Thursday, 31 May 2012

"Beautiful" Card - Green Tara

I used some of the left over papers and lace trims from the Sophie layout to create a card... it's simple but was fun to create a little card with scraps that may have ended up in the bin!

A simple 3cm paper rose was all that was needed to show of the muslin bow...

and lots of layers of paper and lace...

I love how adding the lace between the paper layers softens the whole look of the design.

Thanks for visiting... take care and be true to you!

Green Tara Products:
Green Tara Paper Roses {3cm}
Green Tara Lace, 5cm White L2864W
Green Tara Lace
Green Tara Ribbon, Flower Edge Organza RB221Wh

Patterned Paper:
Authentique Delightful {Beautiful, Sweet}

Martha Stewart Doily Lace

Spellbinders Romantic Rectangles

DMC Thread
White & Pink Cardstock

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Once Upon A Time - Donna Salazar Designs

Hi everyone, today I have a very girly romantic page to share with you using some papers from Donna's Storybook Collection!  

I have used the reverse of the TeaTime paper, I loved the grid pattern with the gorgeous scrolled borders, and also cut out the fabulous frame from the Scribbles paper and used it to frame one of my wedding photos.

I made some Wild Rose flowers using the Rose Creations and some Spring in Bloom Papers and Manilla from the Mix'd Media Stax.

I raised the Scribbles Frame with Foam Tape to add dimension...

and cut some Shadow Flowers in 2 tones to add some soft interest to the page.

Some beautiful Want 2 Scrap Pearls... 

and loads of Fairy Dust Glitter on the chipboard alphas, because every fairy tale needs glitter!  

I inked the alphas with Chiffon Mix'd Media Inx and then used the Sugar Shimmer Fairy Dust to achieve just the right colour to match my layout. 
Thanks for visiting, take care and be true to you!

Products used:

Patterned Paper:
GCD Studios Storybook {Scribbles & Tea Time}
GCD Studios Antiquities
GCD Studios Spring in Bloom
GDC Studios Mix'd Media Stax

Dusty Attic Bookman ABC Set

Green Tara Roses
KaiserCraft Blooms

Want2Scrap Swirls, Finesse - LeCreme

Clearsnap Mix'd Media Inx {Jasmine, Chiffon}

Allison Ellis Hot Set Powder

Clearsnap Fairy Dust Glitter {Sugar Shimmer}

Spellbinders Rose Creations
Spellbinders Shadow Flowers
Spellbinders Romantic Rectangles

Spellbinders Grand Calibur

Soft Tulle, Pearl Strand, Lace Trim, DMC Thread
Button, Pearl/Rhinestone Trinket

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bouquet Rose - Flower Tutorial

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share another flower tutorial, this one is to create my "Bouquet" Roses...

For this one I have used Spellbinders Grand Peony Creations Dies.  I love the size of these... using the largest dies you can create a flower as big as the palm of your hand!!

For the Bouquet Rose you will need to cut 3 each of 4 consecutive layer sizes.  I have used the ones as shown for this tutorial... this creates a bloom about 2 inches wide.

Assemble the layers, smallest to largest, offsetting the petals as you go.  Secure with a brad...

Spritz with water, fanning to allow the water to fall between the layers...

Bring the layers up around the brad, one layer at a time, forming a 'bud' in the center...

Allow the top of the petals to fan out slightly, hold and 'squish' the layers together towards the base...

Once you have finished all the layers, dab the top with Mix'd Media Inx and then spritz with water to allow the ink to run, I use Jasmine as I like how the white softens the edge colouring.

Then gently help the flower open, keeping the petals quite tight near the center and more open towards the outside.

Dry it off with a heat gun {keep the gun moving so it doesn't burn the petals} or alternatively allow it to dry overnight.

Thanks for visiting, take care and be true to you.
Mis xo

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wild Rose - Flower Tutorial

I've been creating more flowers!  This time with Spellbinders Rose Creations die. This is such a versatile die, if you can't decide which of Donna Salazar's Flower dies to buy first, I would suggest this one!

