Friday, 29 December 2006


OK... here it is, the big change that was in the air.

Hopefully {all going well} tonight LC's will have a new look, new name and new owner. The shop has been moved to WA, will be called MaDscraps... and be owned by ME!!

The last few months have been frantic with me being trained via internet and phone, finding a decent server and setting up accounts etc. This last week has been crazy to say the least. All the stock from LC's in Adelaide only arrived on the 27th so it's been a mad panic to get it all set up so I can function properly as a store. But it's all organised now and looking good!

It's been a really big learning curve but has been so exciting. I've had my first orders and am selling out very quickly of all the new yummies I've bought in.

We'll be expanding our lines and including some more OTP items during the New Year.

So pop on over and check us out. The address is Hopefully the forums will transfer smoothly across tonight as at the moment they are not active as yet and are waiting for the new data from when LC's closes and becomes MaDscraps. But the MaDscraps Shop is well and truly live and active.

Wish me luck... who would've though a year ago when I started my journey as one of LC's Creative Angels that the next year I would be owning it!

Saturday, 2 December 2006

Some changes in the air...

This month heralds some big changes at LC's. As Lynn says "mega mondo" changes! LOL! But yes... they will be, but they will also be good ones. The shop will shut from the 8th December but will re-open on the 1st Jan with a new look, being Christmas and a quiet time it's the best time to make these changes being made. Meanwhile the forums will continue to be our lifeline... with much fun and bantering going on!

So if anyone is worried over the 'changes'... don't, it's all good I can assure you. Must say I'm pretty excited with what the new year will bring and we're all still going to be there, no-one's leaving us!

Lynn will unveil the plans on the 27th Dec, 7pm SA time in the forums.

On the home front... not much happening. T'is certainly the silly season though, busy busy busy! One more week of school for Kellan, he's way excited! He lives for the holidays that's for sure!

Clocks go forward an hour here in WA... will be great to not be 3 hours behind most of the country again, definitely interferes with my ES chat time, been missing everyone!

My LO's for December gallery have been revealed at LC's, so head on over if you want to have a gander. They feature Carolee's Creations stuff. Always veered well away from these papers, but they actually are quite good, the frames and rub-ons are cute. Always worth trying new things, never know if you like it until you try it {'cept poppets, really have trouble coming at them!!}

So this set makes it a year of DT Layouts for me! Wow... that went so fast. It's been great - the best fun, never realised I'd love the challenge of being put way out of my comfort zone! LOL... and don't worry - it ain't over for me yet... still lots of scrapping left in this old duck!

Sunday, 19 November 2006

And one more...

Finished another one... 3 EDM in a weekend. have to say I'm pretty pleased with myself!!

I found some-one's mojo...

I say some-one's as it's definately not the one I'm used to, but I'm quite happy to use it until mine comes home to me!! So I've done another 2 LO's my EDM album... the theme this month has been Seasons, using some cute little Carolee's rubons. They're cute, but not me so I had to change my whole everything to work with them!

So this one is a quote I liked {and a good way to get rid of 3 of the little season 'stamp' rub-ons}... remembering when this photo was taken it should read "drunk" instead of "happy" - either quote still works! LOL!

And this one is again based on a shortened version of another quote again... I wanted to use different things for this theme, I think this one works! Plus - this one, the un-mowed back lawn, is definitely one of My Everyday Moments!!

So yeah... bit different for my usual styles... but beggars can't be choosers as my mum always says so I'm happy borrowing whomever's mojo I have until Lisa gives mine back!

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

And speaking of handbags still...

We had a rough night and I've not slept a wink. We had a home invasion whilst we were in the home, again. But this time they've taken my handbag with my purse, filofax, iPac, phone and wedding/engagement rings plus my MIL rings she passed to me. I'd taken them off at work and put them in my bag to keep them "safe" and remembered thinking on the way home I must put them back on when I got home. I'm so upset and Darren is beside himself, they are treasures that can't be replaced and I'm soooo MAD at the ^$&!#*% who dare come into our house and take what is not theirs.

