Thursday, 28 February 2008


Another word done tonight... with a migraine to boot. Had an idea in my head and had to run with it! Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" with Binary Code overlay... 2 worlds apart, but both a means to seeking "connection". The pasts need for connection with God and and our form of connection with the modern world! This one is a simple digital composition done in PSE, I couldn't think how to do it traditionally and I like the contrast of such an amazing and historic peice of art, melded and reproduced with todays technology.

Edited to add: Darn it, just realised Jen used the same pic for hers... sorry dear! Hope you don't mind!

ATC's and Art Journal

I've been mid-week busy, something I rarely do... but I was in the mood and Kel and Darren were playing games and didn't need me. So I turned msn, internet and emails off and started on my ATC's for the group at, they turned out nothing like I first thought, but I think they far better than I imagined. The theme was vintage, so I've done it true Mistra style and chosen then daintier style of vintage. They're not the "Linda style" that I sooooo love, but she's what I call a true artist and I'm a scrapper... so they're my style, either way I happy with them!! Thanks Jen for the ATC history lesson and the 1, 2, 3 rule... it really helped me get my head around them and understand that I was allowed to do it "my" way!! The lace is hand crotcheted {not by me!!} and the pearls are the ones that were threaded through my hair on my wedding day, and also used on the dress.

And here is the first page for my One Word Art Journal... words are prompted by Emily Falconbridge. I'm 8 weeks behind but plan to get caught up at the retreat. So I've decided to plan this one. Got some heavy card from work and some translucent vellum overlays. The word prompt will go on the overlay and then the art will be a 4x4 peice centred on the 8x8 page. I've decided to try and do them ATC style, have a bit of fun and learn some new things along the way... so will show {hopefully} a development of my art techniques as it goes along!

The stamp is my chrissy present from KarenM, the swirls and 2 birds to represent the 2 of us, following the separate paths that eventually bought us togther. The type in the background is the following: I love you. You are my best friend. Today I give myself to you in marriage. I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you, and to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle. I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard, when our love is simple, and when it is an effort. I promise to cherish you, and to always hold you in highest regard. These things I give to you today, and all the days of our life. The pearls are the ones from above and the red organza represents the hints of colour we had for our wedding and the see through element represents how our relationship has nothing hidden from one another! LOL... I actually put some thought into the thing!! Oh and the pic is Dags and I on our wedding day... of course!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Scrappy Sunday @ Sharon's

Today I had a wonderful day up at Sharon Manning's house scrapping away with a group of gorgeous ladies! I even managed to get 4 LO's done! Her hubby made a delish lunch of continental rolls and homemade pizza... which was divine. The views were to die for, was pretty close to heaven up there!! Oh and we made the CUTEST little mini album as a make and take... can see myself making many more of these with all my offcuts etc!

So here's the LO's:

Kel watching TV in a box... say no more!!

A pic from Fathers Day last year. The photo was tragic and it wasn't until I learnt to do the vintage thing in photoshop that I managed to make it look acceptable! So finally it has been scrapped!

Kel playing his games... hard to get good shots of game play so another tragic shot, but this part of his life needs to be recorded, to look back and laugh or look back and thing wow, so he was addicted even back then!!

And this one of our meeting with Gloria, my MIL's cousin. She is one lady with the soul of an angel... she's simply gorgeous!

Soooo... I'm joining in the ATC club on Sharon Manning's forum... this is going to be a HUGE learning curve, but should be fun. I've already started... well I have lace, pearls and some antiquish paper... 1st theme is Vintage... eek!!

And then... I'm going to have a go at the Art Journals the girls have been working on. I've been drooling over Cath's and Jen's for weeks and they are simply gorgeous IRL... and Vicki had one as well and it was gorgeous... so I thought it would be nice to have one for myself. I'm weeks behind but I'm going to work on it at the retreat and catch up there... saves me freaking over finding photos!!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Last weekend I had a day of scrapping with my girlfriends! This time we had few more than our usual "Scrappi Dais" clan... we had Jules, Chrissie and Cath join us! They are members of Scrap'n'Crazy, but I was fortunate too get to know them well last year when I was joining in the crops at TSS!! Was a wonderful day, it's always wonderful to spend time with friends, forget any day to day problems and just have a day of laughter!!

So here is what I managed to complete. This one of my dad {obviously coz it says 'dad' lol}!! But I'm pretty sure it's the only time I've scrapped him by himself... and a recent photo as well. So I must do more or I'll look back and surely regret it.

