Thursday, 26 February 2009

52Q - 8

Right up to date again now!!

Looking forward to the weekend!! I think mum is coming over on Saturday and then Scrappi Dais on Sunday and then Monday is a Public Holiday... wooohooo 3 day weekend!!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

52Q - 6 & 7

Oh Mickey your so fine... bopping away here to my Playlist, loving it!!


Here's my latest 52Q Tags, started these last night and finished them tonight... still loving doing them. I have no idea how I'm going to fit them all onto one thing though, they've already outgrown a Maya Road tin!

Went bonkers with the glimmer mists and inks etc... love these!!

You blow my mind... hey Mickey... you're so fine you blow my mind... are you bopping with me, got that chair dancing happening!?!

Until next entry... take care of you!

Mis xo

Sunday, 22 February 2009


I had such fun at my Scrap Over!! I had Nes, Jen and Sharon there, Jules wasn't feeling crash hot and Lisa forgot other plans she had... so was just the 4 of us in the end... but was a nice relaxed night, I got to bed at 5am! I did 5 LO's in all... just finished off 1 of them this morning.

Bit of a distressed theme happening there, and earthy tones... was just the mood, although I did do a "romanticy'ish" one for me and Dags of Valentines Day.

Today... I have a very set in headcold, not happy about that. I just hope the girls don't get it from me, Kel's sneezing away today so it looks like he's getting it... but we are always in such a close proximity to each other it's not a surprise if he does. So I'm still in my jammies, wandering around the house with a box of tissues. I'll do some owrk on my 52Q Tags, then have a lay down and read some more of Breaking Dawn... half way through it now, so can't wait to see what happens!!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Not for the Faint Hearted...

I've cursed myself!

The other day I was rabbling on to Jewels about her wolves and mountain lions and our snakes and spiders... and then today, while watching Shadow cutely play in the leaves... mousing for sure... he comes out with this in his mouth!! A baby Dugite!! OMG these are poisonous, and while a baby one won't hurt me, it could do damage to my baby boy {Shadow... the cat}!

So I'm out there running around the back yard like a total goose with a block splitter trying to get a 12inch long snake that Shadow keeps picking up and running off with.

In the end I give up... Shadow kills it and then lets me {well Darren, no way I was going near it} put it in a jar and we have our first snake... hopefully it's the last one!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Weekend Scrapping... and life update...

I did this on the weekend, starting at the Midnight Crop @ Scraptivate and then finishing the finer details at home! Had a ball, and yes, again it's one of the Cosmo Cricket Blackboard Albums, I love them!

These are pics from Karen's 30th I went to... I have heaps more pics, but these sum up the best parts!

I have some girlfriends coming over on Saturday night for a Scrap-Over... where we get decked out in our jammies and scrap all night. Heather went to one and it sounded like such fun that I had to do the same! I can't wait... will be fun! I've been saving my little projects I work on through the week for it and have a heap of fab photos from the weekend to scrap as well, not to mention the rest of my Melbourne pics LOL!

Last Saturday I went to Nev's for the evening, it was a wonderful night! Mum was up there and Arthur's sister Sharon and her hubby... was a really lovely night. Gotta love family for an easy going good time don't ya!

Work... crazy as usual, it wears me out very quickly these days. Not too sure what I can do to change that... other than leave, but no matter how infuriated I get I don't want to do that, I like my job and most of the people I work with... not often you find that these days. It will get better, just have to last until it does!

Shop Sale is still going, there's not a lot left compared to what I had! I'm so pleased. After the first rush I now get 1 to 2 orders a day... which is great, hopefully it won't be long until enough has gone that I can close it all down and get on with loving my new freedom.

I've put a Making Memories Slice on backorder, Karen was loving hers but it wasn't until Jen said she'd fallen in love with it that my interest piqued {Jen's like me with that kind of scrapping technology... doesn't use 'that stuff'}... so I had a demo and WOW, I so want! So now I finally am happy to part with the neglected unused Quickutz Silhouette and replace it with this... I will use this little one! And why you ask since I didn't use the far more versatile Silhouette? Because it's little and portable and can sit on my desk and look at me... it will suit me far better. Anyone want a Quickutz Silhouette going cheap? LOL!!

What else... oh... Kel and I have adjusted very well to our new low-carb lifestyle. As of last Friday Kel has lost 2.4kg and I have lost 2.7kg, fabulous effort for just a week!! I am amazingly proud of Kel though, he's done so well and has adjusted to our new ways withouth a hitch. I have found him icecream and chocolate that are very low in carbs as treats, as he's a kid and needs a 'treat' now and then, they'll also help him control his addiction as well and that's what it's all about... nows and thens, not always!! So far he's had 1 icecream and 2 squares of chocolate, previously they wouldn't have lasted the weekend, so proud of him!!

Well that's about all... will let you know how the ScrapOver went next week! Until then... take care of you!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Monday, 9 February 2009

Photo Tagged...

Jewels tagged me for this Photo Tag, which is really pretty cool... be cooler if I had my PC working as I have more albums on there!

What you do is go to the 6th album in your photo stash and post the 6th picture and then tell us a little about it...