They've come in thru the bedroom window, which an adult could not fit through so it would have to be a young kid. I have a big suspicion of who as well since we've had no trouble until this one feral family moved into the neighbourhood. They've grabbed the iPac on the bedside table and then would've spotted the bag in the hallway. Since we would all have been in the middle of the house they'd have been out of sight.

I am always so paranoid about my bag, it's always on the floor next to me when I'm inside the house and under the bed when I sleep - except for this time where I'd put it on the return in the hallway where I could see it plain as day - I had my hands full when I came in and plonked it there and when I went to grab it last night - gone! So many one off incidences leading to this - I can't help but wonder what fate had in mind here, I've done nothing to hurt anyone else!

We've had a wander around the bush but can't find anything, was hoping they'd grabbed the bag, run into there, taken the purse and then chucked the rest... I just want those rings back. We've phoned the local hock shop and emailed them pics of the rings {thank god I'm a scrapbooker or I'd never have thought to take photos of my hands!} But my feeling is they just wanted easy cash and will have tossed the bag. Am typing up a reward notice to put on the local shop's notice board. Even if it's the same ferals handing it in I don't care so long as I get those rings back.

OK... thanks for listening... I need to go and chill, Forensics are here, not that they'll find much but it's needed for the insurance.

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Just what every girl needs in her handbag...

Oh yeah... and did I get a shock when I opened the bag to empty it! Nearly wet myself with fright! I see scales that move and always think snake!!

Funny thing is - about this time last year he was under my scrap desk! But somehow - he's wandered in the back door... all the way through to our bedroom at the front of the house and decided this bag was a perfect place to have a snooze! How did any of us not notice him!

So now he's back outside... wonder where we'll find him next!

Monday, 6 November 2006

Awesome Cyber Crop

Our last Cyber Crop for the year was... in a word... awesome! I had the BEST fun! I only managed to get 2 LO's done... but so far there has been 58 LO's loaded to the gallery... not to mention the LO's our little scrap rebels did over the weekend!

Best weekend... am so proud to be a part of this site and these girls lives!

Anyway... my sad attempts, well actually, they're not so sad! I quite like them now - just 'different' for me!

This is the colour challenge one - Pink Red and Brown. So naturally I chose a boy LO.. and Crissy - finally I rose to your challenge... look very carefully and you will see Bling on a boy's LO! Oh the funny thing with this LO... Kerry did the same thing for the same challenge... and Vicki has done one previously! Rose Coloured Glasses abound at LC's!

... and this is for the new "cluster" technique I'm seeing popping up everywhere. Love it... but I found it hard to do, especially for this "more is more" queen of the scrap world!!

We also had 3 other challenges - a sketch, a step by step and one about scrapping something mundane but meaningful. I'm a slacker though and didn't do them! I'm thrilled I got these 2 done as my mojo has definitely left the building!

Oh.. Peta {thanks Peta} put me onto the new version of Mozilla Firefox 2.0. If you use Mozilla Firefox, go download it now - it's got spell check for all these little windows we type in on the forums and even here! It's brilliant - especially for slackassed typists such as myself!!

Until next time... take care of you!

Thursday, 2 November 2006

Cyber Crop Frenzy!!

Ladies... tomorrow night is the last cyber crop at LC's for the year! It's going to be a big one... so come on over and see what challenges I've got in store for you all!!

The Cyber Crop runs from Friday night right through to Sunday night... lots of chatter, lots of fun challenges and there's prizes! Vicki has a couple of great make'n'takes. I love these, they allow you create things you don't think you would or could do... and it's all becomes so easy that you sit there wondering why you didn't do it before!

Us Angels will be chattering away over the weekend, along with LC's wonderful members, so if you're not already a member... what are you waiting for! Come on over, join up and have some fun! We'll be in the Cropping Corner if you've wondered where all the forum action went, shall I save you a seat?

