Monday, 30 October 2006

Kim's 40th

Darren and I went to Kim's 40th on Saturday night and had the best time! We were waited on hand an foot by Kim and her gorgeous family {now I know where Kim gets her lovely caring nature from} and it was a special night. I was so honoured to be a part of it.

Had rather a few wines with Chelle and Lisa... lots of laughing and chatter.

Darren excelled and stayed past 11:00... we left about 1:30, late night for my not so social butterfly hubby!! But he had a great night as well - course he did, I have great friends why wouldn't he!

And it was GREAT to have a night out with no kids around... a real grown-up party!!

I love being a part of these girls lives... we have such fun... and it's 'real' fun, no images to keep up, no worrying over saying the 'correct' thing... just a group of great girls. We're a bit like a jigsaw - each part different but fit together so well!

Sunday, 29 October 2006

Angel Sneek Peeks...

I LOVED this months Angel packs...!! The full LO's will be up for viewing at LC's at the beginning of the month...

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

A new life...

My ever so sweet friend Karen had her bub today. Tyler {such a cool dude name that one} was born this morning and they are both doing well!!

I was so excited to get an email from Lisa saying Karen was in labour... then not even an hour later on my way to work I get a phone call saying Tyler had been born!!

And on such a glorious sunshiney day as today was... Karen and Shane, may Tyler continue to bring you both sunshine and happiness!!

{See sometimes life IS all sunshine and lollipops - knew it could be!!}

Monday, 23 October 2006

I am WOMAN...

That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. Am feeling far far far more myself this evening... really must be hormonal as I can't think of any other reason for illogical dark moods!! Guess it's about time I was a typical female like that - even Darren used to say for a woman I was pretty in control of my ups and downs!! {classic coming from a male that has more mood swings than any women I've ever known!!} So... moving right along... nothing else to share... just feeling a bit loopy, but that's fine {that's far more my usual self!!} Everything will be perfect when my scrap mojo returns home... that part I don't give 2 hoots about right now... glad my scrap friends are also my friend friends so we can talk on other things... is nice to have them there for me if I need them... mwah!! Until later - take care of you...

Oh... I'll share this with you all - I made this for mum & dad for their upcoming 40th Anniversary... was supposed to be a LO, but ended up a canvas... you get that!! Mum's wedding dress here - I used to wear it out clubbing... we took the sleeves of and cut it short... was well loved!!


Feeling much more myself today... hate those dark days, but we all get them from time to time. Guess it was just time for me to admit it! Life can't be all sunshine and lollipops - because we'd never appreciate them if they were!

Take care of you...

Sunday, 22 October 2006

Who gives a ....

Not that I think my blog is all that terribly interesting, believe it or not - I actually don't have tickets on myself, and if you're my friend you know that {well at least I hope you do}! But... just want to say to my friends who do stop by... thanks... and sorry I've had nothing to update with for a while, I'm just not in the mood...

Just lately... I just get surges of - "who gives a...". You all know that feeling, and as unfounded as they usually are and as illogical as they may be, you can't help feeling that way.
Guess I'm just tired... anyway... I don't like to moan about myself, that IS boring! I may like to talk about myself {and come-on admit it - we all like to tell OUR story and have OUR say, nothing wrong with that - do you think any of us would have a blog if we didn't?}, but I don't like to moan and groan about things that really are pointless and have no substance or reasoning. But sometimes I feel like I am losing all control over everything in my life... and sometimes I realise I never had control!! Sometimes I feel I don't 'fit' in anywhere... and then I realise I never did in the first place... see - illogical, pointless, no substance or reasoning {sounds like a typical female mind hey?}

So.... in moving on and in the spirit of trying so fricken hard to get myself out of this nice black mood I've put myself in here's a pic of my gorgeous boy in the cool shades he bought today... I particularly thought the lolly necklace was a perfect touch!

And you know what... screw this - I'm going to give that cute kid of mine a cuddle... cause that's what it's all about... life... it's for your children... not rabbling on here.

Take care of you {I do mean that when I say it}... I'm going to go take care of me and my boy. If you got this far - sorry... I'm just venting, it's good to vent... to get it all down, get it out of your head... I was tempted to push delete and make a pretty and happy post... but you know what - stuff it!! ROFL... there ya go - a laugh - well more a grimace but it's the right direction!

Oh... and Jac, if you read this... thanks... you said the right things at the right time!

