... what else can I share?! How about an app review {because apparently I'm app'addicted, so I may as well talk about my addictions since I do everything else}.  I have been hunting for an app that I could easily add photos to days and record what was happening, getting my everyday life in order for Project Life.  Not hard you think, well it was!  There's a whole pile of 'photo a day' style apps out there, but while easy to use and pretty, they were all quite limited. 

I wanted:

  • to add more than one photo per day,
  • to have space to journal and add notes,
  • for the photos to be full sized and not force cropped to a square,
  • the photos to be held in app at full resolution in case I ditched them from my camera roll,
  • the ability to export photos from within the app,
  • and it all had to be easy!

I found - DAY ONE - I'm in LOVE! 

It gave me all I wanted, and MORE.  Not only can I send the photos to my camera roll or via email... I can export the journal log as a PDF!  Photos are saved crisp and clear, I can add as many entries each day as I want AND it gives you the option to log when and where the photo was originally taken - even AFTER I've edited it. So I was able to log all Darren's holiday pics as he messaged them to me and not have to ask when and where they were taken, because it told me - it even told me the weather {obviously you need to have GPS working when you take the shot though}.  On top of that you can create Tags so you can easily find certain photos/entries.  It rocks, seriously!  As a diary, as a photo journal... as a 'get your everyday life in order for Project Life so you can start the darn thing' journal.  I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now and use it every day.  I'm logging at least 4 photos a day, so now when I print them out, I have reference to what was when and where!   The only downfall I have found {and this may just be because I'm still learning} is that I can't bulk export the photos... but I don't need to, because they're on my camera roll or they'll be downloaded on my computer, so that's a very minor thing I think!  Oh and guess what... it syncs with iPad AND there's an application for the Mac as well, which syncs flawlessly.  Bliss!  so if you're like me, trying to find an easy 'on the go' solution to sort and track your everyday life photos, then check out the Day One app {sorry - it's Apple branded only atm}.

That's all for today... thanks for getting this far if you did... yep, I do ramble on!

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Random Ramblings - De-clutter and Spreading Out

I decided the other day it was time to get control of my scrap room... adding another style into the mix really called for me to get organised and I was feeling closed in, I'd even started to take over the coffee table in the lounge room... I seriously had too much 'stuff' that wasn't being touched.

And so the chaos began Friday night... I dragged drawer after drawer into the lounge room and sorted through each of them.  I managed to reduce what was in three drawers into one on average, wow!

{Sorry the pics aren't perfect... dark day/night and was quickly snapping with the iPhone}

After many times thinking "can I just quit now" I managed to get part of the room looking like this...

Unfortunately I still had to deal with this... 

Finally... at 11:30pm I had perfection.  I was surprised I kept my desk in the same spot, but it works there, and having moved the cabinets back {after moving 2 huge bookcases and a whole bunch of 'stored' items out into other rooms} I had heaps more space.

I'm just loving the space I have now... and I actually sit in this chair, it's nice and cosy.

Lots of space is taken up with my 'schtuff' but I hate to hide it away and I'll have lots displayed, which get rotated as I create new stuff!

My little inspiration area... it didn't change either.  I need to peg some stuff up though!

It's so wonderful to have it done on target... I really didn't think I was going to get it finished today, but I needed it done because I have some layouts I need to finish tomorrow, and now I can create them in blissful surroundings!  Most of the drawers in my cabinets are now empty... but I doubt that will stay that way for too long.  I was going to have a set of cabinets for Mixed Media and OTP, one set for scrapbooking and another for Project Life, but it didn't end up that way yet.  I have made a little Project Life area though, kept all the bits for that separate since my Mixed Media and Scrapbooking often overlap and Project Life will be quite different for me.  Now I just need to repaint... one day... later... wayyyy down the track LOL!

