Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I have yummies!

Today I got these... pressies in the mail that I bought last week for me, I got them from a gorgeous little Etsy store called Simply Cards by Chan! They are fabulous, just the right amount of shabby in them to make me the happiest little scrapper...

So tonight I had to drop back in, and get these ones!!

Can't wait to get them - thanks Chan, I really love my first order and cannot wait to use them on the weekend!

Take care of you.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

But wait... there's MORE!!

Yes, I have more exciting news that I have been waiting to tell you all, the excitement factor has been building for days:

I am now so fortunate to be a part of the Design & Teaching Team at Tomorrow's Memories!!

I love this store, love the people, the atmosphere, the stock... so to be asked to join them was yet another dream come true and I'm really over the moon! The teaching will be a whole new world for me, my 1st class will be in July so keep an eye out... fun fun fun!!

Take care of you.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Dusty Attic Goodness

I'm loving this 'gig' as Evana calls it... love it, totally! I picked up my first pack of Dusty goodies to play with on Saturday and play I have... as soon as I could!

My first play was with one of the Tribal designs, how perfect for boys! I also fluked having this paper in my stash with almost the exact design... one has to LOVE it when that happens! And no... I don't have huge stashes of PP, but when you scrap mostly a boy {and a teen one at that}, whenever you see a teen boy style paper you grab it!

And then today I did this: I love this... big time. The pics just don't do it justice no matter how many shots I took. So thanks to my Tina who got me off and running with the whole "what to do with the chains" conversation {we brainstormed many ideas!}, everything flowed.

I'm so happy with the crackle on crackle effect.

So here I've used lots of Dusty Attic goodness! Ornate Corners, Chains, French Flourish Border {trimmed}, Adore Word, Song Bird and the Decorative Gate {turned upside down and 'hung' from the chains}. The Chains and Gate have been painted with Golden Stainless Steel & Micaceous Iron Oxide Paints, with touches of Turquoise for an aged look. The Corners, Song Bird and Word have been inked, glimmermisted and then embossed with UTEE.

Take care of you.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Excitement in the Attic!

You all know I love chipboard right... it's up there with my love of all things flowers and bling, and we all know that I have to have chippy somewhere on my projects to feel 'complete', I'm so lost when I run out. Well tonight my dreams are reality - I'm so lucky to have been asked to join THE DUSTY ATTIC Design Team!! On top of that... oh yes there's more... I ADORE their products, from the 1st moment I saw them last year I was in love... sigh, does life get much better {aside from winning Lotto of course}!!!

Also joining the team is Sonya Thair and Jeni O'Connor... and we all join Evana Willis, Jen Burns {hi Jen}, Gabrielle Pollacco, Mandy Harrell, Trina McClune & Michelle Grant - all that talent in one place... OMG all that talent and then me... whooeee breath Missy!!

Take care of you.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Saturday Night... do do do dooo do do...

Saturday night I had some lovely friends over to play, I feel so lucky to have these girls in my life! I only scrapped 2 layouts, but that's better than the 1 I did last time I had friends over to play!

Okies... so Rewind:

Saturday morning I went to get the pics from Kel & my date day printed out, and fell in love with one of them... so hot footed it down to Tomorrow's Memories {being my closest LSS that I knew would have the perfect everything} and grabbed some papers and embies to suit the photo {thanks Vicki} and also work in with this challenge:

And here it is:
Where [Do you go when you Daydream]

Not as stunning as my head imagined, but I'm happy with it! I love this pic of Kel... and you can see why I had to go to TM's right away, because while I have boy papers, I don't have soft antiquey bluey/brown boy papers! There's some delish Tim Holtz paper in there, some Glitz Vintage something and Dusty Attic Chipboard. Also some bits I got from Lil Red Rocket made it's way onto there!!

And so, while grabbing perfect bits of PP for the LO, MORE papers jumped into my hands while there - this BoBunny Mama-Razzi Diecut... and a few others from the range. All I can say is - OMG YUMMY!!

This was so simple, the Diecut PP, some TBZ Wrought Iron Flourishes, a Dusty Attic Key Plate, some Ephemera & Collections Butterflies, oh and of course a wee bit of bling!

And so was done the creating! Thanks to Bri & Allie, Tina, Jules & Nes for coming to play with me!!