I have used some Sassafras Lass Starry Night offcuts, some Kaiser Reminisce offcuts, some BG offcut... have used up lots of fave bits on this one! Also my fave at them moment... the Kraft Shipping tags!!

This is of course my gorgeous neice Lily, she's just such a doll! Love her to bits!!

For this one I used some Kaiser Reminisce again {my latest FAVE paper, love everything about it}, some Kaiser Fozz Felt, Prima Flowers, MM Glitter Box bits, MM Journal sheet {LOVING these atm as well} and lotsa bling!!

This is another entry for my What make me me album... Fave Perfume. So naturally I have 4!!

And being girly it HAD to use papers from the Autumn Leaves French Twist collection, some Prima Crystal Swirls and lots of flowers!! And don't you just LOVE the Basic Grey Wilma Chipboard Alpha's I used for the "Parfum"... was perfect!!

This is my mini album I did for the MaDs Newsletter... was my turn to do something as the DT girls have had a little break. Talk about last minute... I started the day before the newsletter went out and finished as I was working on the newsletter!! But I am totally rapt with it. There's better detail of it on the MaDs Blog.

It uses Sassafras Lass Starry Night papers, Buzz and Bloom Chipboards {another new FAVE product} and HEAPS of Buttons and Bling!!

This Sunday I'm off scrapping at Sharon Manning's "Ranch", can't wait to see her again... and Jen and Char and Cath and meet some new peoples... will be a fun day. Although I must get organised and get some photos together to scrap!!

And THEN... it's only a few more weeks until the ScrapBoxx Retreat! I'm going with Chelle, Cath and Gail {who is coming all the way from TSV}... maybe Karen if we can twist her arm a little more... AND my KarenM from Melbourne is coming {well I hope she still is... fingers crossed re the looking after the kids scenario}, so I'm getting a little huge lot excited about now!! After all this life will slow down a little and then there's the lead up to another HUGE event for me... going to Brissy and meeting Vicki in June!! What a year it's going to be hey!!!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Lovin' Scrappin'

Been busy CC'ing at SA and SnC... and you'd never guess the theme... omg, yes.. LOVE! LOL, who'd have thought jsut before Valentines Day hey!

Have had a ball though. Friday night I did the Step by Step with Jac and created a photoless LO... phew good thing for me because as usual I have none! So that was at SA and then at SnC I did nothing but chatter... but was great to just chatter with my friends!!

Here's the Step by Step: have used Scenic Route PP's {surprise surprise}, and one of the hearts from the Grungeboard Elements!

Saturday I got nothing done... was out and about all day getting groceries and mum's pressies then off to mum's at night for her b'day party. Was great fun, Kel had a ball playing with the kids that were there.

So that leaves lots of work for today... I got 3 done so far, not sure if I'll get another done.

This one is for SnC's challenge 1 by Chelle. Had to scrap a wedding photo so had to hunt looking for one of ours, altered the pic using the vintage PSE trick. Papers are the new delish Reminisce papers by Kaiser. Had to use at least 2 PP, hearts and a title with at least 10 letters... so I did part of the Abba song I Do, I Do, I Do...

This one was fun, for SA. Had to use red cardstock, white PP, at least 7 hearts, love in the title that was handcut, doodling, a photo that says love {so I decided to take it literally} and journaling about love.

And then this one was a challenge... monochromatic orange of all colours, a photo of someone or something you love, a quote as a title and journaling on strips!! So I did one of my sister, the quote believe it or not is from Sylvester Stallone... but I liked it!

Monday, 4 February 2008

New Photo Trick

OK... long story short. Was bored, went blog surfing. As usual spent 20 hours drooling at KarenB's blog {sorry Karen, should comment but got well sidetracked!!}. ANYWAY.. .she DT's for Crafting in Style and they are doing Photoshop Lessons... so I had to go see, being a PSE nut myself... and I find this treasure. How to create a vintage hand-tinted style photo! I spent most of yesterday playing... this is one of my faves:

Karen and Lisa @ Houghtons... unedited shot.

Edited version... isn't it pretties!! I just love the dreamy effect... I think these would be perfect for wedding shots, and they work so well on outdoor people/landscape shots. I'm inspired again!

So yeah... I have a shop and I might be considered stupid to link to another one... but CIS have great tutorials and ideas, and I believe more in spreading the knowledge around and giving credit where credit is due than I do pretending there's no other shops out there, and I had to share this with you all!! Go check it out, they run a challenge each fortnight to go with the lessons, the links lead you to this tutorial... eek and I hope they don't mind me linking!!

Oh... but don't forget to come back to MaDscraps... LOL!!