Sunday, 25 November 2007

OTP Stuff

I've been busy creating... OTP stuffs! Have had fun doing so as well!

This JOY I created during the 12 hour crop at The Scrapbook Shop... that was one long crop, but such fun! I really love the company of the girls there!

Here's a close-up of the bird... I love the paper I covered it in, Julie created it for me {the paper}.

Did this one yesterday at home while watching "A Series of Unfortunate Events" with Kellan. The great thing about doing OTP is I can hang with Kel while I create stuff!

Did these at the 12 hour crop as well, and one of the little boxes Friday night. Love these!

I've got more happening, but they're not finished yet, some frames, a bag and a tree. Doing the Christmas stuff has got me in the mood for Christmas though, I can't wait to get the tree up and decorate it... will likely do that next weekend!
OK... will share more later.

Take care!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

SA CC... Jac's Sat Night Challenge

I forgot that SA have their CC on this weekend... guess a lot has happened this last week for us! This was a sketch challenge with a difference. We were told to collect 5 pics in various sizes, carstock embies etc... all SA stock stuff... and then we get shown the sketch! Of course my pics were so not fitting... but it's pretty close to it!

Went out with mum today... we had a long leisurely lunch together at the Wild Rose, shopped around a bit and chattered on. Was really a wonderful day. Looking forward to doing it again sometime soon.

Off to TSS 12 hour crop tomorrow... armed with yummies, sarsaparilla and heaps of OTP stuff... no photos to be seen! I have to get these projects done... along with the others I plan to buy tomorrow... yeah... I'm hopeless!!

That's today done... catch you all later!

Online Class

I almost didn't do this class, was tired, am still sad and am coming down with a cold... but I'm sooooo glad I did! ScrapWitch ran a free online class run by the very talented Penny Hackney. I love her handmade freestyle approach, but it's not my usual choice of style... well so I thought! I loved doing this, even coped with the messy freehand doodling! Penny was a great teacher as well... very acurate and thorough in her instructions, if she runs another one... come join in!!

RIP Sassy {Daltryce Sasquatch}

This gorgeous old girl is now in doggy heaven. We had to put her to sleep about 2am Thursday. She didn't want to go and we didn't want her to go, but the decision was made for all of us when she twisted her intenstines and there was nothing we could do to save her. But at 15yo... we know she's had a good life... and a long life. Doesn't make it any easier though. She was such a good dog, so smart, so loyal... I doubt we'll ever be blessed with another as good as she was.

Sunday, 11 November 2007


Kazz wanted some challenges to motivate her this weekend, and then she decided to send me one as well! She sent me one of Erica Hildebrand's sketches {SketchIt}, which are always divine to work with with the instructions to use only a 6 letter title and the colours brown and red. So I've sat there all weekend avoiding it... and then it just happened! I like this one!

High Tea

We used my grandma's tea sets for Kim's Scrappi Dais birthday... was a fun treat and was so nice to use the tea set again!

The Human Pillow

Started this on Friday but it wasn't working for me. Had this great idea in my head... unfortunately it's still in there coz it's not on the layout! LOL!!

Yeah I know... I'm a dag. As much as I love pink... it just doesn't work for me as a blog! So I'm back to Green!

Hey... I'm woman, it's our perogative to change our minds 20 times!!

Little Pig Little Pig...

OK... yeah... it's not the best LO created. But it's done! I had such trouble trying to work out how to create a LO to suit these pics, I've so lost my scrap mojo... totally flown out the window! But you get that, and at least this is now documented, with journaling even!

Anyway... this is Kel dressed as one of the 3 Little Pigs for the parody his class did for assembly. He had a whole one line, but was so proud to have it! He loves acting, even if it's a small part. We really must get him back into drama classes. Hopefully with Darren starting work again next year {yep... wooohooo, he has a job} we'll be able to arrange that.

We've found him a job working 3 nights a week, 11 hour shifts, so with loading it will be a full wage. He'll still be able to drop Kel to school and be home with him in the afternoons... so Kel doesn't miss out or have to go into OSC. It should work perfectly! Having to juggle the housework between the 2 of us again won't be fun for me though... it's been nice having a house hubby... but you can't have everything! We'll manage though, we did before and we will again!

Monday, 5 November 2007

A New Blog

I've created a new blog just for all the shop stuff, instead of rabbling in here about it. So this one's for me... and that one over there ----> will house all the tutorials, layouts, projects and hints & tips the girls create. That way they're not lost once the newsletters go bye-byes!! I hope you'll find it informative, well at least pretty... lol!!

Oh... and you may have noticed, mine's now pink! I like pink... well I like the green as well, so the shop stuff can be green and mine can be pink, coz I don't want to have another darn 'pink' scrap site... rofl!!