Monday, 24 November 2008

The head thing...

Went to the doc's today, no report from the scans unfortunately... BUT because I had a list a mile long of symptoms, whens, hows etc and then nearly passed out from a breathing exercise the doc made me do which replicated all the symptoms, he's summised {for now} that I am suffering from Hyperventilation... meaning I'm breathing too much oxygen at once, which stuffs up the balance in the blood and gives me the dizzies.

How to control this... brown paper bag I guess... rofl!! OK... moreso I need to take notice of my breathing and take notice of what is making me take deep breaths... stress and anxiety are major factors here, I need to stop breathing that way when I get stressed {even if I don't know I'm doing it} and regulate my breathing. So tonight... yeah, I've noticed I take lots of those big deep breaths, just not aware of doing it until I've done it. We're still not 100% sure... but we're seeing if this is it for now.

So that's me for now... tired, dizzy... but still breathing, just the wrong way!! We'll see what happens I guess!

Take care of you OK!!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

More down...

Hi! LOL...

Okelies... mojo is not happening really, so I've borrowed some from Jill over at The ScrapWitch. She runs some Step by Step Layout classes and basically tells you what to do... my kind of scrapping at the moment!

So these are the latest. This first one is so wrong though, I totally read it all wrong {stupid brain, the strips are meant to be the other way}... but I like it, even if it is a bit busy!! And I can always say it's supposed to represent the balancing bit... see I can talk the talk, but I'd be fibbing... it was a stuff up!

LOVE this one... I saw the LO's that Heather and Bri did and they were so cool... so that's the one that got me going on the SBS's {and I got to use my flourishes and flowers and bling and pink... sooo excitement!!}

OK... that's it, I'm a boring sod hey! But everything is same old same old... working, dizzy {see Doc again on Monday, oh I got my scans... there's a brain there after all, no results yet though so it might not be working hehehe}, working, sleeping, struggling to keep the house clean while working and dizzy, Dags working, Kel @ school... I am SO looking forward to the holidays for a change in routine!! But I'm happy enough... just need more of that TIME thing, but don't we all!!

Take care of you!!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

More creativity!

Well the mojo went walk about... rofl as it does! So went to the markets with Kel yesterday, had lunch there then came home and did one of Jill's challenges... had a really good day with the dizzies being very minimal. So was able to chatter away online, get some shop stuff done, do a layout... was a good day/evening!!

This is the LO for Jill's challenge... a bit 'flat' but I had fun with it!

And this today was for a challenge I have set at a new Facebook group called Searching for Mojo? Lisa's brainstorm and she asked if I wanted to play too... yeah of course, what fun!! It's going to have challenges set by myself and Lisa, as well as it's members... in the hope of inspiring one another and FINDING that mojo we all keep searching for! It worked so far... Lisa finally scrapped after a month of none and I was revved enough to make our 'logo' and get this challenge happening!

Today was a day of laydown and rest, get up and scrap, laydown, get up and do the dishes... as great as yesterday was, today has been a shocker. But that's ok... I'm still so rapt yesterday was so great! Poor Kel though today was so bored as Dags worked overtime today and I wasn't going out and about with the dizzies so bad. But he's got his dad now, so they're chattering away about what... Jelly Cups atm... rofl, the important issues in life!!

So, I'm getting off of here... got to get a few orders ready to post tomorrow and while they are packed I've not yet done the paperwork for them... so couch here I come to subside the dizzies then I'll come sort all that out!

New week here I come... hanging for next weekend already!!

Friday, 7 November 2008

I scrapped... again! Woohoo...

It's silly hey, that I get so excited when I scrap a page these days! It's because it's been so hard even getting the motivation let alone getting a page to look half decent without spending hours sitting here that when I do get it all happening at once I'm rapt!

Tonight... 1.5 hours {and most of that spent chattering to Lisa and Vicki hehehe}... done! Thanks to one of Jill's Challenge Sketches over at ScrapWitch. I'm really relying on sketches atm, but so what... no scrap rules that say I can't use sketches when once I created my own. It's about the enjoyment, and I really enjoyed doing this one!

So here's Shadow, the only boy in the house {well aside from Tiger} that I can use flowers and bling on {and MAN is was good to get that fix in!!