But now, it's past midnight... and I'm blogging LOL!  I'm exhausted, my back is screaming at me, by shoulders hurt, my feet hurt, my neck aches, but my fingers are good... and I feel satisfied and happy.  Kel kept popping in to give me cheek all day, kept me motivated - he even cooked me lunch {baked beans on toast}.  Right now he's rugged up on the couch keeping me company, chattering away about some You Tube something that I have a feeling I'll be watching with him very soon.  Love it when he shares these snippets of his life with me, even if I don't quite get it LOL!

I think it's time for a Chai... then time to snuggle in bed after a hot shower to soothe my aches.  Night all!!

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Friends, Family - The Dusty Attic

click on the image for a larger view
I loved these new beautiful Ornate Gate #2 Jen has designed, and when I got this lovely Pion paper it was the first piece I thought of to use with it.

I've given it a rough coat of gesso as a base and to add some slight texture, and while still wet sprayed it with some denim and charcoal coloured glimmer mists, dabbing the colour to blend with the gesso.

The Butterflies #3 and Mini ABC Set Lower were also treated to the same finish... and then touched with some glitter for a little sparkle.

I used some flowers I created for iMagineD creations, the colour was perfect for the Pion papers, and then created a ruffle with some of the Pion offcuts.  You can find a tutorial on how to create these here, or pop into my Etsy here to buy some already made!

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Peace - DSD

Hiya!  I've been having more fun with Donna's Family Jeans collection... I love the wood and denim tones that feature in this line, very much a favourite at the moment!

click image for a larger image
For this layout I wanted to make a feature of Donna's Chipboard Swirls from Want2Scrap and make them represent the windy afternoon we spent at the beach.  I traced them onto the paper and cut away the excess.  The chippy was spray painted white and then touched with Denim, Honey and Truffle Mix'd Media Inx from Clearnsap.  Then I misted them with water to allow the colours to blend and create the soft watercolour tones.

I created a couple of flowers from denim sheets from Want2Scrap using Donna's Rose Creations Die from Spellbinders.  To get them to sit 'up' instead of flat I worked some PVA glue among the layers which helped stiffen the denim and allowed it to keep it's shape.

I've used the binding seam from some old denim jeans to create little strips and accented them with the little banner Diecuts from the Family Jeans Diecut pack.  I've also finished of my hand made ruffle with some of the same binding seam.

To add some more little detail snippets I tore off some dictionary print from Donna's Mix'd Media Stax 2 from GCD Studios, scrunched them up and tucked them in under the layers.

I chose the word "Peace" from my quote title to stand out... because I love those little moments of peace you can find in each day.  I've used the matching Family Jeans Chipboard Alphas from GCD Studios and touched the edges with Pewter and Truffle Mix'd Media Inx. Since the inks stay wet for a while it allows you time to blend them together easily!

Thanks for stopping by today!!

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Medieval ATC {Hoolahan Coat of Arms} - The Dusty Attic

Hi everyone!

Here's my ATC for this month's Medieval theme at The Dusty Attic, I chose to create the family Coat of Arms, well as close as I could.  Jen had almost the exact pieces needed in her Coat of Arms chipboard designs. 

I've used lots of different embossing powders to create the finish on these, using mostly metallics to create a painted steel look.  

Afterwards I added touches of rust and patina embossing powder and then inked on some brown ink to age it all.

My hubby loved it... I'll have to make one now for the other side of the family!

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Random Ramblings - Getting Organised

Back in January I decided I was going to actually do the One Little Word Project... I signed up to the class, got all the stuff I needed, chose my word, did my January homework and then February got crappy and March got even worse and it's not got a whole lot better since so nothing happened.  But I feel I am owing it to myself to get this done.. and with my word being "Shine" what better time to concentrate on it than when am feeling it the least. 

And so... a couple of weeks ago I printed out all the PDF's from the months I've missed and did February's homework, which was to create a Vision Board.  That was FUN!  There were a few links showing ways to approach it, but they one I followed was to keep my mind open and just grab images that called to me, not necessarily ones that matched my word.