Until then... take care of you!

Monday, 30 October 2006

Kim's 40th

Darren and I went to Kim's 40th on Saturday night and had the best time! We were waited on hand an foot by Kim and her gorgeous family {now I know where Kim gets her lovely caring nature from} and it was a special night. I was so honoured to be a part of it.

Had rather a few wines with Chelle and Lisa... lots of laughing and chatter.

Darren excelled and stayed past 11:00... we left about 1:30, late night for my not so social butterfly hubby!! But he had a great night as well - course he did, I have great friends why wouldn't he!

And it was GREAT to have a night out with no kids around... a real grown-up party!!

I love being a part of these girls lives... we have such fun... and it's 'real' fun, no images to keep up, no worrying over saying the 'correct' thing... just a group of great girls. We're a bit like a jigsaw - each part different but fit together so well!

Sunday, 29 October 2006

Angel Sneek Peeks...

I LOVED this months Angel packs...!! The full LO's will be up for viewing at LC's at the beginning of the month...

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

A new life...

My ever so sweet friend Karen had her bub today. Tyler {such a cool dude name that one} was born this morning and they are both doing well!!

I was so excited to get an email from Lisa saying Karen was in labour... then not even an hour later on my way to work I get a phone call saying Tyler had been born!!

And on such a glorious sunshiney day as today was... Karen and Shane, may Tyler continue to bring you both sunshine and happiness!!

{See sometimes life IS all sunshine and lollipops - knew it could be!!}

Monday, 23 October 2006

I am WOMAN...

That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. Am feeling far far far more myself this evening... really must be hormonal as I can't think of any other reason for illogical dark moods!! Guess it's about time I was a typical female like that - even Darren used to say for a woman I was pretty in control of my ups and downs!! {classic coming from a male that has more mood swings than any women I've ever known!!} So... moving right along... nothing else to share... just feeling a bit loopy, but that's fine {that's far more my usual self!!} Everything will be perfect when my scrap mojo returns home... that part I don't give 2 hoots about right now... glad my scrap friends are also my friend friends so we can talk on other things... is nice to have them there for me if I need them... mwah!! Until later - take care of you...

Oh... I'll share this with you all - I made this for mum & dad for their upcoming 40th Anniversary... was supposed to be a LO, but ended up a canvas... you get that!! Mum's wedding dress here - I used to wear it out clubbing... we took the sleeves of and cut it short... was well loved!!


Feeling much more myself today... hate those dark days, but we all get them from time to time. Guess it was just time for me to admit it! Life can't be all sunshine and lollipops - because we'd never appreciate them if they were!

Take care of you...

Sunday, 22 October 2006

Who gives a ....

Not that I think my blog is all that terribly interesting, believe it or not - I actually don't have tickets on myself, and if you're my friend you know that {well at least I hope you do}! But... just want to say to my friends who do stop by... thanks... and sorry I've had nothing to update with for a while, I'm just not in the mood...

Just lately... I just get surges of - "who gives a...". You all know that feeling, and as unfounded as they usually are and as illogical as they may be, you can't help feeling that way.
Guess I'm just tired... anyway... I don't like to moan about myself, that IS boring! I may like to talk about myself {and come-on admit it - we all like to tell OUR story and have OUR say, nothing wrong with that - do you think any of us would have a blog if we didn't?}, but I don't like to moan and groan about things that really are pointless and have no substance or reasoning. But sometimes I feel like I am losing all control over everything in my life... and sometimes I realise I never had control!! Sometimes I feel I don't 'fit' in anywhere... and then I realise I never did in the first place... see - illogical, pointless, no substance or reasoning {sounds like a typical female mind hey?}

So.... in moving on and in the spirit of trying so fricken hard to get myself out of this nice black mood I've put myself in here's a pic of my gorgeous boy in the cool shades he bought today... I particularly thought the lolly necklace was a perfect touch!

