Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Rough day...

Yep... it's been a crappy one. Unusual for me, but there ya have it! But having a good friend to talk to, who is there to listen and help if they can is the best thing in the world. Family, and friends you can count on - you don't need much more in this life do you! So now I'm going to have a much better night... and go to bed early!

Thanks Lisa, for being there... love ya!

Monday, 30 January 2006

DT sequel...

OK... I did it again and changed the one question that I hummed and haaared over and guess what I got...

Basic Grey!!

Now I can go to sleep feeling happy... LOL.. yeah I know, sad sad sad case!

What DT should you be on...

I found this on Tamar's blog, did the quiz and have almost p'd myself laughing at the outcome! Here's the link... go do it for some fun!

They reckon I should design for ... wait for it... KI Memories... ROFL!!!

Now if you know me you'll know how I balk at working with this paper!! Don;t get me wrong, its one of my FAVE papers {to look at}, the colours and patterns are divine... but I'm useless with it {in my head anyway}. Where Julie, Fiona and my gorgeous friend Karen come alive with it... I manage to mangle and distress it!!

Now why didn't I get Basic Grey!!

Might need to go do that little test again methinks!!
But then again perhaps they are right... there's nothing like a good challenge to get me into ultra creative mode and work at my best!

Sunday, 29 January 2006

Another Lazy Sunday

I love my lazy weekends. I did manage to cook Triple Chocolate Mess, and dinner and do 2 loads of washing and go up the shops... but the rest was spent chattering away with friends. I even did a LO - one of LC's weekly challenges. This one to use 3 or more photos on a LO - I got 20 on there!! No room for decorations though, but the fireworks are pretties enough!

Saturday, 28 January 2006

Retreat Classes

Last night I booked my classes for the retreat that Scrapboxx have organised... now I am even more excited as it seems a little more real! I'll be doing a class sat morning with Nicole Wright on a mini album, sat arvo with Erica Glover on a funky looky canvas and on sun morning a class with Ali Stafford on a Friends LO. I'll be a busy bee! It was hard choices to make as there are 6 classes {3 sets with 2 choices on the same time line} - I wanted to do them all!!

How was your Aussie Day?

Ok... so I'm a bit late, but I hope everyone had a lovely day. We went to Minnawarra Park in Armadale to watch their fireworks with my ma & pa, sister, BIL, friends and extended family - it was gorgeous! This has become a family tradition for us and I look forward to it each year! This photo below is my ma kicking back relaxing... love the pic with the flag in the backgroung!

Thursday, 26 January 2006

My Scrap Space take 2...

This months snap'n'scrap challenge at LC's was to snap and scrap your scrap area and use KI Memories Paper, a Frame, Ink or Paint and Brads. Tied in perfect with Julie's suggestion of share your space so I scrapped this today.

A proud moment for me... it's the very first time I mixed my letter fonts. I am so pendantic that the the whole word matches and have been trying to get this to work for ages... only to revert back to my matching fonts! It all came together today {well I think so anyway} although I did have to compromise with myself and have them all the same colour! LOL!!
Thanks ladies for your lovely comments... they really do make my day!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

My Scrap Space

I've had a nosey at Julie Love's gorgeous cosy scrap space and Karen's yummy filled scrap space so time to share mine! I have moved scrap spots 4 times in the past year! I've now taken over the activity room at the back of the house with the spiders and moths!! LOL, it's not that bad... I just I like to have the back door open when I'm here and they all wander in from time to time!!

So this is my scrap'n'chat desk... I have to have my printer/pootah/Basic Grey and camera all in easy reach!! My ribbons are all in the boxes... well the big 2 anyway!

This is my favourite storage thing {and I had to put my Chatterbox Luggage in the shot - I love it so!!}. This sits next to my desk at hands reach! These drawers are the BEST for all my storage. I have chipboard letters in one... all LC's stuff in one {well 3 now!!}, Heidi Swapp gets her own and Making Memories gets one as well! All my versacolor inks and small stamps are ink one, blossoms in another! And on top is all my little eyelets, embies and brads
inside my other fave thing my watch tins, my Fancy Pants Flowers and Making Memories Paints.

Then this is our old Bakers Stand I saved from a boring existence of holding knick knacks... it has all my papers and other embellishment stuff and all the foam stamps and journals up the top safe and sound!

And this is the big storage bookcase... all my albums and to do OTP projects, not to mention books and magazines!