So, you will need 3 consecutive petal sizes, cutting 1 of the largest, 3 of the middle and then 2 of the smallest - as shown below.  You can use any sizes you want, the 3 smallest ones create a sweet little flower!  For the tutorial I have used the 3 as marked.  I have used one of Donna Salazar's 'Trunk in the Attic' papers for this one, love the creamy vintage look.

First we assemble the layers, smallest to largest and secure with a brad.  We don't need to glue the layers.

Once together spritz the layers with water... just enough to make the paper damp!  You can always add more as you work if needed.

Bring the first layer up around the brad to form a bud, continue for all layers, making sure the petals offset one another as you work.

The larger layers can have the tips folded back a bit to create an opening bud...

Once done it will look something like this...

Dab the top of the flower with Jasmine Mix'd Media Inx.  I use the Jasmine as it softens the colouring of the paper, but you could any colour that works for your project.

Spritz with water to allow the ink to blend and run...

and then gently open the petals, open out the largest layer to form nice open petals and allow the others to fall as they wish, we can open them a little more later...

Flip it over and dry the back first with a heat gun, to set the larger petals... 

Then turn it back right side up and keep drying.  Keep the heat gun moving so you don't burn the petals.  Alternatively sit the flower in a sunny spot and let it dry naturally.

Once dried you can arrange the petals more if needed, as we haven't glued these once the layers are dry you will be able to spin the layers so they sit just right!

Thanks for visiting, take care and be true to you.
Mis xo

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

ATC's - Donna Salazar Designs

Hi everyone!  The other day I played with some of Donna's cool new ATC products, Designer Embellies, made by Want 2 Scrap.  These are way fun... I used the chipboard and canvas, it's all so easy... no cutting required!!

Play, Be Free

For all of the ATC's I have coloured the tag and the canvas using Smooch Spritz and Mix'd Media Inx ReInkers using a colour wash technique.  The little shipping tags were run through the Zutter Distrezz-It-All before colouring, I love how the colour intensifies on the distressed edges!

I have a little tutorial to share with you on how I did the sweet little chipboard bird at the end of this post!

Be Happy

The Butterfly was cut with the Wonderful Wings Die, the filigree cut wings were cut from the Kraft Label from the Mix'd Media Stax and the sticky side covered with Fairy Dust.

The larger flower was made with the 3 smallest Rose Creations Dies.

Just Keep Smiling

I cut some leaves from canvas and coloured them with the tag and backing canvas, added a strip of denim and some cute lace.

The titles were printed using a Dymo Font, so cute! 

Blue Bird Tutorial

For this you will need:
Want 2 Scrap Designer Embellies - Mix'd Media Elements {Bird}
Clearsnap Mix'd Media Inx - Jasmine, Denim
Clearsnap Mix'd Media Inx Embossing Powder - Jasmine
Clearsnap Emboss Gloss
 Clearsnap Smooch Pearlized Accent Ink - Cape Cod
Clearsnap Smooch Glitz Sparkle Accent Ink - Frost
Heat Gun, Water, Awl {what I call a Pokey Stick}

Ink the chipboard bird and wings with the Jasmine Mix'd Media Inx {MMI}

And then the add some of the Denim MMI to the wing tips, tail and breast as shown...

While the ink is still nice and wet, sprinkle some of the Jasmine Embossing Powder randomly over the bird and emboss with the heat gun.  It doesn't need to have full even coverage...

Once the embossing powder is cooled and set, dip the wing tips and the tail into some water until the chipboard is soaked through.

Using the awl {pokey stick}, separate the layers and allow them to 'fluff' up and then dry them off with a heat gun...

Add some Emboss Gloss to the 'fluffed' feathers...

Sprinkle Jasmine Embossing Powder onto the feathers {or just dip it into the pot like I did, just make sure the Emboss Gloss doesn't drip into the pot}, and emboss with your heat gun...

Glue the Wings onto the Body, one in front and one behind and then add some of the Cape Cod Smooch to the breast to add more colour over the embossed area.

 And finally add some Smooch Glitz to the wings and tail for some added sparkle!

All done, ready to use on your ATC or project!!

