Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mojo is still running...

We were blessed with a lovely cool day today, so I've been able to scrap during the day. I am so thankful for today's beautiful cool change, tomorrow will be a hot one again, but at least we had today. Click on the pics for a closer view.

Kel starts High School tomorrow, a big change for us in our routines coming up and catching of public transport for Kel for the 1st time. He's so calm about it all, I'm the nervous wreck! I've taken this next week of work for any possible hiccups, so that he knows I'm at home for just in case. He's really so sensible about it all, making me feel like such a worry wart - I guess that's just what mum's do!

Today has been a wonderful day, beautiful weather tempering our moods I think. We've relaxed, done washing, played with our baby, had a surprise visit from a lovely friend we've not seen for a while and chilled watching TV... lots of giggles and lovin' - all good for the soul! The kind of day that reminds you of all the good things you have and which should not be taken for granted.

Until next time, take care of you.

Time flies...

I don't think I have ever seen a month run past me so quickly! It's a shock to me that February is only a day away, where did January go?

I've managed some LO's. I was thinking I've not done many, but there's quite a few here! I think the problem is I've had so much free time... but have done nothing with it. Well if you call keeping house, spending time with the boys and running around after a wild puppy nothing! I've managed to socialise with friends, even had some over here... but have felt a little 'out of it', on the outskirts of things if that makes any sense. LOL probably not... when do I ever make sense! But today I feel lighter... maybe because I scrapped 6 LO's in 1 day and the mojo was flowing well, it's definitely a kind of therapy!

January & February I have discovered in reflection are usually quite self-destructive months for me, no idea why... so this year, no big choices or decisions are being made until March, maybe April! I'm just sitting back and taking each day as it comes and hopefully I'll get through without creating some kind of mini disaster around me. Maybe it's the chaos before the end of the year, the stresses of work, family, Christmas, b'days, other commitments etc that all add up and get so out of perspective... we'll see, hopefully being organised a little more this year will help that for next year!!

But today was a more than good day... and I'm revelling in it and am thankful for it.

Until next time, take care of you.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

I can't believe I've not said HAPPY NEW YEAR yet! My I have been neglectful, so much for organised...

OK... well I have done some scrapping:

and not much else! Christmas was quiet, as was New Year... fine by me, I don't need much hoopla these days! Most of my holiday days have been spent reading and playing with Coco, back to work tomorrow for me... the air-conditioning will be nice at least.

Not much more to really say right now, maybe later I'll be in a chatty mood!

Until next time, take care of you.