So that's it... this is where I chat and create!!

Monday, 23 January 2006

Good day...

I'm doing 2 roles for the next 2 weeks and was really worried after last weeks quote workload... but today was a breeze. It was wonderful, a nice kinda busy... and I learnt something new, a iddy bit about data control. I like to learn new things, think it has something to do with the competitive side in me!! And the best bit... the computer I have to work from has INTERNET!! Yippee... not that I'd ever use it, nope not me - internetly challenged as I am... LOL!!!
That's it from me... nothing exciting, no new LO's, no new scans. Just a relaxed Mistra who had a good day!!

Sunday, 22 January 2006

Another LO...

I was going to get the family out today... but Darren started working on the aviary, which really needs working on so I prefer he does that!!
So I scrapped another Singapore pic... I find these challenging.
1. I don't remember them so don't have a lot of references!!
2. The clothes were really tragic and hard to blend with today's papers!!
3. I want to keep them simple and I'm having trouble holding myself back from throwing everything on the page!!

This one was a nightmare! I loved the photos... but the colours... eeewww!!! Given that, I wanted to keep the colour and not make them b/w because they really reflect the 70's fashions!! Yellow was not happening! So I've opted for an apricotty colour {uuughh}, but it works!! The little coin was a perfect addition, this I got in a RAK from Karen... thanks Karen!

Saturday, 21 January 2006

Oh... my swap card for the Retreat

This is the front of my swap card for the Retreat I'm off to in February. Yeah... I know - corrugated board. I love it at the moment, and I'm not going to find something more distressed than this!!
Us Scrappi Dai girls are so excited, a weekend away with great friends, scrapping, no kids... can't wait! And I get to meet Erica Glover, can't wait... I bet she will be wicked fun and teach a mean class!! I can't wait to find out what classes will be on offer... something new and exciting I hope!!

Quiet Scrappy Day

Quiet scrap wise and social wise... I even had a nanna nap today! I did manage a LO, one of the Singapore pics from '73. Here 'tis below... and I chatted, read a few blogs, checked out a few forums, got a canvas out {still not unwrapped yet!!}. I like my LO... simple - but I like simple. And I went bow crazy... my first bows on a LO. I loop and I tie, have never done the bow thing - probably because I don't have many girly LO's to do!! So anyway this is me, dad is holding the bird for me to pat. This was at the Botanical Gardens in Singapore! Not a bad pic from a over 30yo slide, I was happy with the result!

Friday, 20 January 2006

Finally... the weekend is here!!

What an insane week this has been for me! I woke up with an eye glued together on Monday, so off to work with saline/cottonballs to relieve my itchy as eye that felt like it was about to pop out of my head... great start to the week! But then I got the For Keeps call, so that kinda made my decade!!
My eye was feeling better for the rest of the week but I am soooo exhausted. Work is FLAT OUT... today I did 105 quotes myself... between Gabi & myself we did a weeks worth of quotes in one day - never heard of in my estimating life-time {and that 18 years!!}. Plus I woke up with a gluggy eye again... ewwww icky!!
However, always a brighter note... LC's is really pumping... so much happening, I love being a part of such fun!!
I can also say.... Scrapbooking Memories want one of my LO's!!! They want one for the Words gallery coming up and I am double mega excited, it's all happening at once and I really don't quite believe it's all true yet!!
Phew... so I have been on an emotional roller coaster. Flat with no ooomph one minute, jumping around like a fruitcake the next... LOVE IT!! Well not the "no ooomph" part, but we all get that from time to time!

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Oh no...

I can't log back onto MSN Messenger... I feel like my life line has been cut. I can't even get into hotmail so something has crashed somewhere!! Arrrgggghhh!
Well at least I can still talk to myself here... and chat in the forums... I might even need to do housework... nnnooooo ... please please please come back soon before that has to happen!!

Monday, 16 January 2006

Literally jumping up and down!!

I had a phone call from For Keeps Magazine this morning... which was pretty exciting on it's own merits. But I almost fell of my chair when I was asked if I could be the featured scrapper for an upcoming "Introducing" segment! How exciting is that!! I submitted a LO for it early December and have seen the quality of work from the ladies chosen there since, and well to be honest didn't think further on it, especially since they chose my 'Sassy' LO for publication. Well they phoned and they will have the feature LO's and the Sassy LO in the one issue! I am super dooper excited about this! Perhaps I need to thank other mags for not accepting me yet as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
I knew I loved For Keeps Magazine for a reason!!