That's Kel washing my car last month... definite documention time as he never washes the car {nor do I for that matter}!! Sorry it wasn't anything more exciting!

I actually file my pics by year, month, then date... so I did 6 and 6 and then 7 {because I didn't want the whole 666 thing happening}!! LOL, and it's so recent because I'm on the laptop which has some albums from early last year and then more recently... but nothing inbetween or earlier. I could go drag out my backup disks, but that would be getting a tad too hard for a worknight!

So now I tag 6 more bodies:


Sunday, 8 February 2009

52Q - 5 - Today...

I did done it... {my 2nd grade teacher is now rolling over in her grave at that grammar I'm sure}, but I did create today... I used lots of staining so that I could get sidetracked between steps while waiting for bits to dry and fool myself into actually finishing something!!

So now I am going to crawl back onto the couch and wait for tomorrow... I want a big bag of chips and a hamburger, but am going to have to settle for salad and roast chicken. if I can drag myself into the kitchen to make it... yesterday was headaches, today it tiredness... withdrawal days SUCK, but as I said on my tag... tomorrow will be better!

What have I created...

....nothing! LOL, other than a huge mess, which is now back under control, nothing like mum saying "I'm coming over Sunday to shop" to get things tidied up!

Friday I started back on my carb free lifestyle... and MAN the withdrawals Saturday were shocking, but today I'm feeling much much better! I'm not going as strict and obsessive as I was previously as I need to make this a lifestyle change not a diet... and Kel is changing his lifestyle with me, although for him we are only cutting out the really high GI carbs such as potatoes, bread, pasta etc. He's struggling as he wants biscuits and chips etc, but he'll get there. I'm so proud of him!! Thankfully he likes nuts and meat and cheese and yoghurts and fruit, so we're halfway there... I'm allowing myself some of the yoghurt this time as well, berries and fruit if I crave something sweet... so far though I'm ok with all the really low carb veggies and meats.

I've been packing up orders like a MaD thing! The MaD's newsletter went out last week announcing the sale and closure... the response in orders has been almost overwhelming... it's wonderful to see everything going to new homes! I have to go to Officeworks after work tomorrow as I went through a whole roll of tape in 2 days and need more!

But creativity has gone AWOL, hopefully it returns next week as I'm scrapping Friday night at Scraptivate... although I'll likely take along a mini album to work on and take all the hard decisions of what to scrap out of my scrappy life...

Dags is picking up my PC today... I'm so excited! Although it means lots of work {MYOB processing a few months worth of orders}, but it also means I have my LIGHTROOM back... woohoooo!!! I have suffered without my Lightroom!

Well that's all for now... hopefully some creativity will surface later and I can at least get my next 52Q Tag done!

Until next time... take care of you!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Scrappi Dais... Scrapping!!

Last Sunday we had our Scrappi Dais day, thanks Chelle for a lovely day... oh and sorry I took up half the table ladies, guess I'm a bit to spoilt at home now, selfish sod that I am!!! Anyway I scrapped, in fact I made a big start on the mini album I wanted to do for our annual Scrappi Dais Wine Tour last year!

It was made VERY easy by using this Cosmo Cricket Blackboard album, which means I didn't have to cover the whole page, it already had a good base and I merely needed to add the photo and some embies! I've had these in the MaDs shop for ages, only sold 1 or 2 of them... and not having a huge interest in OTP stuff never grabbed them myself... well now I am changed! I loved these so much I've taken the rest of them of the shop shelves for me... so sorry, you've missed out!! Basic Grey made a chocolate coloured board ones as well... so I'm going to trial them very soon!

What surprised me though is just how much I loved doing this... in fact one of the last mini albums I made was the Fave Photos 07 one and I loved doing that as well, but this was much more fun. So I think I'll be making heaps more!

So here are the pages I have done so far... I have more photos to print yet so I've not finished by far... and have journaling and bits to do yet as well, but had to share nonetheless, and look more purple creeping in there... I seriously need to talk to myself, I don't scrap in purple!!

So that was the weekend... well Sunday; Saturday I did the whole school book shop for Kel. He's happy back at school, same teacher still... which is great as she is lovely and has put a lot of work into helping him. We have so far to go though to get him ready for High School next year...

Work is still stressful, dizzies are coming back almost daily again. but not all day and I know they are coming on.. and yes, have spoken to the boss and we're trying to find ways to get through it. It's just hard right now with needing to train my lovely Taysha {wild child that she is ;man she makes me feel so OLD}, but not having the time to do it because quotes are insane. But we will persevere and it will be worth it in the end, just have to get to the end in one piece!

Home however is nice and peaceful... we have a lovely roll happening. In the evenings Kel and I have gotten into the habit of watching Boston Legal and/or Miami Animal Police together {our fave shows at this time}... he's just at the great age where he's analysing on a more adult level and we can rabble for ages about this and that... I'm really enjoying this time!!

The house is a mess and we can't find anything, but we have a plan and once I've reclaimed the shop as part of the house again we can go through and gut one room at a time and get them looking spic and span again, throw out the junk, new paint etc... bring a new vibrancy into our home. So for now I don't care, so long as its liveable {and tidy enough for crop days}, then the rest will come soon enough!

So far... it's a good start to the year!