Wednesday, 30 June 2010

More Dusty Prizes!!!

Sketches are a hot product in the scrapbooking industry. Right when inspiration escapes you, they can be an amazing tool for getting that creative spirit souring again.

So with sketches in mind, Dusty Attic have a competition for you! Click HERE to see!!

What could you win... a pack full of the July release Dusty Attic products that have not been featured anywhere yet! That is will not only receive a parcel full of Dusty Attic products but you will be there first to see, touch and feel these products!

Keep popping into the Dusty Ning site... there's more competitions to come!! It's good to be Dusty!

Take care of you.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Kidz Kreate @ Tomorrow's Memories

Looking for something to keep your kids occupied during the
July School Holidays?????

"Kidz Kreate" classes are on again in each week of the holidays with
fun and creative projects offering Jewellery, layouts, notebooks & cards!

For bookings, phone 92792183 or go to
for more information.

Take care of you.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Our Coco Bunny

Take care of you.


I have decorated this Shadow Box with Drawer thing I have had for years. I have a tub full of OTP things to play with and decided to make a start. It's simple but I like it... I only had the energy for simple today with this stupid cold starting, and I'm in desperate need for some Prima Bling and Flowers... but with all my little bits of leftovers and some Dusty Attic I created this, and am happy!

So now I can finally use it... to collect 'stuff' in LOL!

Take care of you.


rooms, not houses!

"They" say a change is as good as a holiday... so since I've been a bit flat lately thought I'd see, and with holidays starting Wednesday for me I thought it would be nice to start them with a fresher looking house.

Mid move from here:
to here:
and all done:

and attached to this area is more space which will be the 'office' once Darren decides what table he's going to use when he moves back into the Daz Cave. Should be good... looking foward to being able to walk from the kitchen to the laundry without falling over computer crap!

Take care of you.

Friday, 25 June 2010

A Bazaar World...

for just a wee bit!

Look what was in the latest Blue Bazaar Newsletter... Dusty Attic chippy tutes by these amazing ladies...

and little old ME!!

Wanna see what us Dusty girls do with our Dusty Attic chippy... well have a read here. Pretty cool don't you think, seriously... isn't Dusty the best chipboard!?!

Take care of you.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pssst... over here...

wanna win this?

Well since I can't win it, I figure I'll let you know so you can have a chance at owning all this delicious Dusty, because as Evana puts it: "It is a crime of biblical proportions to have all this Dusty here so I think it is time to giveaway some gorgeous Dusty Attic products!"

All you have to do is pop on over to Evana's Blog HERE and answer one simple easy peasy question before June 30th and you could be in the running to win it - and what's even better - anyone can enter!! Well... everyone but me and the Dusty crew... LOL!!

Take care of you.

Time to get down n'Dusty!!

So... I've been doing OTP and girly and sweet as for weeks, my poor child needed some attention... talk about hard converting back over to the 'boy zone'. Embies for teen boys are few and far between... so after playing with the Dusty Attic Tribal Borders, I nabbed some more. They are perfect... Kel loves them and I think they'd suit most teen-aged boys... and I think even some teen girls too!

I made my own background paper here, with paint, a plastic card and then my hands... I made such a mess! There's a whole lot of texture going on that the pic just won't capture.

Then I did my ink, sploosh, UTEE, spray thing with the Dusty Attic and got it all happily working together.

So it's a simple LO but the Dusty Rocks & the background I love... I just need more 'boy' practice again I think!

Take care of you.

Collections @ TM's

A few weeks ago I helped make some Collections store samples for Tomorrow's Memories, yesterday I remembered to take some pics of our efforts. We all made the backdrops and spools in teams, we worked well together too! At first I have to admit I didn't 'get' the whole spool thing... but now, they are FUN, and cute... and pretty... yeah, I'm sold! I think the display is gorgeous!

Evana & I teamed up and had a bit of fun inventing our Haberdashery Angel... yes yes I know - my name is Mistra and I have an obsession with Angels!

And then I created this little window/door whosamawatchit!

So if you're in Perth... take a drive out to Tomorrow's Memories in Bassendean and pick up some Collections yummies for yourself... go on, make some spools, they're addictive!

Take care of you.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Creating for Tomorrow's Memories

I was rapt to create this for Tomorrow's Memories, as soon as I was handed the shelf to work with I knew what it wanted to become... got to love that!

The Creative Imaginations IOD Paper was perfect for the Twiddleybitz Shelf, teamed up with some gorgeous tiny paper roses, Petaloo Wild Roses, hand dyed muslin and stunning lace trim... paint over crackle & rub'n'buff to add some vintage life... all available at Tomorrow's Memories!

Simple, elegant and a wee bit shabby... I love it.

The full shot pic is a bit dodgy I'm afraid, sorry about that, some colours are just so hard to photograph in this house. I'll get a better pic next weekend at TM's because the light there is great, but the closeups are spot on!

To see it IRL, pop into Tomorrow's Memories, I dropped it off to them today so they'll have it up on a wall somewhere soon!

Take care of you.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Oh I forgot!!

I made this with Evana a couple of weeks ago at Tomorrow's Memories! It's a gorgeous MDF Clock that Dusty Attic make... kinda stunning don't you think... I can't believe I forgot to share. I booked into the class months ago, didn't want to miss out on this... and then my life changed and I started working for Dusty AND Tomorrow's... funny world this one of ours.

But this is perfect for our house... the colours are spot on, I adore it! and wow it was so good to create and not 'think', I really liked being told what to do {yeah, 1st time for everything}. I need to make another one as well... for my scrap room, all girlified I think!

Take care of you.

Monday, 7 June 2010

3 Layouts to Share...

I've had a lovely weekend, Friday night I went cropping at Inspired Crafts as I do with Tina every 1st Friday, Evana came along as well and we all had such a wonderful night. Not that I scrapped much... I started one LO and gave up on that... then managed to finish this one. All I needed was to play with some Dusty Attic to get my groove happening! I love the Picket Fence Borders... and the French Flourishes... wasn't too sure about this Lamp-Post, but now I've used it and got the colours working well I'm in love with that as well.

I've added these oh so cute Prima flowers, what fabulous colours! Popped a Tattered Angels calling card in there... yummy! And you can't have vintage happening without a touch of Chan's Crochet Trims in there!

Saturday I was invited to join Tomorrow's Memories at Scrapbook Central for a Collections Trade Night... the purpose being to have Julie from Collections show us all the tricks of the trade and create a heap of store samples! I had the best fun working as a team to create as many pieces as well could... we made backdrops and heaps of spools, so if you're in Bassendean one day pop on in to TM's and check out our handywork! It was such a pleasure to meet Julie {I swear I'm the only person in Perth who hadn't}. I was also rapt to run into Kath & Jane who I met at the Chookscraps Retreat I went on in March.

So yesterday I was determined to finish 2 LO's I've been 'sitting on' waiting titles. I've had these for ages waiting.

Mmmmmm - French Flourish...

Yeah, not the most ingenious of titles but nothing else was happening... and they are finally finished.

More Dusty Attic deliciousness!

So today is a public holiday here in the west... taking advantage and catching up on more 'relaxing' LOL!!

Take care of you.