Wednesday, 25 April 2007

7 Things Tag

I have been well and truly tagged by Tammy, Sam then Lisa with the same tag! Ooops and also Linda... wow!! So here it is...

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to blog about their seven things and post the rules as well. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

  1. If was born a boy I was going to be called Shore… phew, thanks goodness I’m me!!
  2. I lived in Singapore for a couple of years when I was little and fell into one of the storm water drains, knocked my head and went blind for a few weeks.
  3. IRL I’m actually very quiet and reserved until I get to know people. Then watch out…
  4. I love acknowledgement and being the centre of attention {to a point}, but when I get it I feel uncomfortable, get all embarrased and wish it would go away… yeah I weird but we all know that!!
  5. I’m a positive thinker living with depression… what a conflict! ROFL!! The doc says it used to be called ‘melancholy’… I much prefer that terminology.
  6. I don’t recall many things from my childhood. My sister remembers everything… so usually she’ll help trigger a memory for me. Other than that I rely heavily on photos and stories my mum has told me. Another reason why I scrapbook… I’m scared I may forget these everyday memories as well... and I don't want to ever forget them.
  7. Darren {my DH} moved in with me after one date and we got engaged after only a month… we waited 3 months to tell the family. We’ve now been married for 12 years and together for 14 years, sometimes you just ‘know’.
OK... I'm not tagging anyone as I think everyone I know has been tagged... so if you read and haven't been.. then tag, you're it!!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

More Scrapping...

I popped into the Hub last night to do Vicki's Step by Step Challenge! Was lots of fun and the tables were turned with her and I. She used to have the panic attacks about not knowing what comes next, and this time it was payback!! So this is what I've created... bit of a mess, but a fun mess and I quite like it!!

I also made a card for Kellan's friend... I'm making an effort at making cards now. Why they scare me is beyond me. So yeah, it's pretty simple and plain - but practice makes perfect. When Peta comes over she'll bring her card portfolio and give me some pointers, phew coz
I obviously need all the help I can get!!

And check these out... now how cool are these!! Just popped them into MaDscraps this morning along with some DeJaView Rub-On Titles, HS Designer Photo Corners, XL Ghost Shapes and Writers Blocks, Arctic Frog and some new WRM Coppered Out Pattern Papers!!

Hehehe... ok so shameless plug, But hey, my shop, my blog... guess I can plug to my hearts content can't I! But are they cute or what... !!

Oh oh... and if you're into kits... check this out. I love this and have had to grab one for myself {so naughty I know... but I had to have one!!}

They're in the shop under What's New as well... am I bad or am I bad! Ok... so we all know I'm bad!!

It was my birthday yesterday and I had the best day! Was so full of love and lots of warm sentiments... I'm so blessed to have such special friends. Darren even spoilt me with some books and a gorgeous card that somehow said the perfect thing and made me cry {did a lot of that today}. Work got me this huge bunch of flowers, Peta and Nes each sent me gorgeous cards filled with scrap yummies, Andrea made me a stunning little mini album and Lynn from work gave me a little candle that has a scent that packs a punch, and it even came with a matching matchbook... how cool!!

Mum and Dad gave me this gorgeous lamp... now is that stunning or what, I love it! The inlaws gave me a voucher and my sister gave me a tote bag filled with goodies like a shawl, lip gloss, body lotion etc... I've been so spoiled with all these gifts and all the phone calls and emails.

So... that's been my last couple of days. Oh, see in the photo with the lamp - the window slot thing in the wall... that's the couch in front and that's where Kel sits... and the lamp is on my desk. So while I'm rabbling away on here - he's sitting there usually rabbling away at me. Love those slots in the wall!!

Monday, 16 April 2007

Oh oh... I forgot to share this!!

I can't go to the Hub Retreat in Adelaide, mainly for financial reasons {while the retreat and accomodation are a great bargain, I know myself well enough that it would cost me a heap load more than that and with Darren not working - ouchy!!}. But I already had the airline tickets that of course were non-refundable!
Well there was another sale on so I was able to simply transfer the tickets and am going to spend 3 days in Melbourne with Jac since she can't go to the retreat either, we'll have our own little retreat!
I'm so excited. I've been chatting via msn with her for over a year and it will be wonderful to meet her IRL - share a real GJ coffee together - run amock with her boys - meet some other Melbournite's we know - talk scrap - see the "duh's" - just experience her everday life for real and be able to give her a real hug!!
It feels a bit decadent going to Melbourne while we are watching our pennies, but it would be silly wasting the tickets and won't cost me much more on top of that - Jac's a great budgeter, she'll keep me in line!!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

More LO's.. forgot I did these ones!!

Me being terribly cruel to my usually photogenic sister! She keeps pulling faces so we get unscrappable photos... so I've scrapped it anyway... that'll teach her!!

And the boys on Good Friday down Scarbs... a lovely afternoon!!

Doing fine...

Yep... all's good. Nothing exciting to report on the Hoolahan front. Darren turned 40 today and it didn't hurt him like he thought it would!! We took the family and his best mate out for lunch, has lots of chatter and laughs... came home where the boys had lots of chatter and laughs and I scrapped!!

Here's this weekends work, fuelled by Jill's challenges at ScrapWitch!

Yep... the cat yet again... the child won't sit still long enough, the cat does!!

I have NO idea how Kellan can watch TV upside down and twisted around... this is a typical TV watching position for my warped child!!

Us today.. Dag's 40th... don't ya just love that goatee... NOT!!

And that's the simple truth!

Oh... I'm also pleased to say that I used nothing but scraps to create all these... Crissy would be pleased!!

Have a great week everyone!! Will update on my life when I get one!!

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Don't you just love...

long weekends!?

Especially Easter Long Weekends. It's always such a wonderful time of year... family, friends and the time to do what you want for a change!

We've so far had a lovely weekend, stayed up late, spent much time together, shopped, lunched with family, had dinner on the beach together, held hands, laughed... I love our life!!

I've done a couple of LO's for some alpha challenges Jill at ScrapWitch is running. Each week we do a LO based on a letter. We try to use products and techniques based on that letter - I also have chosen to have the title matching the letter. It's fun...

1st one - R
Ribbon, RubOns, Round Frame, R Title, Red and the photo is taken from a Reflection in the mirror.

2nd one - E
Eyelets, Enamel Charm, E Title {yeah, ran out of ideas}

3rd one - P
Pattern Papers, Paint, Paint Pen, Pink, P Title

I did R the other week, E on Friday night and P tonight.

I'm off scrapping with the girls on Monday and get to meet Cath, am really looking forward to meeting her, and spending time with my buddies again! Don't have anything to scrap yet though... but hey - I have all tomorrow to get Kel to pose for me. Plus I have to get photos of Shadow and Darren playing fetch together... it's hilarious as Shadow is our cat!! And they play fetch with cotton buds of all things... crazy cat!!