Today I was shattered, it wasn't an overly shocking late night but I couldn't get going today and have had naps all day while Darren has fluffed about around me... and there's no way I'm admitting that I'm getting too old to handle a late night anymore LOL, but it could be I've had too many late nights the last few weeks... that one I might cope with admitting, I think next weekend will be a quiet one at home.

Take care of you.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Mum / Son Day...

Kel and I had a mum/son date today, we did whatever he wanted. he asked me on Wednesday if I could just take one day off work, for just the 2 of us, how can a mum resist that. So luckily my boss felt the same way and let me have Friday off! So we went and saw How to Train your Dragon, which was a great movie, really loved it. Then we did some shopping and got him some new shoes, tshirt and some shorts/trackies for school. Next was donuts to bring home and lunch to eat... and then a stop at Bells Rapids {not so rapid atm though} for a walk along the riverbank. Was a lovely day, I'm so glad he requested we do this, just he and I nattering on with no rushing here or there... just enjoying one another's company.

The not so rapid Bells Rapids:

don't ask... he's a teenager:

rockin', on the river?:

Take care of you.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Don't you love it when...

something comes together easily!

I was determined to use one of the Twiddleybitz Cages I have in my stash to complete a challenge over at the TBZ Ning site. So I've grabbed it out, asked Tina who was online at the time to tell me some colours, nothing like throwing a friend in the hot seat - so she chose shabby white... with brown under the white... and teal embies, mmmmm yum, I was set, some of my FAVE colours to scrap with, but I've not really used on my OTP stuff yet.

And so I created this, and I think without being told what colour to use, it would still be in bits on my desk, unloved! Sometimes you just need that little kickstart!

Oooh and see that little Dusty Attic {sigh} Hanging Sign, that came in my prize yummies from Evana... it was perfect!!

Take care of you.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

More Happy Mail...

although these ones I ordered for me, but I HAVE to share them, talk about mega cute!

From Kim J's blog {whom I haunt regularly, I don't comment nearly enough though, bad Missy}, I followed links across to Lil Red Rocket... YUM!

From there I wandered into Michelle's Etsy Store {as you do} and bought these:

Yes... quite different to my usual 'thang' but I really had to have them. I love what Kim does with her little bits from Lil Red Rocket so thought I'd have a play too... and did you see how CUTE those little bunny buttons are - they'll be perfect for a LO of Coco, yes I know she's a dog... but I always call her CocoBunny lately!

I'm now waiting for Michelle's store to open again to get some MORE cute things because this time I think some of these need a home at my place!

Image Source: Lil Red Rocket

Take care of you.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Happy Mail...

I had a little surprise come in the post for me today, my prize pack from Evana for guessing what she'd been up to {making aprons for Tomorrow's Memories}!

What a thrill it was to receive these goodies! Chipboard from Dusty Attic and Flowers from Petaloo... ahhhh bliss!! There was a couple of other gorgeous yummies in there as well, but they're waiting to yet be unveiled... how lucky am I!!

Thanks so much Evana, I feel so spoilt and can't wait to create something delicious with these!

Take care of you.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

I've had a lovely weekend...

Friday night out with Tina at Inspired Crafts, where it is FAR to easy to spend FAR too much, so felt deliciously naughty!

I created this... yes, just this over a 6 hour crop {well there WAS shopping involved of course}, I created it for a challenge at Home & Scrapped to use handmade items, more than 1 photo and some fabric. I'm really happy with this one...

Then I did this one, it was a recipe challenge set by Angie... lots of fun, but I forgot the doodling bit {I think that was part of selective memory!}

And then this one... Bri's BiLingual Challenge {and yes I'm sure my French is wrong LOL}, I melded it with a challenge at Kraft It Up, their Monochromatic Challenge {I used orange, obviously!}

So that's this weekend's scrapping... the creative urge has been satisifed!

Today I mopped {forever mopping}, then cleaned the kitchen, moved some stuff around, cleaned the lounge room... mum & dad came over for a cuppa, then Darren got a bee in his bonnet, love those bees! He strung up a line so we could hang the washing in the sun {we usually just use the drier} and we were able to get on top of a laundry full of washing! I think we need a real washing line after all these years, it's so much quicker and bizarrely fun, that could be the whole novelty factor though! But we've had a lovely day... feel like we have accomplished something!

Take care of you.