Sunday, 31 August 2008

Class with Judy Wilkenfeld

Isn't it embarrassing when someone remembers you and you're pulling a complete blank... until the comment "I had the name Wilko @ Scrapboxx" and a whole flood of memories come flooding back! That was me yesterday morning. Of course Judy was Wilko... derr!! I loved her style of scrapbooking back then, of course I'm going to love what she does now... really, how can one not... this woman is an inspiration!!

I have had one of the best weekends/classes/time... whatever this weekend! I have learnt so many things, using things I have at home with lovely inspiring people who are SOOOOOO bloody talented {I really was clueless... these women are amazing}... but what's more, I have learnt to relax, do my own thing... stuff up... and create fabulous things from the stuff up!

I also had the chance to work with my mum for the whole weekend, something we rarely do. When we get together it's usually just chattering and/or shopping {yes, I got that from my mother!!}, and to have all this one on one time with her was very special. Especially satisfying was seeing her take to this like a duck to water... she was incredible, I'm so proud to be her daughter!!

My book isn't finished yet... far from it. But I have learnt the skills I need to finish it and will do that through the week. From now on not a piece of fabric, old jewelry, chains, ribbon, bits of furniture hinges and handles... none are going to be safe. I thought scrapbooking had no rules... well this stuff SO has no rules it makes scrapbooking look stiff!! {Don't worry... I'm looking forward to finishing some LO's as well...!!}

I'm still somewhat overwhelmed, the brain is dead... but so alive at the same time. I want to play but I'm pooped {hence I'm writing this}. Judy is an amazing tutor, she shows you what to do, shares her tricks... and then lets you go off and do your thing your way! If you want help she'll be there with advice and run with what you need, not what she wants you to have. She's supportive and encouraging... would be the best class I have ever done!

So Judy, thanks for being so inspiring and coming to backwater Perth to show us how you do what you do... and Sharon, thanks so much for having us in your home and making this happen, you're an amazing woman!!!

OH... check out the hands! These are AFTER I cleaned them before we left. Walnut and Distress Inks stain like buggery... and I LOVED it, I even got so into everything I drew blood 4 times! Now that's commitment to getting messy!!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Here 'tis!!

All delivered and in place... still have some things to move out, and some things to move around to give some more space to walk around... but it's awesome!! I'll be able to fit 8 bodies with heaps of room... so excitement!!

Darren has decided it will be perfect for LAN gaming as well... hmmm, well I guess so long as they don't interfere with my scrap nights it would be fine and who knows, they might decide to start scrapbooking as well... rofl!!

Monday, 25 August 2008

That big white thing in the laundry keeps beeping at me... blasted thing.

So far I've not had much time to sit and enjoy my new scrap area... because of that big white thing; I have however managed to do 6 loads of washing... said it was evil...

And don't miss seeing that other evil thing... that which begins with 'i' sitting there trying to look innocent... at least it doesn't beep... yet!!

Sunday, 24 August 2008


To bring you up to date... for weeks I have been harping on about the board table at work that has no home, I asked if I could give it one! Well I got it, and all the chairs that come with it... it comes on Thursday atm. Huge excitement there as I can host Scrappi Dais more often and take the pressure of Chelle, our fave SD Hostess... plus I can host open crop nights as well, and maybe even start teaching.

Only trouble was... I had to move my scrap room... there was no way a 12 seat board room table was fitting in the shop, with me in it!! That also meant 2 years of scrap clutter had to move.... HUGE job. Yes, there was worry, there was frustration... there was even tears... and yes, true to Lisa's dream... there was an avalanche!! All the boxes fell over, although not on me... they did however trap me in a corner until I got shitty and got myself out of the corner... aka "had a tantrum"... gotta love adult tantrums!

Karen coached me until almost 1am our time on the phone... and then today Lisa came over and helped move, and cleaned and mopped... such a sweetheart!! I'm now out in the Activity Room, taking up the whole room... very nicely spaced out... as in space, not as in "spaced out on drugs" spaced out... lol!! I'm next to Kel's room and the DaZCave... they are noisy buggers, but it's nice being out here with them! Also near the laundry, and although the fabric softener smells pretty... I don't like this thing beeping at me... and that "I" word thing looking at me... evil contraptions... I am seriously hoping I can pretend it's not there!!

So anyway... after 3 days of turfing, sorting, cleaning and moving... I am moved! Dags hurt his back, mine is not impressed, I am covered in dust and cobwebs... and I'm happy as a pig in shit atm!! I have some more little bits to do, but will do them through the week... really need to rest right now!!

Here's the shop area with just the shop stuff... it looks so empty now!! Will take a pic when we get the board table and show you the whole kit and caboodle!! The mess in the middle is the 4+ boxes of Trash and Treasure stuff for the girls to rat through when they come... will be easier to go through when I get the table in there, will put it all on the table for easier 'ratting throughing'!!