Thanks for visiting, take care and be true to you,
Mis xo

Product List

Patterned Paper:
GCD Studios - Botanique {Botanique Cards}
GCD Studios - Spring in Bloom
GCD Studios - Mix'd Media Staz {Kraft Label}

Want 2 Scrap - ATC
Want 2 Scrap - Mix'd Media Elements

Green Tara - Roses

Clearsnap - Mix'd Media Inx {Jasmine, Denim}
Clearsnap - Mix'd Media Inx ReInkers {Patina, Denim, Chiffon}
Clearsnap - Smooch Pearlized Accent Ink {Cape Cod}
Clearsnap - Smooch Glitz Sparkle Accent Ink {Frost}

Embossing Powder:
Clearsnap - Mix'd Media Inx Embossing {Jasmine}

Clearsnap - Smooch Spritz {Caramel Latte, River Mossy, Pralines & Cream}

Martha Stewart - Doily Lace

Spellbinders - Rose Creations
Spellbinders - Wonderful Wings

Spellbinders - Grand Calibur

Want 2 Scrap - Designer Embellies {ATC Canvas}
Zutter - Corrugated Board
Denim, Lace, Tulle, DMC Embroidery Thread
Manilla Shipping Tags, White Gift Tag

Helmar - Tacky Craft Adhesive
Helmar - Tiger Grip

Great Friend

A very special friend sent me some of Donna Salazar's 'older' papers to play with, because she thought I'd love them... she knows me too well!   And so I have created a layout of her with them, it just seemed fitting!

This is my 'great friend' Natasha... she makes me laugh {to the point of snorting}, she's always there for me, she has the cutest accent {yes Tash... YOU have the accent}, she brings the silly side out in me, she loves zombies almost as much as they freak me out, we are like ying and yang, she's the most wonderful person I have yet to meet!  It doesn't matter that she's literally on the other side of the world from me, somehow we have managed to create a very close friendship that started with a few insomniac 3am chatters on Facebook... and one that I treasure deeply.

I  just want to say:  I have really been blessed to have some extremely wonderful, inspiring & delightfully 'real' women come into my life through my hobby and have our friendships grow to become real friends... girls I can talk to about anything and everything, friendships that go beyond the scrapbooking that bought us together.  With a few things have changed in our lives causing some to move on, some to stay, some to return, some to grow stronger... but each are treasured, always. 

Please keep reading as well... below is some exciting news I want to share!!

Here's the closeups...

 Wild Rose Flower made using Donna Salazar's Rose Creations Die by Spellbinders.

Some silliness...

Another Wild Rose, some yummy Dusty Attic... 

more Dusty Attic yumminess...

tulle bows... LOVE...

and the proof that I stamped... it had to happen sometime!

Now for the frawesome news... especially if you're wondering where to get these fabulous Trunk in the Attic or Grandma's Garden papers by Donna Salazar, or a regular US supplier of Dusty goodness, perhaps you are really wanting some of the Mix'd Media Inx we love... even some divinely romantic Pion Design papers.  Well if you're in the US {or happy to shop from the US} then Natasha has just launched her sweet little online shop - Moments of Tranquility!  She's specialising in all the things we love the most: Dusty, Donna and Pion... bliss!

Her shop is HERE, so pop on over and have a see!!  She also has a fabulous giveaway on her blog HERE... you won't want to miss that, it's open to international friends as well!!  AND she has a Facebook Fan Page HERE!

Products used:

Patterned Paper:
Donna Salazar Designs - Trunk in the Attic {Attic Journal Cards, Hope Chest, Nutmeg Nostalgia}
Donna Salazar Designs - Grandma's Garden {Garden Journal Cards Reverse}

Dusty Attic - Fancy Trim #6
Dusty Attic - Bookman ABC Set

Green Tara - Paper Roses

KaiserCraft - Devonshire

Clearsnap - Mix'd Media Inx {Leather, Jasmine, Pewter, Patina, Mossy}

Embossing Powder:
Clearsnap - Mix'd Media Inx Embossing {Jasmine}

Inkssentials - Crackle Accents

Martha Stewart - Swirling Lave, Doily Lace

Spellbinders - Rose Creations

Spellbinders - Grand Calibur
Zutter - Distrezz-It-All

Zutter - Corrugated Board
Paper Doily, Lace Trim, Tulle
Basic Grey Chipboard Stickers
Prima Trinket, Manilla Tag