Sunday, 28 February 2010


alrighty... some more creative sharing. Not a huge amount over 2 weeks, but at least there is something. I blame the heat! Yes, I know it's summer and heat happens, but I don't' cope well creatively with it. I think the whole getting stuck with sweat to the table top has something to do with that!

But thankfully I'm also starting to get used to it, taking advantage of the lovely cool mornings we have been blessed with on the weekends.

Here is this weeks DT LO, we got a 'free' week this week to create whatever... so using more yummy Vintage Valentine I did a rare lovey dovey on of Darren and I. Yes, I look shocking... but to me my man looks great, and that's us now!

Click on the pics for a larger image.

This is my current pride and joy. I have wanted to create one of these tile collages for ages. But something more scrappy'fied using things most scrapbookers would have in their stash so that anyone could join in without having to spend a fortune. And then 3AS got in HEAPS of Collections Elements product and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff!! So after studying a few I've seen around the LSS's and getting to touch and drool over Chrissie's one, I created this:

I have created step by step instructions with visuals if you want to make something similar. They are available free to 3AS members, just sign into the forum and you will find a link to the instructions are here.

I've also made this for 3AS... I am having much fun with OTP items lately! I've used one of the stunning Twiddleybitz Acrylic Butterfly Albums and used the words from Love is All, which is off and album from my childhood called The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshoppers Feast. I wish I could find it on CD... I used to sing some of the songs to Kel when he was little {sometimes even now}, would be great for him to hear them with music and real singers!

And so we now go to dead simple! I did this today for the Home & Scrapped Cyber Crop. We had to scrap a photo of our childhood, with journaling!

And this also was for Home & Scrapped CC, one of Heather's Sketches. Started doing some of the pics from my BIL's 40th birthday bash.

Ahhh and this one, I did this as a Step by Step for Home and Scrapped... you can find it here, and I'll get around to loading it to my MaDlyscrapping blog one day this century!

So a few creations happening there... just the mojo isn't flowing the way I want it too atm. That will come in time!

At the end of March I'm off to a scrap retreat in Toodyay with Jules, Chrissie and Lisa. I'm really looking forward to it! Will be so nice for us to sit back, be looked after and relax and scrap and laugh... we've all gone through some bloody rough patches of late, will be good for our souls to experience some light hearted fellowship!

Kel is finally settling into High School. It's been really hard for him. He is so used to routines and schedules, he needs them to cope. And then to be thrown into a new school, with new kids, new routines, new teachers - new absolutely everything was too much for him. He's being picked on because he's the loner and overweight... because he's not like the other kids... he's been punched... he's been lost... he's missed the bus... you name it, it's happened. But with help from the staff there, who have been WONDERFUL... he is getting there and is actually enjoying the learning part. Even if he gets picked on, he still comes home happy and feeling good. He has such a strong will this child of mine. Our whole home routine has had to change to help, he's never had homework and now I see he desperately could have done with it. But with me helping him he's gone from 1/10 in spelling to 10/10, within a week. Proves he's not stupid - just really needs that one on one learning time. So we will get there, together.

Meanwhile... Coco is now 4 months old and full of energy. She makes us laugh and brings us joy - she's a ratbag! A very well loved and spoiled ratbag that needs to start puppy school soon, but she has bought me a very unexpected joy... I'm a 'cat' person, I never thought I could love a dog as much as I do her.

Me... I'm tired! The ups and downs of our lives take their toll, but this too shall pass once I get used to the routines myself. I'm often quiet, a little more reclusive than I have been in the past... but then I have my social outs and abouts as well. I get out to see mum & dad or my sister and the ferals, I see Lisa, Jules, Chrissie here and there, Bri now and then {precious as she is}, as well as my new friend, the delightful Tina. I get to natter online in real time with my wonderful cyber friends at Home and Scrapped, Amy and Heather always there for me, sometimes getting to have a fun chat with Angie and Kerri and so many other wonderful personalities who all continue to surprise me with their love and caring, their humour and advice. I get to be inspired by the girls at 3AS, with their creativity and their love for life. And between all that, I get hugs and "I love you" from Kel, a man who makes me coffee and will do anything I want {if I ask nice}, back scratches and hugs to die for... I'm a really lucky woman and should be more grateful for the blessings I do have instead of worrying over what I don't have or what I want.

And so... I have survived January and February, my 2 shocking months of the year, lets see what glorious wonders March holds for me!

Until next time, take care of you.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Be still my heart...

Can Prima ever make a wrong move... I seriously doubt it, each release gets better and better. I am sooooo in love with these!

Want a chance to win them all for yourself? I know I do! Pop on over to the Prima Blog and check out this easy peasy competition!

Until next time, take care of you.

Monday, 15 February 2010

The weekend starting the 5th March 3AS are having a cyber crop...with a green theme (could be some twists on the theme too)

So pop it into your diaries ladies, the schedule for the challenges will be posted soon with a sign up thread in the forum.

It is going to be a bumper weekend with loads of challenges and fun over the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Join us for 7 layout challenges and 2 mini challenges over the weekend…some fabulous Aussie Scrap Source Kits and store vouchers up for grabs.

It's going to be a fun, jam packed weekend, hope you can make it!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Some Cards for Valentines Day

These are my cards I created last week for 3 Angels Scrapping... I love them, I just love how sometimes everything falls together and 'works' for you!

Hope those who celebrate Valentines have a 'loving' day. We don't but I'm sure I can use it as an excuse to get some chocolate happening in the groceries today LOL!!

Until next time, take care of you.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


I did it... I actually completed a project! So many years I have been wanting to finish one of Emily's year long challenges and I finally did it, I'm actually quite proud of myself! These were the last 12 that I'd not go around to finishing last year. I sat down Friday night and yesterday and played and got them completed.


I'll load them all up in one spot on here soon.

So... now what do I do?

Until next time, take care of you.

3AS - Feb DT Sketch LO

This month for 3AS I get to work with the utterly divine Vintage Valentine's Papers by Fancy Pants. These are truly delicious, I was so excited to get them in my kit because I was drooling over them in the shop earlier!

Last week we worked with a Sketch by Susan Longman, such a gorgeous sketch!

The pic I've used is of my friend Amy's little boy and a friend... thanks Amy for the loan!! Isn't it the cutest pic?

This week I've done a set of Valentine's Cards, I'm pretty happy with them {I think I am having a love affair with lace atm}... why not pop on over to my 3AS gallery and have a see here!

Until next time, take care of you.