And you know what... screw this - I'm going to give that cute kid of mine a cuddle... cause that's what it's all about... life... it's for your children... not rabbling on here.

Take care of you {I do mean that when I say it}... I'm going to go take care of me and my boy. If you got this far - sorry... I'm just venting, it's good to vent... to get it all down, get it out of your head... I was tempted to push delete and make a pretty and happy post... but you know what - stuff it!! ROFL... there ya go - a laugh - well more a grimace but it's the right direction!

Oh... and Jac, if you read this... thanks... you said the right things at the right time!

Friday, 13 October 2006

October EDM At Home... I'm Home

My last LO for the October EDM. Nothing terribly exciting with the use of the MMM Fabrics... just the ghost hearts are backed with it this time.

I think the photo says it all... these are my "I'm Home" slippers. Love changing out of my dress shoes into these when I get home... they symbolise comfort & warmth and teamed with the jeans and the footstool mean that I have no plans to go out again.
The black frame is actually even all around IRL... just didn't want to have to do 2 scans - I'm lazy!!

Here's the one I butchered yesterday... but finished successfully this morning. Just goes to show, sometimes you have to put it down and walk away!!

Yesterday I went to Lisa's to scrap with Chelle, Karen, Kim and of course Lisa... I don't think any of us got much done!

I did manage this one and have half butchered some gorgeous SEI Doodley Doo papers {hopefully I can salvage that one} I did have a great idea for it, but my mojo wasn't playing along to help it come to fruition! Well ya get that don't ya!!

And then I came home and created a gorgeous one for Lynn... and played with some of the even more gorgeous photos that Kim took when we did Spring in the Valley!!

Anyways... was a lovely day, nice to spend time with the girls as always! Love school holidays!

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

A simple LO....

Our Couch Potato!! Typical Kellan here... totally absorbed in his favourite show of the minute! He's a child of extreme's this son of mine... either zoned out on the box or running around like a mad thing!!

Monday, 9 October 2006

Kim's Surprise!!

We've been planning to go on a bus wine tour of the Swan Valley for Kim's upcoming 40th... little did she know we'd arranged to turn up in a Limousine!! Kim doesn't get surprised by much, but we certainly got her this time... she was almost speechless!! This is a pic when she's on her way out... after seeing us in the Limo waiting for her...

Was a perfect day... Spring in the Valley was in full force... the sun was shining... my friends were gorgeous and we were chauffered around in true style and treated like royalty.

I live on the doorstep to the Swan Valley and have never even visited one of the wineries, let alone a tour of them! We visited 6 in all... and tasted many many many wines!! Was a good day!!

Thursday, 5 October 2006

Loving Holidays... and MMM Fabrics!

I am sooo enjoying my holidays. Just being home and pottering around is such a treat. Kel's on school holidays as well... but prefers to go to VacCare. But with me home we take it easy, sleep in and he goes when he's ready for some socialising instead of in a rush in the morning!

I've been scrapping... so far have made a special something for Lynn to use as a Tutorial... it''s really cute and she'll use it for next month. I've also done a DT LO and covered my album for the recipe swap pages... which I LOVE!! It's so "kitsch" and really appeals to me! {Well you'd hope it would since I made it for me!!}

I've used MMM fabrics to cover this and have to say... I love it! It's simply so versatile!!

We've had a chat with the bank, had the valuer over... all waiting on a call now to say yes come and sign your lives away... or sorry! Everything crossed for a yes!!

The house is nice and tidy because I have the time to potter around and tidy it... the courtyard is coming along as Darren was out there again last weekend paving... it's looking good! I have a lot of de-cluttering to do yet... but it's happening slowly. Should of seen what I threw out when I tidied the kitchen the other day, why I collect such crap is beyond me!!

Sunday is a day out with Chelle, Karen, Kim & Lisa. Touring the Swan Valley wineries... so you can imagine what state we'll be in {'cept for Karen as she's 'expecting'}. So I'm really super excited about that... will be the best day!!

