Sunday, 28 December 2008

And she scraps...

...albiet not terribly well! But... I have some photos finally scrapped! I was determined that I was going to push past this scrappers block, and boy did it show in the beginning, couldn't balance this LO to save my life!

So... Fathers Day, speaks for itself:

Karen singing her heart out at her 30th b'day party:

Me and Dags in a photo together for once! Why I thought that flourish was a good idea on here I have no idea...

Darren's Mug Shot... he did Mo'vember and grew this Chopper style moustache, he looked so mean!! Thank goodness it's gone now! But... finally I'm getting some half decent scrap style happening!

And our Tigerpuss... he's so gorgeous! And I LOVE this LO...

So that was yesterday... spent the day on and off scrapping and watching TV, true veggy day! Thinking today will be much the same, a tad on the boring side... but I'm relaxed finally, no dizzies, no headaches, no lumps, no aches... about friggin time!!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas Recovery...

I love this quiet time after Christmas... recovery time. Even though I kept my Christmas preparations this year to a minimum, you still get stressed! I've had nanna naps every day lately.... I have no idea how I'm going to cope when I go back to work!!

Just thought I'd share some fave pics from our Christmas, our trees and assembled decorations....

There is NSW Christmas Bush in there as well, a tradition my MIL has started as they all hale from NSW, so if we have Christmas Eve at our house then a cutting comes with. I love it, it's a nice tradition.

I would like to say it was a nice Christmas Eve this year... and it was until just before dinner when a certain 39 year old had a temper tantrum, then ruined the night for us all by sulking... and it wasn't me! Oh well... family hey!!

Pic from the back door early Christmas Morning... even though Kel is nearly 12 and over the Santa thing, he still gets up far too bloody early Christmas morning! The grape vines seriously need some tending too... but I love them looking all wild!

Shadow... always a cat with attitude... here he is saying "feeds me now, or the nose gets bitten"... he got fed!

Kel with Talis and Shay up at Nev's 'new' 100yr old house in Northam... her kids got the little pool for Christmas while they fix up the inground one. Kel at first was doing the 'tween' thing and not wanting to go in... lasted about 10 mins and he's in there as well. I'm so glad to see he can let go of the 'but I'm a big kid' attitude and play with his younger cousins who adore him!

Christmas day however was a lovely day... Nev's house is very 'her' and you feel comfortable immediately there. So we all relaxed and eventually got lunch sorted by 3pm... yes, all disorganised as always... but that's my sister and certainly didn't bother me in the least!!

And my gorgeous sister Jenevra... I've not seen her for such a long time! We are making amends this year with luck... and getting together more often!!

Oh and a layout... I've been really slack scrapping this holiday, just don't have the oompfh still, I'm feeling bored with it, shocking I know... hope that goes away soon!!!

So that's all from me... NYE next, Kel's birthday, but we have no plans. Nev's coming over in the afternoon after she drops Arthur at the airport and that's about it. We usually take Kel to a movie or something, whatever he wants as it's his night, but this year money is seriously tight so doubt that will happen.... sucks. But he's a good kid, so long as I make him his lasagne and a happy birthday cake he'll be happy... have to make sure next year is extra special, he'll be a teenager for that one.... god help me! So I will enjoy this last year before the teen swings hit!!

Until next time... take care of you!

Monday, 22 December 2008

I did scrap!!

One whole layout... better than none though!! I've used a Pagemaps Sketch as really, inspiration is GONE, but I want to at least pretend I can create!! I LOVE these papers though, they are the new Kaiser ones and I wish I could get them all in for MaDs right now, but have to wait a little as I've already spent this months MaDs allowance. This pic of Lisa and I is a classic {thanks for snapping it Karen}! I've put a golden filter over it to blend the papers in and I think it all works great!

I have other pics from the Wine Tour to do, but this one I wanted to do right away... which reminds me, doofus head... I have to burn the pics to disk for the girls, doh!!

My PC is kinda dead, I'm coping though with the laptop, just all my email contacts and MYOB for the shop are on the PC... I can cope, just means I'm going to have a wad of shop paperwork to input when it gets fixed as I usually do it as it happens... blagh!! Will get it fixed in the New Year when we have some cash flow and have recovered from the silly season! I did have to load the trial version of Lightroom onto here though, I can't live without it, didn't realise how much I use it on my photos!!

