Sunday, 12 August 2007

OK... an update... see Lisa... said I'd do it tonight!!

I have been one FLAT OUT BUSY BEE!! First I've been doing a different job for a few weeks now, and helping with my usual job where I can. It's hard work and does my head in, so by the time I get home I have no energy for scrapping and chatting and shop updating... so 2 are always neglected as I only have the energy to do one of them, if that even!! But that will end when the guy comes back to do his job in about 3 months. So lots of things are being a little neglected... friends, forums, scrapping... the blog! Family isn't though, family is always first and I'm also looking after me... not going back 'there' again I can tell you that!!

Last week a friend came over from Melbourne and we had the BESTEST fun for 5 days!! We did the tourist thing, checked out the Craft and Quilt Fair, did lots of sightseeing and lots of relaxing and chatting, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I met Karen when I went to Melbourne to stay with Jac. She's a ScrapWitch regular and we simply just 'clicked'... it's like we've been friends forever!!

I have managed to get some scrapping done this weekend though... AND... I finished all 5 LO's for the FK Awards, well almost... one needs a few additions that are coming. I'm really happy with them... they are all very different, but all very me.

Soooo what else... went shopping yesterday and bought an outfit for next week's PICA awards {Print Industry Craftsmanship Awards}, spent FAR too much money... but it's a gorgeous suit and I had nothing... absolutely nothing to wear. Most of my clothes are casual now as it suits our current lifestyle. But I was sensible, I can wear this in summer as well... so anyway... will show you some pics of that after the event!!

I finally got a mobile phone! A hand me down from work but it's got internet and Microsoft ActiveSync, so I feel very spoilt!!

OH OH ... got a new car as well! It's a Kia Cerato and I really love it!! It's so spacious inside... actually usable as a family runabout as Darren @ 6'3" fits in with space to spare!!

That's about it I think... so time for LO show and tell!!

Okies... this one was for the SW Cyber Crop this weekend. Was a doozy. We had to use items that started with each letter of the word CHIPBOARD. So mine were:

C: Chipboard Alpha and Chipboard Circle
H: Hambly Overlay and HS Florals
I: Ink and Inspiration {from a LO by KarenM using the same colours}
P: Photo and Patterned Paper
B: Brown & Bella Chipboard
O: Orange and Oops I forgot the Organza
A: Aqua and Arctic Frog Paper
R: Red and Rhinestones
D: Dimensional Magic and Digital Brushes

It's an old photo of Kel, but I've only scrapped it for his album, so have done one for ours now as well!

This I did after Nes and Peta came over to meet Karen... we each did a LO using the same pic and they're all so different!! I've used "imaginary" as a dig to all the hubbies out there who think our online friends are imaginary ones... coz on most counts their not!!

This was for another SW CC Challenge... to use a nursery rhyme as the title for your LO.

And my last for the weekend SW CC Challenges... use "the great escape" as as your title or in your journalling.

And this is my new car... LO yet to come!! It looks small... but its actually pretty big!!

So that's me... hope you are all well! Hopefully soon I can get back into the swing of juggling life again and do some blog rounds and catch up with you all!! Until then... take care of you!!