Sketches by Mistra

You'll find my sketches here... ones I've created for challenges and ones I've created just to share.

Tips on using sketches: Sketches can be used as you see them, or as a jumping point for your imagination. Twist them, turn them, use any embies in the clusters shown, add other clusters where you wish {or none at all}, add lace or punched borders tucked in under edges here and there, add hand or machine sewing, distress the edges, add some tears, leave out some layers... the sky's the limit. Most of all, have FUN!!

These ones are sketches I've created for Donna Salazar Designs, the colours in these are matched to Donna's Mix'd Media Inx.  There's a new one each month, you can see them as the are released HERE on Donna's Blog.

These are sketches I have created for myself... some from existing layouts, some from layouts yet to be made! I love layers... so you'll find these are for specifically for layer lovers! They aren't perfect, but nor am I... these were just created as a jump start for my creativity, for those low mojo days. Feel free to use them on your work, however the usual copyright applies - credit me if you can and if you could link back then that would be awesome!

If you click on any layouts shown, they will direct you to the original posts for more information, tips, products and techniques.

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