Sunday, 15 January 2006

I was Tagged!!!

My turn... thanks Fiona!!

The '4' Tag!

4 jobs you've done:
1. Printing Estimator @ Scott Print
2. Printing Estimator @ Optima Press
3. Printing Estimator @ Scott Print {again}
4. Mother {but still working @ Scott Print}

4 Movies you could watch over and over
1. Gone with the Wind
2. Breakfast at Tiffany's
3. Clueless {stop laughing!!}
4. 16 Candles {just love Molly}

4 Places you have lived
1. Adelaide, SA
2. Singapore
3. Kallangur, QLD
4. Singleton, NSW ... and then there's another 4!!

4 TV shows you LOVE to watch: {Can Foxtel count?}
1. Lizzy McGuire
2. Sponge Bob
3. Angry Beavers
4. Whose line is it anyway? {had to have one adult one in there!}

4 Places you have been on Vacation:
1. Sydney, NSW
2. Denmark, WA
3. Esperance, WA
4. Adelaide, SA

4 websites you visit daily:
1. LC's Creative
2. My Blog rounds
3. ScrapWitch
4. LC's Creative {well... I do go there a lot!!}

4 of your favorite foods:
1. Red Rock Deli Chips, Sea Salt only
2. Italian
3. Gourmet Pizza
4. D'uc Duo Chocolate Truffles

4 places you would rather be right now:
1. In a BIG bath with bubbles
2. Scrapping {well I was before I got tagged}
3. On the lounge with my feet in the foot spa
4. Asleep

4 bloggers I am tagging:

Scrappi Dai

We had a wonderful Scrappi Dais meet yesterday... they are always wonderful. As a group we have all grown so much 'stylewise' in the {almost} last year. We work well together - no bitchiness, no jealousy - just honest friendship, admiration for each others achievements, support of one another and a common love of this craft we call scrapbooking. Does it get any better? I don't think so!

Friday, 13 January 2006

WooHooo.. it's the weekend!

It's finally arrived... thank god! This was one hard week at work I'll tell ya! But it's the weekend, and I LOVE my weekends!
I have Scrappi Dais with my friends tomorrow and am soooo looking forward to catching up with everyone! I have nothing organised yet.. but the night is young! For once I can't complain I have no pics... I have hundreds now thanks to mum. But no mojo to go with them... typical hey! I have some sketches I did, getting ready for my next DT assignment and the photos I want to use are some from last year of Kel and Darren. So typical of me - I have all these fantastic pics, that have never been scrapped, from the 60's and 70's and end up using last years pics! I still might get some of me done from Singapore though... once I get these ones out of my system.

OK.. time to share a pic, love photos!! Here is one of me... my first day at Kindy in Singapore! Gee...was I ever that little!!

So how's was everyone's Friday the 13th? I had a few downers... but there is always a brighter side to everything! The big one was the laundry sink blocked and I flooded the scrap room... OMG!! But the upside is nothing was damaged, no-one was electrocuted and the tiles are sparkling!! But we did have panic stations for a while as I was trying to save scrap stuff and powerboards all at the same time!!
Sooo.. looks like Darren is washing towels and doona's tomorrow... coz I'm going SCRAPPING!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2006


I was perusing Erica's Blog and found a link to Ngaire's blog with this wonderful 'Fairy Tale' as Erica called it. For those of you who haven't seen it... it is worth a read. It reminds us what scrapping is all about... The Art.

Thanks Erica/Ngaire - hope you didn't mind me linking... but this one needs to get around!


I bought an Epson RX510 just before Christmas primarily for the slide scanner. Mum has all these slides from when we lived in Singapore that we really wanted scanned and saved to disk. Finally I have the slides and have been playing with the scanner, learning bits and pieces and having fun! There is all these fantastic ones of mum and dad in the mid 60's... before I came along! It's such a joy to be able to see them on screen... and as soon as I get some more yellow ink I'll print some out! Here's one:

So along with the 4 cases of slides, mum gave me an album... to start on the Singapore slides. I can now never complain about not having pics to scrap again!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2006


you know... I have nothing to say. Well I'll be darned! Someone call my doctor!

Monday, 9 January 2006

Survived day one at work...

First day back was as I predicted... fine once I got in the swing of things!! The day went nice and quick as well, because the quote queue was flooded with quotes... I did 63 today - all by my lonesome. Am pooped!! I'm really lucky to have a great place to work, I do count that as one of my many blessings!