So that's about it for now... take care of you!!

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Another EDM At Home LO

Here it is... my favourite thing at home... my oven, espresso machine and a shiny sink! If the kitchen is clean the whole house feels that much cleaner... bit sad I know, but to see all the stainless steel we have shine like this - always makes me happy!!

Monday, 2 October 2006

October EDM... "At Home"

This months EDM theme is "At Home" and features Michael Miller Memories Fabrics. I have fallen in love with the versatility of these fabrics. Honestly at first I thought... whatever, just use paper. But it just has that extra "ooomphf", cuts so well and folds well... it's brilliant!!

Tonight I made my first LO for this theme... started of with my clean kitchen and ended up with my oil burner. If I'm at home and relaxing, this thing is burning away... and the scent of geranium oil is in the air! Another one of MY everyday moments...

The word therapy is made to stand out... because this IS my therapy!! Nothing better to relieve stresses... well nothing non-alcoholic anyway and a heap load cheaper than a shrink!!

Sorry about the wonky scan... the scanner went into shock with the pink I think and had trouble, after 4 attempts I figured... "that will do pig, that will do!"

Until later... take care of you!!

Friday, 29 September 2006

Thanks Steph...

I simply had to share what Steph did to me! She's so clever!! Love love love these! Thanks so much for taking to time to have a play around!

I love the colour wash she's used in this one...

and love the colours here as well... but aren't those brushes to die for. I'm drooling away!!

I really might need to look at putting my full version of photoshop back on the computer and learn some more tricks!!

Thanks again... you made my day!

Thursday, 28 September 2006

One more sleep...

Yep... one more sleep, and one more day of work and then I'm on holidays! I am soooo looking forward to this break. We have no plans... Kel is booked into VacCare, so he can go there and play with his friends, or hang out with me, whichever he wants - he and I can play it by ear!

I was so tired tonight and 'was' going to bed at 8:00... but then got myself all inspired to try this "take a photo of yourself using the mirror thing" that Steph does and whalla... 2 hours later and I'm still awake! I know... I'm a hopeless case!

So... 80 photos later and not one was any good... would help if I actually cleaned the mirror next time I think! But... I was starting the get the hang of it... just need to get the camera to focus!

So this is the before pic... out of focus, wonky with a dirty smudged mirror!!

But my PSE came to rescue and salvaged it and I created this...

I mean there's not a hell of a lot you can do with a pic with me in it... especially when I'm the photographer! But it was fun... I like it... that's all that matters hey!!

OK... I am going to be now... take care of you!!

Sunday, 24 September 2006

Some layouts for the heck of it...

Did some layouts today just for the heck of it... I 'should' be doing the last recipe swap pages, but really don't want to do anything I 'had' to do this weekend iykwim. {Ladies in the swap reading... sorrryyyy, I'll get it done soon, promise!!}

They're simple, but that's what I'm liking at the moment... swings and roundabouts they say! The Dragon Roar one is based on a sketch by Becky Fleck, who makes it all too easy... especially when your brain went for a walk like mine has today!!

October Sneaks...

Angels sneek peek time @ LC's... so I'll put mine here as well!! You'll be able to see the full unveiling come 1st October @ LC's in the Angels Gallery!! Very different styles for me this time... had to work with some products that were certainly not 'me', but as usual - loved the challenge!!
This months work was again in keeping with the For Keeps Everyday Moments comp.

Been having some fun with the new overlays and frames I got from ScrapGirls on Friday night... I love them!! Sometimes you just have to go out and pay for the good stuff, although being digital the expense is really quite negligible!!

Still having a ball working on Lynn's DT. She gives us a lot of freedom, is always supportive and listens to our suggestions... couple more months and I will have been an Angel for a year! Has most definatley been a most rewarding experience for me!!