I don't have magazines at home, but I do have loads of Boards on Pinterest {LOL don't we all}, so I hit that and gathered all the images that called to me. When I looked at all the images I've grabbed on my camera roll all the colours were aqua, pink and yellow... so so pretty!

And so I created my Vision Board...

I'm not sure what it is my heart {or head} is telling me here yet... freedom, there's the sunshine, peace and girlishness - perhaps being the sole bread winner in the family makes me crave some frivolity as well as some inner freedom.  Whatever it is it will become clear in time.

I'm hoping next weekend I'll work on my March homework, that one looks a little harder - it involves choosing a small goal and working towards it and working out a plan to do that.  I'll have to fast track it somewhat, but that's do-able! 

Now to work on my Soul Restoration Project as well... me and online classes, I'm shocking LOL.  What else have I signed up for and not done... oh my Winged Art Class, tsk Missy!  Well one thing at a time... takes a while to get your life back in order.

I've signed up for a photography course as well... well not a photo course as in learning to use a camera, but a course in learning how to photograph and document the everyday.  It's called "Picture Everyday" and is run through Big Picture Classes, this should really get me motivated with my documenting for Project Life.

This last couple of weeks I managed to finish lots of little projects I have due, hopefully leaving me the next couple of weekends to just chill.  I finished some digi work for a friend {poor girl had waited long enough, I got halfway and then got sidetracked with life and deadlines}, I finished my own digital designs for an iMagineD creations FB Page, created myself a business card, and made some fabric ruffles! I now need to get them onto Etsy as well as some layouts I have for sale onto Etsy, perhaps some art canvases as well... and I need to push the 'publish' button for my iMagineD creations FB page... yeah I've been busy and still have a list to complete!

From www.thehomeshemade.com
I've also worked out chore sheets for the family from something I found on Pinterest, needless to say the boys were none impressed, but it needed to be done... I'm tired of working so hard while they play and the house just gets messier and messier!

That's the one I found on Pinterest.  I've changed ours to suit us, one for Darren, one for Kel and one for me... yep I get one too!  I have to go to work and put away my clothes {coz I'm really bad at doing that} and I've scheduled my creative 'chores' as well.

It's not working so well yet LOL, but it worked for a couple of days... one day I'll get them organised!

The image was sourced from The Home She Made but I can't find the exact page.  There's loads of fabulous tips there though, a good read! 

And then I've also got a plan for our family meals, trying to create an easier, healthier approach that fits into our budget.  I've downloaded the book "Don't Panic... [more] Dinner's in the Freezer" and it's brilliant. Another great find through my Pinterest feed.  It's about cooking in bulk on a set day and freezing the meals, so all the recipes are freezer friendly and I'm hoping this will help us save a small fortune. At first I think we'll have to do it weekly because of freezer space, but once I get savvy with it we may be able to push it out to fortnightly.   It's going to take some planning and practice, and while it's more work for me, the boys can help with the process {luckily the dining room acts as an extension to our tiny kitchen} and that's creating family time too, whether they'll like it or not!  It should mean there's no wasting money, time and energy through the week.   I hope LOL, who knows with us lot!

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Random Ramblings - Grocery Bargains, Project Life

We've had a quiet week... nothing eventful happening, as most weeks go.  I actually like those weeks, the drama free ones LOL!

We started trying to organise our grocery shopping to pick up bargains where bargains are, and only the bargains.  Luckily we have 3 main grocery stores close to us that help so we're not wasting fuel running around after them.  And we're trying to stock up a little as we go {while sticking to a $200/week budget}... stocking up on condensed soup cans so we have them for soup night, or recipe bases, stocking up on loo rolls so we can jump from bargain to bargain, stocking up and laundry liquid while it's a great deal for the one we like, stocking up on pasta and noodles etc so they are always handy.  All those little things that help... so far so good. 

Last night I sat with Kel while he reluctantly did {or pretended to do} his homework and I went through the catalogues cover to cover, wrote down what we use and the prices, wrote down what we could plan meals around and pricing, compared them, cut them down, added others... it took me about 40 mins, but I think I saved us an easy $50!! 

