Saturday, 27 May 2006

My house is messy...

who wants to come and clean it for me... someone... anyone... please... I'll love you forever... awwwww come-on guys.... pretty please with sugar and some Fancy Pants flowers on top...

Fine... I'll con the hubby to do it... hehehe!!!

Sooo... it's the weekend and guess what? I'm going on strike. Darren has a mate coming over tonight and I am NOT cleaning that kitchen or mopping the floor... na ah... his turn {unless some-one REALLY wants a jar of the NEW Fancy Pants Flowers!!!} I'll do the washing because that involves a nice sunny room with a dryer and it's warm... and sometimes I like to fold clothes... but stuff the dishes!!

I'm not really that slack... I've been tidying up after work through the week, so the lounge room is tidy... the laundry not so bad... floor is swept. But the kitchen is a disaster and I didn't make it that way... so's I on Kitchen Strike!! Hehehehe!!

OK... these are all the yummies I got lately from Lynn!! Are they not delicious...!! Now to find some photos to use them all on!

Do you like the brushes...? I got them from encre - gorgeous free brushes for photoshop 7... I use PSE4 and they work there as well! I really love these ones and find I'm using them here there and everywhere! They match GREAT with the new Urban Lily Papers... especially the Junk Gypsy from the Gypsy Range. And I worked out how to colour them as well... sometimes I am sooo blonde, simple as changing the background colours... like duh!!

Alrighty... I'm off to do the dishes now... I can see them from here and they are annoying the crap out of me... strike didn't last long did it!!

Sunday, 21 May 2006

Nothing exciting...

Nope... nothing exciting happening here!
Had Scrappi Dais yesterday... was great fun as always when in the company of good friends! Got some CJ's from Kim to work on... so at least I have things to do. Finished my layouts for LC's in the nick of time, finally all came together and I quite like them... although I do struggle with Urban Lily. A friend said I should try for the Urban Lily design team... ummm no thanks, couldn't think of a worse nightmare for me!! Don't get me wrong... I LOVE the look of the papers, they are so cool and funky and the new ranges have butterflies on them!! I have heaps myself with more coming... they just don't agree with me!! I guess practice makes perfect and I will keep trying to get over my stupid Urban Lily phobia!! What's even stupider is once I get going with them and finish the layouts - I love the layouts!! Anyways... unvieling is at LC's at the beginning of the month as the norm, if you want to see what I and the rest of the Angels have done with them!!
Anyway... show and tell time! Here are the Layouts I did yesterday. I only managed to finish the Seaside one at Scrappi Dais... and finished the rest at home. Always get way motivated after scrapping with the girls!!

I was supposed to go to mum's for dinner as it was my sister's b'day yesterday. But was so pooped that I cancelled... will go and hang with her this afternoon, take Kel and he can run amok with her kids.

Darren and I had some vouchers to spend from our birthdays so I sent Darren and Kellan off to have some fun yesterday... let Kellan have my voucher as he has missed out on a lot of things while money has been tight. He was so excited! He came home with these "Thumb War" things. They look like alien things that slip over your thumb, wrap around your wrist and have removable armour on them as well as sound! The object of the game is like thumb wrestling... but instead of pinning your opponents thumb down with your own, you have to knock off your opponents armour. Kel and I played a few games yesterday and we were in fits of giggles - was quite fun!!

Sooo... that's about it for me. As I said, nothing exciting, but life is happy and that's what matters!

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Mystery Parcel

I have no idea if this is a RAK... there is no addy on the back or even RAK on there, and it's a pretty high value RAK if it is one! I almost know the writing... but not enough to know who... and the signature is beyond me! And the stamp is Postage Paid to top it off!!

So I am massively confuddled as to who what where and why!!

But just in case... if some-one sent me 2 packs of HS Alphabet...

You can own up now... you've driven me insane!!

Monday, 8 May 2006

Been so long...

between posts... sorry! Been busy doing nothing... then been busy!!
Not much happened last week, we had a burgulary {they only got $10}, I had a car accident {all is ok} and the LC's Cyber Crop was on again. Guess that it actually quite an eventful week after all!!
Burgulars must have been disturbed as they only got the $10 that was in my purse. We consider ourselves very lucky, but I was FURIOUS that strangers dare enter our house while we were in it sleeping! Manners please people...
I got upended by a LandRover and have a big dent in the bumper. Poor guy though - there was no way he would have been able to stop as the idiot in front of me was the one who stopped on a dime... the usual story. I have hurt a muscle in my left shoulder... thought it was ok but have to admit it's not. But not worth compo or any crap like that... just an unhappy muscle that needs a rest!
LC's Cyber Crop... like wow what a weekend. We set records all over the place... page views through the roof, posts higher than before, more people online in the forums than before, challenges gallery overflowing and lots of groans at the challenges I set! I'm so evil!! Lisa did a Online Crop and I borrowed some of those ideas... changed them to make them nastier {and different, didn't want to be rude and do a blatant copy}. Everyone did love them. My colour challenge was not so easy... oh yes it sounded easy but I struggled!! So as usual, I am pooped but had the best time hanging with all the LC's girls! We have such a great bunch of members... I really do love this site!!

The challenges were:

1. One on One - Everyone had to create a layout using one each of all the items I listed. The girls had me run of my feet with this one... they are way too good at thinking outside the square and were hunting for loopholes here, there and everywhere!!

2. 60:30:10 - Blue, Aqua and Yellow. Arrrrrghhhh... don't need to say more. My LO is really sad for this one!

3. Bit by Bit - A progressive challenge where no-one knew what was next! This got many groans and I think Vicki was hyperventilating! However this was such fun... we'll be doing one again for sure! I started with no pre-concieved ideas so I could join in the fun and you can see where I went wrong! The bright red cardstock was not a good choice!!