Saturday, 23 September 2006


Has been wonderful! I've done nothing I planned to do and it's still been an awesome day. Maybe spring is in the air, there's just this 'change' in our household and it's fresh and new and oh so wanted!
Today Darren loaded and unloaded 64 sq mtrs of concrete pavers all on his lonesome... then proceeded to start paving, and in now weeding. He's only stopped for breakfast and lunch when I told him to come and eat!
Meanwhile.. I, still in shock from all this... have done the dishes, done about 6 of the 10 loads of washing that needed doing, FOLDED said washing, mopped the floors and scrubbed some walls, stripped the beds and re-made them, moved the lounge around, brushed away the cobwebs and tidied up. Are we legends or are we legends!?!
And I have St John's Wort to thank for it... Darren took himself of his medication as it really wasn't doing much, he's too sensitive to it to be any use and we've had a few rough weeks again... even before he stopped taking them. So after a few weeks to make sure there was no residue of the other stuff in his system I took the ball by the horns and came home with a natural therapy... which is WORKING!! He's happy... he's not stressed... I don't get that 'pained' look... it's heaven! I thought he would react well to it... when he had his psoriasis outbreak years ago the aromatherapy blend I made for him worked where all the "conventional" treatments failed... he's just one of those people!!
I hope it keeps working... it should do... but for now, we both enjoy our family again as it used to be!!

Until next time... take care of you... mwah!

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

My sweet boy...

left me this on my desk for when I get home.

He thought we had red roses in bloom but they were our geraniums {I love geraniums, roses and gerberas so he's still on a winner!} Love him to bits for thinking of me!!

Just thought I'd share.... take care of you!

Sunday, 17 September 2006

and another EDM Layout...

Now this I'm really happy with. I am loving the Everyday Moments comp and am so glad I decided to join in... I say that all the time don't I... oh well!!

This one is the 3rd one for the Celebrations Theme... using Sassafras Lass products. Although I forgot to incorporate the stitched border stamps... again!! But that's ok...
Anyway... this is "Celebrate... The Love". A hug between Kel and Darren. Their bond is something that should be celebrated... not every kid gets to have what they have. This is a fave photo of mine and many will have already seen it... but it well deserves to be in this album.

No 90 Degrees...

This was today's challenge I set... there were to be no 90 degree angles on the page {apart from the photo corners etc}, everything had to be whacked on crooked! Turned out harder than I thought... I struggled!! So here is my sad attempt... LOL!! But there's no 90 degree angles anywhere there!!

Been a Busy Bee...

Yep... Cyber Crop Weekend again @ LC's, so flat out as usual!! Lots of scrapping happening by our gorgeous members... not much from me though... yet!! ROFL!!
Vicki did a Make and Take last night with some Tags... I'm not a very good 'tag maker' so joined in... got the kit and all. It was such fun!! Soooo... these are my cool tags. The tadpole one is my favourite - it didn't turn out looking like such a tadpole in the end!!

Here's the Step by Step Challenge... pretty much 4 photos and a Mega Monogram that had to be over 5 inches tall! Got many groans but everyone stepped up to the plate and did awesome work!
Love seeing what the girls come up with... go have a see in the Challenges Gallery. There's also some awesome Yellow, Orange and Black LO's happening, which were the colours chosen for the colour challenge.

I think we have one more to fit in this year... and then a break over the christmas season - the next one will be a doozy with 5 challenges AND a make and take... looking forward to it!
What else... not much else... will add more later no doubt...

In the meantime - take care of you!!

Wednesday, 13 September 2006


is it that one person... a total stranger at that... can totally screw up your whole day for you!! I 'met' this person today who was honestly the most insane acting person I have ever met... you know the ones where you can SEE it in their eyes... like how does this person function I'd love to know! I hope to never see said person again, but may have to... if so I'll be removing myself from the situation. Not mentioning names... it's too small a world for that... my general circle of friends and acquaintances can rest assured it's not you!! ROFL!!
I can't get this person out of my head... they've honestly frightened the wits out of me... although a wee vent here and there is helping relieve the load!! Even Darren is wired... well more than usual if that's possible!
Looking forward to starting a new day... all fresh... without their face in it!!