The crop here on the weekend was truly an enjoyable day, just 4 of us {me, Jules, Jen & Vicki} and it was very relaxed... I really enjoy having friends over to scrap here, so glad I got this big crop table. Dags met the girls as well this time, well he knows Jules, but met Jen & Vicki who've I've spoken of to him for the last year and a bit but he's not yet met... he likes them too, they're all as loopy as each other I think!!

I got a FAB gift from Kaiser today, some very cool coffee cups. Was such a surprise as being small businesswise I'm not used to receiving gifts from suppliers... they've really made my Christmas so far! Will save them for crop days I'm thinking!

Body is still falling apart at the seams... LOL! Get the dizzies controlled and something else breaks, I know it's all stress signs... but I've been doing some chilling out - honest, there's just a couple of issues that are out of my hands that are bothering me atm, but they will sort themselves out... and it's not something I can just fix... grrrr, but they're not stressful enough to stress too much over iykwim! This time I have a gland swell up behind/below my ear, and it's made my earlobe all numb now, should go get it peirced hey, it's numb already so won't hurt!! Not worried though, my ear has always been my weak spot, if it's not down or getting better by the end of the week I'll go annoy my doctor again... I'm sure he's sick of me lately!! LOL!!

Today is the first day of my holidays and I'm so enjoying it! Went to Mirrabooka to get the next book in the Twilight series {yes, another Twilight Addict here}... saw Jules, then met Lisa, Paul and the kidlets for morning tea and a natter... then had lunch with Jules... was a nice unexpected treat! Got most of the Christmas shopping done as well, with no stressing happening. Just have to go get dad's tomorrow morning and I'm all done, no stress, no fuss... so far it's been great!!

I want to start a Daily Diary kind of thing, like a journal but scrappy... like Ali Edwards does/did. I think it's a great idea, but I do wonder if I have enough each day to write about... usually my life is pretty routine... and then I have to question whether I will finish it... and shall I start now just before Christmas... or after Christmas in the New Year!! But it would be interesting to look back on... should have done it this last year as it's been full of ups and downs and lots of things happening... hoping for less of a rollercoaster ride this year!!

Alrighty... I'm getting off this thing and am going to attempt to finish another LO... or start the Diary... or maybe actually finish the Facebook Addictions album I started... this arvo is for creativity... or maybe TV... or I do have my new book to start... LOL!!!

Take care of you!!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Wow... it's almost been a month since I've updated. Either life has been hectic or very boring!! A little of both I think... I've not much to share scrap wise, I've done none! Can't even find the mojo to invent things for "Searching for Mojo"... sad! LOL.

I have been busy though... we had the wine tour with the girls,

Sheldon, who looked after us all so well and made all the other wineries pale into insignifigance in their service!

Kim, Karen & Chelle @ Sandalford

Me and Lisa... yes trashed!

Then I went to Melbourne for Karen's 30th and did enjoy much merriment...Queen Karen and her Maid Mistra


and I saw a Tram for the 1st time!! Was so excited... LOL!

Last weekend was pretty much spent unconscious on the couch LOL, my poor old body can't keep up with too much partying these days, but I think a very stressful year at work has likley attributed to that, can't be my age surely!

This Saturday I have some girlfriends coming over to scrap for the day, am looking forward to that, with luck I'll be able to scrap... and then the crazy Christmas getting readying starts... luckily I'm on holidays after tomorrow. So need it!

The dizzies are not perfectly under control but being managed... I need to rest and not stress, sometimes both is hard, but listening to my body send me messages is helping. So they've not been so bad as they were.

So that's about it I think!

If I get anything accomplished over the weekend I'll share soon... if not, have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, 24 November 2008

The head thing...

Went to the doc's today, no report from the scans unfortunately... BUT because I had a list a mile long of symptoms, whens, hows etc and then nearly passed out from a breathing exercise the doc made me do which replicated all the symptoms, he's summised {for now} that I am suffering from Hyperventilation... meaning I'm breathing too much oxygen at once, which stuffs up the balance in the blood and gives me the dizzies.

How to control this... brown paper bag I guess... rofl!! OK... moreso I need to take notice of my breathing and take notice of what is making me take deep breaths... stress and anxiety are major factors here, I need to stop breathing that way when I get stressed {even if I don't know I'm doing it} and regulate my breathing. So tonight... yeah, I've noticed I take lots of those big deep breaths, just not aware of doing it until I've done it. We're still not 100% sure... but we're seeing if this is it for now.