I'm a bit sad about the state of part of my scrap world though... so much bickering and upsettingness {new word I invented}. LC's is fine, no probs there. I love our forum & site, everyone is friendly and helpful - and not just on the surface from those I know. But some other places - OMG!! Then the blogs give more sides to stories you could ever think imaginable, and some fantastic people have been upset by the thoughtlessness of others. I'm just going to keep away from them for a while and let it all calm down. I'm not involved, just a viewer, but reading hurts my heart.

Anyway... I'm going to play with all the yummy goodies I got from LC's today, new scrap supplies are always the best!

Sunday, 8 January 2006

Did a LO...

haven't done much else though!!

This is the LO I did... this sad pic was the only one I got of Kel blowing out the candles. He so looks forward to this special time each year so I had to use it! The original was so dark you couldn't see anything so I used PSE4 to alter it. I'm happy with it... many won't be LOL but it's better than nothing!

There is hidden journaling under the pic that tells about the day he had for his birthday, his wish for the year... and my wish for him.

It's a simple LO... but I like it. With so much colour on the pic and PP, it really didn't need much more!!

My last day...

Yep, it's the last day of my holidays and I'm feeling really down. I hate the last day of my hols as I always get this way. The stupid thing is I know as soon as I get into work I'll be happy as larry as I do enjoy being there. I hate feeling melancholy, but sometimes the happy juices just aren't working - it scares me a little as I take pride in my optimistic approach to life. But I am female... we are allowed to have mood swings, plus I haven't had coffee yet! That could be the whole problem!!

I think I might absorb myself in scrapping this morning and then get out and about in the afternoon - looks like the weather is going to be lovely and cool, might finally get to the beach!!

Saturday, 7 January 2006

On a brighter note...

After we put the bad start behind us Kel & I had a wonderful day with mum shopping in Fremantle! They had sales, Kel was perfect {as he said he would be} and we had Gelare... perfect day!!
I had a massive proud mum moment today... a lady dropped $50 from her purse and Kel saw it, ran after her and gave it back... how is that for a good kid, I love my boy!!
We went to see Nev and she is doing fine... the gallstone was the size of a golfball and she has 38 staples... she looks like she had a fight with a shark! The doc says by the condition of the gall-bladder this has been growing for a year. Explains a lot of things as she's had a rough year - no wonder!! Kellan was most impressed by the staples though!!

Grrr... venting...

Bad start to the day as I ran out of Kel's medication so went to fill the last script only to find it expired yesterday.

I have no paperwork as they hold the script at the chemist, no-one told me it was due for renewal and no-one told me it was only a 6 month script... so I was kind of panicking as I also can't get hold of the doc until Monday... of course, typical.

But Kel says... "mum, I'll be fine, I don't need them", cutey. And you know what... he was just the same as every other day, so we'll see. I'll get onto the doc on Monday and see if he can fax the script to the chemist and then when I get to my appointment in Feb I will be having a big old talk with the doc... I'm not impressed!


I can't believe how hot it is already... about 30 degrees and it's only 8:30... iccky. Kel & I are going out with mum soon, try and get shopping done early before the heat really hits us! The forecast is for 34, so that's not a big disaster and we will be in Fremantle... so again at least it will be cooler coastal. Wish we had 11 on the cooler though... it only goes up to 10!!
OK... gotta get organised. Seeya!!

Friday, 6 January 2006

I have survived!

Today was my day to help look after my sisters 3 kids. I have to admit I was packing it!! Everything seemed perfect when I got there to let mum go to work. "This will be a breeze" I thought... first stupid mistake!! Don't get me wrong... I adore them, but 3 against one... wow!! And they are smart, real smart, too smart in fact!

Two hours in and I was almost ready to say they had won. I was arguing with a 4yo... really, how stupid was I! Wasn't this something I learnt years ago - it's in ALL the books!! I must say that was a real turning point for me, I never even did that with my own child!! However, upon realising that I let them know I wasn't impressed and meant business, calmed down, had a coffee and took control! Isn't the healing powers of a good coffee incredible!!

