Sunday, 17 June 2007


Have had myself a busy week. Our friend Julie and god-daughter Courtney came up from Esperance for a few days, creating glorious turmoil in their wake! We have known Julie for 12 years and she is part of us, part of our family... when they are here our lives just feel that little more complete. Sounds weird but it's true!

They left this morning and I have lots of fun photos... did this LO today of the Kookaburra's at one of our favourite picnic spots. Was sooo cold in the wind but we got a table that was sheltered from the brunt of the wind and had a wonderful 3 hours relaxing!!

So the house feels a little empty... Kellan is exhausted but missing Courtney already... Darren is at a loss as he always is when they leave... I'm glad to have had time to chat with other friends, but miss the comfortable friendship Julie and I have together. Well... there's always Christmas Break!!

Scrapped this one as well today... simple but I like it! Was for one of Jill's Cyber Crop Challenge's @ ScrapWitch, everything had to be in 3's. Kel spends hours re-designing his Bionicles so I had to take some pics of his latest inventions, he was pretty happy about that so set them up in the long grass for 'battle action shots"! The title {white words} were cut with my new Silhouette Craft Cutter... what a COOL toy to have!!What a weekend I missed in my part of the social scrap world though... Cyber Crops at ScrapWitch, Chelle's Scrap'n'Crazy and Scrapping Around {where Tassie Karen DT's}. I pretty much missed them all, just not enough energy to fit them all into one day! Well there's always next time... and hopefully next time they won't all be on the same weekend, or on a weekend when I actually get a social life happening!

Probably just as well I didn't go hell for leather scrapping today... we have the Autism Crop next weekend and I need to conserve they photos I do have!! I have 2 circle journals to get started on and a gift to make... so at least I have projects to start. And the BEST thing {well aside from the crop itself} is that it's on a Saturday... which means I'll have Sunday to use up the rest of the mojo I find while at the crop!!

MaDscraps is going well... never seen products walk out the door like some of the new ones out at the moment, My Little Shoebox and Jenni Bowlin Studios for instance... although I can see why, it's stunning stuff!!

Home front... we're all good. I mean yeah, we're all good... great stuff hey! Hopefully Darren will be right to look for some school hours part-time work soon, or a couple of nights somewhere... the extra $ will be great but part-time will still have him at home for Kellan... and me, it's made all our lives so much easier having someone home and I don't want Darren going back downhill.

So that's about it... a lot a waffle on about not much! Got an exciting few months of ahead of me I think... can feel it in the bones... good things are going to happen!!

Until I rabble on again... take care of you!!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Scrapped this for a friend... we both needed serious mojo so we swapped photos for an opportunity to scrap something different! It worked, had a ball doing this last night. Photoshopped the pics and blurred the background so they focussed on Karen and Michael, had fun with yummy brushes and ended up with this gorgeous dreamy effect! I'm pleased with them! And it's a 12x12 double... haven't done many of these over the last few years... once upon a time everything I did was a double!!

Weekend has been good. Went shopping for clothes for Kel yesterday. He's grown out of everything! Thank goodness for BigW and Best'n'Less... fabulous for casual kids clothes when you have to shop on a budget! All the trousers are too long for him though... unfortunately he seems to be growing out instead of up at the moment! So long as he starts growing upwards from now on though he'll be fine... and then these clothes will last a while!! He does look like a dude though... he wears them well, with attitude!

Moved my scrap room/shop area around yesterday... bookcase is still a mess of albums, mags and not done OTP idea. One day I'll get to that! But everything else is fitting in much better. I love playing in my 'shop', I so love scrap supplies!!

Other than that we're just doing the usual household chores, Darren is great but there are still things that need to be done on the weekends... it's easier doing housework when you both do it I guess. I do enjoy that he cooks through the week and I do the weekends, having to cook everyday started making it a bore... but now its just the weekends I have more time to cook yummy meals, well they're all yummy but I have the time to make more complicated ones if you know what I mean!

We have the Austism Crop Day on the 23rd June... I am really looking forward to this. Haven't scrapped with the girls since the beginning of April! Should be a big turn out as well so I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new people... if I can manage to get over my stupid awkward shyness first!! Now to get my a into g and find take some pics so I have something to scrap!!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Tag Time

The lovely Miss Karen B tagged me...

Three things that scare me:
Same as Karen - Cockroaches, paedophiles, injections.

The daggiest thing in my music collection:
Very likely the 80’s mega mix I have… very daggy… very sad.. but oh so cool!!

My three favourite clothing items:
Jeans, shawl, jammies.

My partner's most annoying habit:
Going on about the conspiracy theories of the world… again and again… and dumping his clothes next to the bed!

What stresses me out:
HTML coding!!

If I could change the world I would:.
Promote tolerance, respect and understanding.

My favourite household chore:
How does favourite & chore go in the one sentence? If I had to choose… making the beds.

If I had fifty bucks to spend at Target I would head for which section:
Crockery... need some nice coffee mugs!!

In my next life I would like to come back as:
Someone wiser to the world than I am… or a pampered cat!

My least favourite celebrity:
I don’t really pay attention to them… unless BB counts and as such EMMA… but would hate to have her be called a celebrity!!

OK... I tag Lisa, Chelle and Linda

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Finally finding something that resembles my scrap mojo! This LO is based on a Sketch Challenge that Jill from ScrapWitch set us. I'm trying to let loose and do some freestylin'... not working! This is about as close as I think I can go! But it's growing on me... blue isn't a colour I use a lot either, so had to throw some red in there!!

This I had fun doing... spent hours trying to get it right and then it just fell into place while I was on the phone with a friend, probably because I wasn't thinking and analysing, was just 'doing'! This one is about Jacqui's little boy Jack and the 2 Red Truck conversations he and I had all weekend! He's such a cutey and it was great fun to be lost in a 2yo's world again. It's only a 8x8 double because I thought that would be fun to do for my Melbourne photos.

Scenic Route and I are getting along quite fine now, I love it's simple designs and bold colours... and I finally got my hands on this scalloped edged Creative Imaginations paper. At $3.95 a sheet I now know why everyone uses bits of it instead of the whole sheet... but isn't it wonderful!!