What I'm excited about is that our meals now won't be the same old thing... they'll change to match what's on sale.  I know some weeks will be slim pickings bargain wise, but if we stock up a little we'll cruise through them.  Last night we had the most succulent pork roast {my man cooks a good roast}, with enough left over for lunch for me and dinner tonight... we're going to make a fried rice with the left over meat.  We have a soup planned with the left over fresh vegetables in the crisper from last week, throwing in some left over bacon ends we bought... so that should be delish, we'll cut that all up tonight and throw it in the slow-cooker and dinner for tomorrow is set.  Corned Silverside was on sale and although Darren doesn't like it much, Kel and I do, so that's another meal, and that will have left overs for corned beef and corn fritters the next day!  What else was cheap? Beef mince, so we got 2 kg - it was only $5/kg, perhaps not the leanest but even draining off any excess fat at that price it will still be cheaper than the premium grades.  I'll make a big batch up as a chili for taco's and the rest we'll freeze.  Boneless chicken thighs were on sale, as well as some simmer sauces... so there's an easy meal as well!

Financially things are tough for us with Darren not working... but I refuse to let that get to us.  We've been through tough times before and we'll get through them again, meanwhile I'll make the exercise of hunting for bargains a fun thing for us... a game - 2 weeks in and it's fun anyways LOL.  I do think Darren likes not having to decide what to cook for dinner for a change, makes things a little simpler for us all.  I choose and write the list, he goes and buys it, easy peasy!

I spent some time on the weekend getting some DT projects done, and getting prepared for another commission with ASI magazine {another goodie}.  I still have a load of looming deadlines, but have my 'dates' all planned out for them. I had a play date with a friend at Tomorrow's Memories all day Saturday, went and shopped while there was a class on and then scrapped into the night {those girls at TM's are so generous to us, we're spoiled rotten}, it was lotsa fun and I actually scrapped... eventually, we seriously talk too much LOL!  

18 months of photos, all dated and in order...
I even managed to finish some digital designs for a couple of friends and some for iMagineD also, made some lovely new fabric ruffles {that I REALLY must get onto my Etsy} and made a start organising my photos for Project Life.  I got them all sorted on the computer and then took them to be printed.  593 photos {thankful for my VIP card now, saved me over $30}!  Sounds like a lot but 300 of them were from my New York trip, so 293 photos for the last 18 months, that's a really sad effort LOL!  But hey, I've only been photographing the 'event's in our life, and they are few and far between.  So I'll get them done, it will ease me into getting my head around creating the Project Life way and then perhaps next year when I have less commitments I can throw myself into cultivating a good [photographed] life, even though I'm going to give it a go trying from now.

And yes I know it sounds funny that I need to 'get my head around' scrapping in such a simple format, but that's the problem... it's been so many years of scrapping 'artistically' that I've got no idea how to start simple, and flat!  Thankfully there is mountains of information out there by Project Lifer's that are really helping. Currently Elise Blaha is really helping me, also A Vegas Girl at Heart and of course Becky's Site where there's heaps of links and inspiration.   Just a quick look through Pinterest gives you so many options to follow and research... hmm maybe I've been doing too much researching and just need to make a start LOL!

he is not amused!
Oh I recall last Random Ramble I was thinking of going to the beach... we did!  It was wonderful, we for myself and Darren, Kel was none impressed... no computer.  So he stood on the beach reading a book, because he didn't want sand in his shorts LOL - I think I've not taken him to the beach enough!

We got fish and chips, sat on the beach {well not Kel} and ate them watching the sun slowly set... it was bliss!  The chips encouraged the seagulls so I took the opportunity to take loads of photos to try to get used to my fixed 50mm lens on the SLR, getting there!  It was chilly, it was trying to rain... but it was wonderful... another little moment of just 'being'.

Well that's about all for today... I should have some more creative posts next week, but you might get me back rambling before then - we'll see what the weekend brings!

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