Friday, 13 October 2006

October EDM At Home... I'm Home

My last LO for the October EDM. Nothing terribly exciting with the use of the MMM Fabrics... just the ghost hearts are backed with it this time.

I think the photo says it all... these are my "I'm Home" slippers. Love changing out of my dress shoes into these when I get home... they symbolise comfort & warmth and teamed with the jeans and the footstool mean that I have no plans to go out again.
The black frame is actually even all around IRL... just didn't want to have to do 2 scans - I'm lazy!!

Here's the one I butchered yesterday... but finished successfully this morning. Just goes to show, sometimes you have to put it down and walk away!!

Yesterday I went to Lisa's to scrap with Chelle, Karen, Kim and of course Lisa... I don't think any of us got much done!

I did manage this one and have half butchered some gorgeous SEI Doodley Doo papers {hopefully I can salvage that one} I did have a great idea for it, but my mojo wasn't playing along to help it come to fruition! Well ya get that don't ya!!

And then I came home and created a gorgeous one for Lynn... and played with some of the even more gorgeous photos that Kim took when we did Spring in the Valley!!

Anyways... was a lovely day, nice to spend time with the girls as always! Love school holidays!

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

A simple LO....

Our Couch Potato!! Typical Kellan here... totally absorbed in his favourite show of the minute! He's a child of extreme's this son of mine... either zoned out on the box or running around like a mad thing!!

Monday, 9 October 2006

Kim's Surprise!!

We've been planning to go on a bus wine tour of the Swan Valley for Kim's upcoming 40th... little did she know we'd arranged to turn up in a Limousine!! Kim doesn't get surprised by much, but we certainly got her this time... she was almost speechless!! This is a pic when she's on her way out... after seeing us in the Limo waiting for her...

Was a perfect day... Spring in the Valley was in full force... the sun was shining... my friends were gorgeous and we were chauffered around in true style and treated like royalty.

I live on the doorstep to the Swan Valley and have never even visited one of the wineries, let alone a tour of them! We visited 6 in all... and tasted many many many wines!! Was a good day!!

Thursday, 5 October 2006

Loving Holidays... and MMM Fabrics!

I am sooo enjoying my holidays. Just being home and pottering around is such a treat. Kel's on school holidays as well... but prefers to go to VacCare. But with me home we take it easy, sleep in and he goes when he's ready for some socialising instead of in a rush in the morning!

I've been scrapping... so far have made a special something for Lynn to use as a Tutorial... it''s really cute and she'll use it for next month. I've also done a DT LO and covered my album for the recipe swap pages... which I LOVE!! It's so "kitsch" and really appeals to me! {Well you'd hope it would since I made it for me!!}

I've used MMM fabrics to cover this and have to say... I love it! It's simply so versatile!!

We've had a chat with the bank, had the valuer over... all waiting on a call now to say yes come and sign your lives away... or sorry! Everything crossed for a yes!!

The house is nice and tidy because I have the time to potter around and tidy it... the courtyard is coming along as Darren was out there again last weekend paving... it's looking good! I have a lot of de-cluttering to do yet... but it's happening slowly. Should of seen what I threw out when I tidied the kitchen the other day, why I collect such crap is beyond me!!

Sunday is a day out with Chelle, Karen, Kim & Lisa. Touring the Swan Valley wineries... so you can imagine what state we'll be in {'cept for Karen as she's 'expecting'}. So I'm really super excited about that... will be the best day!!

So that's about it for now... take care of you!!

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Another EDM At Home LO

Here it is... my favourite thing at home... my oven, espresso machine and a shiny sink! If the kitchen is clean the whole house feels that much cleaner... bit sad I know, but to see all the stainless steel we have shine like this - always makes me happy!!

Monday, 2 October 2006

October EDM... "At Home"

This months EDM theme is "At Home" and features Michael Miller Memories Fabrics. I have fallen in love with the versatility of these fabrics. Honestly at first I thought... whatever, just use paper. But it just has that extra "ooomphf", cuts so well and folds well... it's brilliant!!

Tonight I made my first LO for this theme... started of with my clean kitchen and ended up with my oil burner. If I'm at home and relaxing, this thing is burning away... and the scent of geranium oil is in the air! Another one of MY everyday moments...

The word therapy is made to stand out... because this IS my therapy!! Nothing better to relieve stresses... well nothing non-alcoholic anyway and a heap load cheaper than a shrink!!

Sorry about the wonky scan... the scanner went into shock with the pink I think and had trouble, after 4 attempts I figured... "that will do pig, that will do!"

Until later... take care of you!!