I've got them worked out now though:
The oldest {5} is 'me', my personality as a kid, that I could deal with - he was a delight actually, very smart & fun to talk with.
The 2nd {4} is the spitting image of me & has my expressions but is most definately my sisters child personality wise! She used to push every button imaginable on me... now her son does, and does it well! But once I worked that out I obtained the upper hand!!
The 3rd {2.5} is really the sweetest, cutest little thing... but she'll back up whatever brother just got into trouble... pretty cute hey!!

Phew... and now I'm laughing and remembering all the cute things they did do, as they are gorgeous individuals {note: "in-di-vid-u-als"}... together they are a force to be reckoned with! But they all love cuddles... even from mean old Arny Mishwa!

I came home to a house that is spotless... my hubby was a cleaning angel and I'm sooooo appreciative of what he has done, especially at the moment. He's been very thoughtful and put in a great effort... and now I don't have to clean all weekend - woohooo!!!

I'm going to see Nev in hospital tomorrow and tell her my discoveries... she'll have a laugh, I'm wondering if she realises her 4yo is her all over again! The kids are going up to see her tonight... I hope they don't dob on me! Oh, they will won't they - I can hear them now... Arny Mishwa yelled at me and her exact reply will be "well you must of deserved it"!! I know my sister well!!

Thursday, 5 January 2006

No Beach for us...

It was too icky sticky muggy for the beach today... and I had wonderful visions of fish&chips while the sun set. But when we went outside it was just 'bluck'... so we went to the movies instead {again}. We went to see Chicken Little, yes after all the advice to steer clear, but Kel really wanted to... and I'm a softie! But you know... I really enjoyed it. Perhaps because I wasn't expecting anything I was then pleasantly suprised. I moreso loved watching Kellan's reactions to things... and he was laughing at jokes that totally went over my head - must be a kid thing!

So I spent the afternoon chatting and submitting LO's to SC, SM & FK mags... I really must do this as I finish the LO's because it took forever!!

Tomorrow I'm off to look after my neices and nephews for a few hours. Nev won't be out of hospital until next week... and it's my turn to help out! Mum said she'll "run em ragged" in the morning so they have a good sleep in the afternoon, but they'll be fine. Kel will be with Vac Care - they're going to the Museum, so it's worked out quite well considering. Obviously would have been preferable that my sister didn't have to get her gall bladder out, but as mum says "what's done is done, can't be undone". Unless, of course, you have an 'undo last step' button - don't you wish we did sometimes!! I'm just thankful surgery went well and she has us all to rally around when needed.

Here's a LO I finished today... started yesterday. Inspired by Fiona Leehane's clean graphic style {although I simply had to distress it!!} and Kerry's challenge to use sewing. I feel Fiona is going to be a big name in the scrap world soon {well I'm a fan anyway!!}

Well enough from me... I really do talk don't I!! Take care of you!

Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Scrapalicious Day

Went to Karen's and scrapped with her, Lisa, Chelle & Kim today... as always it was the BEST of days! I love scrapping, chatting, laughing {and eating} with the girls! These girls have become my closest friends - I doubt I could find better {or would want to}, they all have hearts of gold! Flea & Donna as well... our little Scrappi Dais clan! Can't wait until the 14th when we can all get together, and hopefully with our newest member Bee!!

Mojo was not obtainable at the shop... but I did manage 2 simple LO's... I'm enjoying the clean simple styles at the moment, although a part of me does think "now what else could I throw on there"!! I have 1/2 done one... it really needs stitching to bring it together... so will be taking Kerry @
LC's up on her challenge earlier than I thought!! Hmmm... thanks Kerry!

Here's the 2 LO's I did do...

Will perhaps work on the other 2 tonight after catching up on forums and dishes and washing and dinner and all those other 'mother' duties.

Have told hubby we are getting out as a family tomorrow... enough hiding in the Daz Cave, it will help him move along to have a lovely {stress-free} outing! Kel has requested Kings Park and then the beach... good kid, he always picks places with great photo ops!! Hehehe!!

Tuesday, 3 January 2006

What does a girl have to do...

to get herself some Francheville Double Sided Tape!!

My Spotlight hasn't had any for a week and I finally ran out... aaarrrggghh. It's also amazing how a quick trip up to Spotlight to get a $2.95 reel of tape {that wasn't there anyway} cost me $56.00 - LOL! They had cool bead trims, and rhinestones and all sorts... gotta love Spotlight.
I got Kellan a leadlight window thing while up there... he thought it was cool and then decided it would look better with all the colours mixed together, my child needs a lesson in colour blocking I'm afraid!!