Take care of you!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

M O O N... that spells Moon!!

Went to Lisa's on Saturday night to drop of some orders {aka: excuse for a chin-wag} and she had taken so awesome moon pics... and showed me how too! I was so excitement! The moon was a bit high by the time we got organised, I think we'd get better shots when it's low in the sky and all orange... but here's mine:

I've saved it to desktop size and it's my background for now, love the detail on it!

Thanks Lisa... loved the photo lesson and the natter time... oh and the lemons!!

Take care of you!

Monday, 18 August 2008

It's all OK...

... have chilled out now. Everyone arrived by 1:30 and we all had a lovely late lunch and a great afternoon, as we always do. Not sure why everyone was so late, but you get that.... hopefully only once though!

One fabulous thing is the house is still spotless, hopefully we can keep it this way!!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

For interests sake...

If you were invited to lunch, what time would you arrive. Judging that lunch is 12 / 12:30ish?

I was raised to arrive earlier than lunch time, to spend time with your hosts and chatter, have some nibblies etc etc. So I would expect sometime between 11 and 11:30 would be polite.

It's 12:02, we have one guest here and that person only just arrived... still waiting for the other 4! Giving benefit of the doubt perhaps Dags told them a different time for lunch... but no-one has informed me, and he's even asking what the time is!! Needless to say.... not happy Jan!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I'm just playing and needed to upload a pic... I scrapped this one a year ago, I was obviously going through my less is more phase! Wow... see the CJ on the table there... still waiting for mine to come home, but that's ok... they take time... but still wow... looking back it doesn't feel like it was so long ago. Time surely flies! LOL... I still have that bit of paper stuck to the side of the monitor, and the little plasticine guy Kel made for me is still there... so cute! Nice to see some things don't change!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sunday Scrapping

As promised... 2 more layouts from today, did struggle with this first one though! I got the giggles on when Jill said we had to use 2 or 3 photos, swirls, a plaque and FRUIT...

This one was to use the Them "it has to be..." without going for the obvious choice, so I did this!

Okies, so that's today! Not much happened on the home front. Scrapped, did some washing and watched a movie with Kel. I also discovered I'd double booked myself next weekend... well actually Darren double booked me, I just didn't realise it, I did that stupid assume thing so it was effectively my bad... last time I ever ever ever let him organise something!! So I miss out on Scrappi Dais next weekend and it's shitting me! It will be the first one I've ever missed in over 3 years... so not happy, but I will get over it!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

SW Cyber Cropping

CC Weekend at ScrapWitch again... love these CC's! 4 challenges {usually evil} over 2 days, a bit of chattering and no pressure to 'have' to be there.

You know I've been a member of SW for over 3 years now and faces have come and gone, even I did... but it's still 'home' to me. It's where I met Lisa, the very 1st person I ever met IRL from Cyber World... what a journey I've been on since, well all of us really... wow, has been like a roller coaster!!

Well anyways... enough with the emotions... here's todays's LO's!

This was a sketch challenge, Jill and her circles!! However I can cope with the circles, it's the crooked sheet in the background that does my head in!!

I used my new fav {yes... I have to say it is up there with my eternal love for Basic Grey... almost taking it over right now} Rose Moka, I so wish my stock order for the shop would hurry up!! I've teamed it up with another new fave "Get Happy" PP's from Cosmo Cricket. I nabbed one of the 8x8 Pads and have been using it for everything! They have these quotes and tags and bits in there, cut 'em out, stick 'em on chipboard and whalla... homemade embie!! Have also used American Crafts Foam Thickers and Basic Grey Buttons.

This one was a mini step-by-step which was fun {once I got some coffee in me, it was the 1st one up!} I'd been wanting to scrap these blooper pics of mum and Kel but had no inspiration, so being told what to do was perfect... if it was a tragedy then I could blame Jill... rofl!! But I love it!

Have used some Daisy D's Papers out of the Reflections kits, yummy oranges and teals. Heaps of flowers... woohoo! Have used Prima and Prima and Prima and a some Green Tara.... and some Prima! Letters are American Crafts Foam Thickers and Buzz & Bloom "That 70's Font" and more Basic Grey Buttons!

Today was a good day though... a really good one! Started one of the LO's this morning, went to mums and did a LO there for her friend, had lunch and nattered about this book we'll be destroying together. Came home and finished the challenge LO and did the other one and then ran off for dinner out and a movie. We dinner at Fast Eddy's, Kel had his fave Nachos, I had soup and Dags had a BLT... all timed perfectly as well with the start of the movie. We went and saw The Dark Knight... wow, long movie, but wow... was really good... sad, scary... good!! So that's today! Tomorrow DH's bro is coming over so I'll get to scrap in peace while the boys play... well peace as in I won't have to 'be with' Dags... certainly won't be quiet I can tell you!!

