Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dusty Lovers, Busy Be Me... and Creating @ Home!

That's been me, busy!  I've prepared some classes for Aug/Sept at Tomorrow's Memories, but not a lot more scrap-wise that I can share with you all, I do have a couple of layouts that need photographing sometime, when I remember!  

I have been flat out at work and then just having quiet nights at home with my boys... LOL, yeah, I don't get out much anymore, still waiting to be invited somewhere!! But that's ok, I am happy at home, we're dreaming again about what we want together... starting with renovations, it's a good thing!  After years of Darren's depression, my melancholy, Kel's school dramas... all those 'down' things, we've forgotten to dream and plan, so I am now happy we are off and planning again!!  

Haven't been on the computer much either, well not Facebook anyways... but have been enjoying Pinterest, gathering ideas and inspiration for doing the house up, words of motivation, funny snippets and just images that make my heart smile!

I had a few lovely classes at Tomorrow's Memories, a lovely relaxed Monday night one {love teaching these} and then a weekend with some gorgeous ladies who came down from Geraldton, lots of giggles and lots of fun {can't wait until next year when we see you all again}!  I have a Friday class coming up which is going to be such fun... it's one of my favourite LO's I have done lately and uses Finnabair's gorgeous grungey misting technique, a la Mis style of course!

The latest Create @ Home Kit from Tomorrow's Memories is out, this one was designed by me and I just loved what I had to create it with!  They can be ordered through TM's at their online store {click the image to see more}, and they also ship internationally!!

So... as mentioned earlier, we have finally started getting the house done up... it's been 15 years since we painted, time for a new do!   We're starting here in the Activity Room, which is going to be my Scrap Room LOL.  Got my priorities right, actually it's just the most convenient way to get this house sorted by starting with the scrap room... because once that's done there's a whole MASS of space we can shift the rest of the house into {we're de-cluttering while redecorating}.

This is going to have beige/cream walls {yeah, Darren was laughing at me saying I'd gone beige in my old age} and sheer curtains across the sliding door to let the light in.  My scrap desk will be off the the wall in the centre left, with some built in shelves next to me, and an Expedit bookshelf from IKEA behind me and longer use storage on the other walls, can't wait to see it finished!!

Yeah, that's going to need some work.

 Shelves gone and lots of patching needed!


These are the colours we are using, once I narrow it down to the actual 3.  Most of the walls in the house will be a beige, creamy tone.  Then some highlights of the suede brown and seaglass colours... cool and light!

What else do I have to share... not the mess that is the front room that's for sure, everything that was in this room has been moved into the front... such a mess!
Oh... something for the lovers of Dusty Attic in Canada and the US, Mandy has restocked her Etsy store, so if you are looking for more, she's got some!!

Also... I will be selling some myself, with a twist, it will be all decorated and done for you!  I have lots of work to get done before I am ready to open the doors but it will happen!  I will sell through Etsy and the store is under my name and titled Done and Dusted.  Now I just need to find some time to play!!

Tina, Evana & I are off to a retreat at the end of the month, I'm really looking forward to it!  We've booked an extra night at the resort so we can really unwind beforehand, am looking forward to a weekend of lovely company and lots of scrapping... if I can manage to find some photos to scrap!!

Take care of you.