Tuesday, 12 September 2006

LOL... so I'm fickle!!

I did love the new look I had... except for it being so skinny... we all know I'm not a skinny girl!! ROFL... so anyway... have come back to my happy green until I work out how to get it to work... it was linked to another code site where all the code was, so I've copied that and will play when I'm un-cross-eyed from reading all the html coding!!

Monday, 11 September 2006

New look...

OK... it's different. We'll see how I like it! Have kept my green html coding though... I like that one, but this one is pretty cool... like the tag look, just don't like how narrow it is on my computer - how's it look on yours? There should be a link down the bottom as to where it came from!

Kim changed her's and it's nice and wide and looks great, so got bored as one does, followed her links... then some other links and found this template!

Sunday, 10 September 2006

More LO's...

Nothing quite like a crop day to get my mojo flowing! Finished some more layouts today and am scrapped out now!

This one is Shay, my nephew... apparently this is a smile... me thinks he's confused!!

And here is another of Lily... she is confused here!! LOL, something about my sisters kids it seems!! She's such a cutey though...

Was a good day... got the new ladder... cleaned out 1/2 the guttering. Darren and Kellan both did a great job... I supervised and swept! We got rained on and had to stop though... but the power stayed on so we've fixed the problem... phew!!
So here's my boys up the ladder... so proud of Kellan actually wanting to help instead of being told to help...
So not ready for work tomorrow... wish I could work some days from home, it's one of those jobs where I could as it's fully computer based, and the system is already set up for remote input. Oh well... dream on!

Anyways... that's it for me... will leave you with some pics of my sweet little baby... take care of you...

Saturday, 9 September 2006

A Helping Hand Fundraiser...

Today was great fun!! Scrapping all day with my buddies... couldn't ask for better! Alli organised the best day... all went smoothly and much scrapping and talking was done! And lots of eating... so bad!!

I got a few LO's done... ok well 2 and a half but I've now finished the other half and another whole 1!!

This one is Kel with all his cousins... the 3 littlies are my sister's ferals {who were delightful on the day} and the girl at the back is Darren's brothers girl... she's certainly growing up now! But it was great to have all the kids in our life together in one pic...

This one is another from my youth... having a tanty!! I've lifted this paper placement of this LO design from some-one... I'm thinking most likely Nic Wright as I'm loving her work. I'd put it into my sketch book for 'one day' but not noted who's it was, will have to wade through the mags again to find out!

This one I did when I got home... 30 mins and done! Such a simple design but I am loving it. Can you believe I got these papers and chipboard stickers from Spotlight of all places... isn't it funky as! Fiskars have bought out a range and I quite like! And look... I finally used Paisleys successfully!!

And this is another entry for the For Keeps Everyday Moments Comp... very girly for me. Have also realised I don't do a lot of mauve colours! But it's a "celebrate spring" LO so the papers suit... and when the sponsor for the month is Sassafrass Lass you have to do what you can! So not my best from the entries so far... but I still like it's 'sweetness'!!

I met Crissy today who I first met via LC's and has since moved here to WA and is a guest DT for the next 3 months with Bee's site!! Small world this one we live in! She's gorgeous and I hope to catch up many more times! So this is Crissy and I on our first IRL meeting!

OK... I can't believe I'm still awake! I got a little revved up and grrrr-i-fied when we lost power tonight... but only to the power sockets, not the lights. I am non too impressed as it's hubby's fault... he's not cleaned out the gutters and one side of the house has no eaves... so the heavy rain has just backwashed and thrown on the circuit breaker... I'm so mad at him, he's a lucky boy that he's asleep!
But have calmed down some-what... and tomorrow will be taking him to Bunnings and buy a new ladder so he can get them done, all with a smile on my face pretending it's an exciting event! So anyway's... the adrenaline rush from that is over now... and my eyes are closing!!

Take care of you...