Last week was a pretty good one at work. RSI kept itself at bay, headaches still at bay {thanks the Vicki's friend Heather}, quotes all at bay! Was so good to have a quiet one... really needed it! Spent most of the evenings counting the last of the clearance stock... I have soooooo much clearance stuff! But it's all counted now and just have to pop it into the shop when I get time during the week, which if done in bits I quite enjoy... I do muchly like playing with the shop! Darren got a continental day shift, 6 months earlier than we thought... so we are rapt! It's just what he's been wanting. He's fitting in so well at work as well... all's good!

OK... will share whatever I create tomorrow, although I am fast running out of photos again... might need to go find the cat again!

Take care of you!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

And another 2 LO's done...

These are some pics from scrapIT... I didn't get many, and I should have got one of all of us, but it was mayhem in there. Jen kindly took these for us!!

This first one in purple was the sketch challenge at ScrapWitch... what a challenge I made it for myself not only copy with the crooked angle... I chose to do it in purple, I usually have trouble with purple... but the flowers are in the tins I bought today and I have had the PP's in the shop for over a year, figured someone may as well use them... they are perfect! It's all the Stone Rose collection by Prima.

This one is Jules hamming it up for the camera, she makes me laugh... love that she sees the fun side of life! I love this diecut PP as well... it's a Creative Imaginations Creative Cafe one, I think I got 5 colours!! Yummy hey! I realise though that my diecut PP stash is rivalling my flower and bling stash... now that's scary!!

I painted the chipboard cogs I got in the micaceous iron oxide and then some in the iridescent stainless steel and man... they look like metal, awesome paints these Golden ones!! I so can't wait to use them on a layout now!!

Okies... that's it... scrapping stash is pushed to the side... I'm scrapped out for today!!

Sooo... how was your weekend?

I so love weekends: well we all do but I especially like weekends that start on Friday nights! Went to Chelle's Friday for a Welcome Home, Birthday, Drinks Night Get Together thing... was a good night. I couldn't drink because I was driving... blah, but still had fun, always a good sign you're in good company. Darren and Kel had a great night as well, in fact Kel was so pooped he fell asleep in the car on the way home... thanks Chelle and Ian.

This is my fave pic from the night!!

Saturday, nothing... was a boring and restless day. But Dags and Kel did all the housework while I was 'working on the shop"... aka scrapping! Certainly wasn't much working happening! But I appreciate someone else pottering around while I did nothing, was a real treat!!

Did the August Colour Challenge over at ScrapWitch though... was fun and I soooo loved the colours! So I have another LO done and approved by his Lord Muck Kellan... lol!!

Today, Sunday... went to a craft fair at Claremont, same one you and I went to last year Kazz {if you reading}... came home just as broke too!! Here's my loot!

I picked up some MEGA bargains, especially the Prima stuff again... less or same as wholesale, hard to beat that! So more MoonGlow's, more Cuttlebug Embossing Folders and lots of boy style stuff... chipboard with skulls and flames and cougars {ohhh cool says Kel}, cogs and arrows... and some more yummy Golden paint, this one an Iridescent Stainless Steel {bling for boys in my eyes!}... will look great on the cogs and stuff!!

Met up with Nes and her gorgeous girls there, so was nice to have some company... and then ran into Peta and Annette as well, they were just starting and I was about finished. Perth is such a small place!

Am scrapping another LO atm as well... oh and I scrapped some Brissy pics as well... will show them when I have them all done. So I've had a good scrappy weekend, but have still had time to hang with the boys and relax... perfect weekend I'd reckon!!

Not long until Karen gets here... woohooo, am really looking forward to her visit! Have booked us into a crop as well, Jules and Chrissie are coming along to so will be a great day!! We plan to simply scrap and relax while she is here... and eat lots of salami and cheese toasted focacias and drink much wine!! LOL!

Ohhhhhhhh also not long until I do a workshop with Judy Wilkenfeld making this:

Sharon has enough numbers to go ahead {GO Sharon, what a legend!!}... I'm so excited about this, mum is doing it with me as well... which will be really special for us... it's right up her alley and she'll be having sleep overs here, am really looking forward to spending the time together. She's making a maternal hand me down book. On her side of the family some of the special treasures were handed down to the youngest daughter in the family, so mum is going to incorporate some of those treasures into the book and it will be handed to my sister and then in time her little girl, how precious is that! I'm just going to do my memories, special pics and treasures from growing up, I'm so scared I will forget them... so this will be a good journey for me!! There are still some spaces available, so if you're interested... go have a see here and then contact Sharon via this link here.

So that's my weekend roundup!! Time to go and see if the fridge has anything appealing in it to cook... and maybe catch another BoxOffice flick with Kel!

Take care of you!