He did make this cool rhinopotamus frame yesterday though, not to bad! Fine... he's not Michaelangelo... yet!!

Mum phoned with some rough news about my dear sis, she's in hospital emergency waiting for a bed in this wonderful hospital system of ours. She has massive gall-stones that can't be passed so we know what's in stall for her... I know she'll be fine now they know what's wrong, but she's going to panic about her kids and she needs to relax. She's only 29... so young, well she'll be dropping some weight now that's for sure! So I'll be off to tease the crap out of her soon as she's had the op... I know - god will get me, but she will prefer a good razz instead of wussy sympathy.

A long time friend called today to say Happy New Year - I really should have phoned her earlier, but I'm slack! As I'm talking to her my voice slowly vanished... great! Hubby thinks it's hilarious... see no sympathy whatsoever in this family!!

So how's that for a day... going from no tape to a sister in hospital - talk about extremes! Hope everyone's was better than this!

Monday, 2 January 2006

Quiet Day

<<- This pic is the title page for my CJ on LC's that I'm doing. It's our first CJ together and I'm really looking forward to it! I chose "It's a Girl Thing" because I just LOVE being a girl, and LOVE all the girly scrap stuff out there at the moment. Lynn got in some delicious MM Simply Fabulous things and they are soooo girly.
Oh, Lynn has a sale on at the moment if anyone's looking for a bargain!
Like my G I R L letters? - I do! They're Rebekka Erickson ones and I painted them and put dimensional magic on them and sprinkled them with glitter when the DM was wet - funky hey, I love glitter!!
Anyway, it's been a lovely relaxed day today... went to do some washing and realised most was done {wow}, even the dishes were done and my sink is shining - LOL! I so love holidays. It would be wonderful to be a SAHM and have the time to do this daily instead of having to spend weekend time doing it. It's tough being a mum no matter if your working at home, from home or outside - we still all have hubbies or kids or chores or all of them pulling you in every direction with demands. At least with work I get to escape it in a sense, but those responsibilities don't go away, you just have to cram it all into a smaller time frame!! Maybe when DH is back to his old self life will get easier... not that things are bad - no, we're all good! And as I said - a lovely day today. Watched a movie with Kel this morning, chatted with friends, drank coffee, ate chocolate - perfect hey!!
I have a cold... but even that's not so bad, at least I'm on holidays - and it's taking it's time so hopefully I won't get a full dose - fingers crossed I don't lose my voice before Wednesday as I'm scrapping with the girls and have trouble getting a word in edgewise as it is, poor Lisa & I - quiet little petals that we are!!! LOL!!! We've been told to bring lots of scrap supplies and mojo... not sure where to buy this, Chelle says they sold out!! Darn it... bet it was on sale as well!!
Now can some-one tell me how to get the pics to go at the bottom of the page instead of always at the top? Please....

Sunday, 1 January 2006

R.I.P ShellShocker 1

Yep - Kel already broke the shell shocker - well at least it lasted 24 hours...! I'm not sure if 'he' did it, or it managed to slip a gear itself - but it's stuffed! Thank god I have the receipt as well as all the packaging so it will be going back to the shop asap! He said it got stuck and he tried to drive it out with the remote.... hmmm! Fingers crossed they accept that!

Happy New Year

How was that for an original title!?!! LOL! Hope everyone had a wonderful NYE.
<- How's that for a really bad pic!! I really must learn more about shutter speeds and aperture settings! I worked out how to get the shutter open longer anyway, now I need to actually USE my tripod and get subjects that don't move!! But this was fun... and this is the kids with the glow sticks from last night 'standing still' for the camera! Kids are so funny!!
This thing is Kellan's 'ShellShocker' that he has wanted for months. It's like a remote control car - but it's some weird alien beast instead. It's pretty cool... but wow, does it has some speed in it! Even though we have a decent sized backyard it's not quite big enough to let it really get going. I think we'll go up to the footy oval today and really give it a spin!!

Kel had the best birthday - I'm so pleased he had a great day. He and his cousin spent the whole day together - 12 hours and not one argument, they play so well together!! King Kong was awesome... really quite scary, but the kids loved it - Kel enjoyed being able to whisper with Jess about it - must bring the two together more often at movies! Thanks Julie for the heads up about warning Kel about the ending... it paid off! Although the kids are sure there are other islands with more Kong's on them so he wasn't the last one... kids these days - always waiting for 'number 2' to come out!!