Oh speaking of 'fix', my arms look like I've been doing god only knows what, it took 3 goes to find a vein the other day and I wasn't happy {needle phobia and all}. And the holes, how bloody big the needles were I have no idea {as I wasn't looking nope no way, although... really they didn't hurt, I'm just a wuss and the guy was trying to be very gentle!!} The bruises are just starting to fade now from Wednesday morning. CT Scan itself was fine I gues.... waiting to hear from someone, although my doc is now on holidays. Either way, I have an appointment when he gets back in 2 weeks to find out what is going on and what our next avenue will be. Until then... dizzy town for me as the drugs I had were starting to make my face go numb so I'm only using them as a last resort. Tonight though I'm having a good night, hence I've been scrapping and chatting and have been online, last night was a write-off and I was on the couch until bedtime... stupid head. But hey, there are worse things and I'm grateful I'm just dizzy atm instead of one of the worse things.

My lovely Taysha {my mini me at work} has next week off, going to miss her bright personality as well as her help, she's been a godsend, she's doing so well... proud of her I am, she just takes that bit of workload off me now and it makes such a difference!

So ups and downs {oooh literally as well with the roller coaster in my head - LOL} but more ups and happiness this week, lots of support, lots of love... lots of cuddles from my son and lots of care and support from my hubby... so even with the sucky bits... lots to be grateful for!!

I'm CC'ing tomorrow at SW, although Kel wants to go to Gosnells Markets sometime as well... will be fun... hopefully I'll have some more LO's to share by the end of the weekend!!

Until then... take care of you!!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Soooo nice...

to not be dizzy... the tablets are working in combating the dizziness, I'm fuzzy and tired... but at least I can cope with that!! It's 12:30 and I got up 3 hours ago {had a great sleep in, thanks to the effects of codeine last night... the migraine I was fighting all day needed a kick up the butt} and so far I've not needed any tablets, although I'm starting to get a little loopy now... but that's ok, the tablets will help.

Thanks everyone who has emailed, commented and asked after me, it means so much to know that there are friends out there who understand and are there for me!! I'm feeling much more positive now... we'll likely find I need glasses or something stupid like that!

It's also soooooo nice to be scrapping again {thanks to Pagemaps, the valium of the scrapping world} I loved her November sketches and have used 2 already. This one below and another I've saved for an Aussie Blog story.

But look... I got the boy thing happening... and happening fun as well, I've been finding it hard but I think these pics of Kel really helped getting the mojo going again. So love this kid, he really needs to do drama I think!!

For this one I have used: PageMaps Sketch, Bazzill, Kaiser Grunge & Extreme PP's, Collections Chipboard Alphas, Tim Holtz Grungeboard {Skull, Arrows & Corner}, Riff Raff Chipboard Cogs, Collage Press Journal Tape, 7 Gypsies Stickers, Jenni Bowlin Ticket, Metalic Tape, Golden Paints {Iridescent Stainless Steel & Micaceous Iron Oxide}, Plaid FolkArt Paint {Metallic Antique Copper} and much turns of a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder. I am soooo
o in love with the Golden Paints. Track em down and grab some for yourself, you won't be sorry!!

I did this one a couple of weeks ago. I love it... I love this pic of Dags, love the filter I used on it {not that I remember what one it was as usual}, really happy with the outcome and had such fun creating it! I still don't like getting messy, but when playing with distressing fluids and inks and doing this style stuff... I actually love it, because it's supposed to be messy!

I have used: Bazzill, Kaiser Military PP {loving Kaiser boy stuff atm}, Hand Rusted PP, Fabrics, Emphera {thanks to Red Velvet}, Collections Chipboard Branches, American Crafts Thickers {Felt}, Collections Clock & Word, Kraft Tag, Tim Holtz Distress Inks, Tsuienko {sp?} Walnut Inks, Golden Paint {Iridescent Bronze} and my Bug to Emboss again!

So... that's the weekend so far, have done nothing but do some washing, scrap, chat and have a nanna nap {well if you can call laying down rabbling onto my loopy son for an hour a nap}... we've had a good weekend though Kel and I... Dags was at work yesterday and today is in recovery mode {ie more nanna napping} so we've not seen much of him... well I've not... Kel stole him last night... but I enjoy listening to them giggle over silly internet things and games and movies, both warped as each other!!

So... off to scrap some more while I have the energy and the time!!

Take care of you!!