So that's me for now... tired, dizzy... but still breathing, just the wrong way!! We'll see what happens I guess!

Take care of you OK!!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

More down...

Hi! LOL...

Okelies... mojo is not happening really, so I've borrowed some from Jill over at The ScrapWitch. She runs some Step by Step Layout classes and basically tells you what to do... my kind of scrapping at the moment!

So these are the latest. This first one is so wrong though, I totally read it all wrong {stupid brain, the strips are meant to be the other way}... but I like it, even if it is a bit busy!! And I can always say it's supposed to represent the balancing bit... see I can talk the talk, but I'd be fibbing... it was a stuff up!

LOVE this one... I saw the LO's that Heather and Bri did and they were so cool... so that's the one that got me going on the SBS's {and I got to use my flourishes and flowers and bling and pink... sooo excitement!!}

OK... that's it, I'm a boring sod hey! But everything is same old same old... working, dizzy {see Doc again on Monday, oh I got my scans... there's a brain there after all, no results yet though so it might not be working hehehe}, working, sleeping, struggling to keep the house clean while working and dizzy, Dags working, Kel @ school... I am SO looking forward to the holidays for a change in routine!! But I'm happy enough... just need more of that TIME thing, but don't we all!!

Take care of you!!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

More creativity!

Well the mojo went walk about... rofl as it does! So went to the markets with Kel yesterday, had lunch there then came home and did one of Jill's challenges... had a really good day with the dizzies being very minimal. So was able to chatter away online, get some shop stuff done, do a layout... was a good day/evening!!

This is the LO for Jill's challenge... a bit 'flat' but I had fun with it!

And this today was for a challenge I have set at a new Facebook group called Searching for Mojo? Lisa's brainstorm and she asked if I wanted to play too... yeah of course, what fun!! It's going to have challenges set by myself and Lisa, as well as it's members... in the hope of inspiring one another and FINDING that mojo we all keep searching for! It worked so far... Lisa finally scrapped after a month of none and I was revved enough to make our 'logo' and get this challenge happening!

Today was a day of laydown and rest, get up and scrap, laydown, get up and do the dishes... as great as yesterday was, today has been a shocker. But that's ok... I'm still so rapt yesterday was so great! Poor Kel though today was so bored as Dags worked overtime today and I wasn't going out and about with the dizzies so bad. But he's got his dad now, so they're chattering away about what... Jelly Cups atm... rofl, the important issues in life!!

So, I'm getting off of here... got to get a few orders ready to post tomorrow and while they are packed I've not yet done the paperwork for them... so couch here I come to subside the dizzies then I'll come sort all that out!

New week here I come... hanging for next weekend already!!

Friday, 7 November 2008

I scrapped... again! Woohoo...

It's silly hey, that I get so excited when I scrap a page these days! It's because it's been so hard even getting the motivation let alone getting a page to look half decent without spending hours sitting here that when I do get it all happening at once I'm rapt!

Tonight... 1.5 hours {and most of that spent chattering to Lisa and Vicki hehehe}... done! Thanks to one of Jill's Challenge Sketches over at ScrapWitch. I'm really relying on sketches atm, but so what... no scrap rules that say I can't use sketches when once I created my own. It's about the enjoyment, and I really enjoyed doing this one!

So here's Shadow, the only boy in the house {well aside from Tiger} that I can use flowers and bling on {and MAN is was good to get that fix in!!

Oh speaking of 'fix', my arms look like I've been doing god only knows what, it took 3 goes to find a vein the other day and I wasn't happy {needle phobia and all}. And the holes, how bloody big the needles were I have no idea {as I wasn't looking nope no way, although... really they didn't hurt, I'm just a wuss and the guy was trying to be very gentle!!} The bruises are just starting to fade now from Wednesday morning. CT Scan itself was fine I gues.... waiting to hear from someone, although my doc is now on holidays. Either way, I have an appointment when he gets back in 2 weeks to find out what is going on and what our next avenue will be. Until then... dizzy town for me as the drugs I had were starting to make my face go numb so I'm only using them as a last resort. Tonight though I'm having a good night, hence I've been scrapping and chatting and have been online, last night was a write-off and I was on the couch until bedtime... stupid head. But hey, there are worse things and I'm grateful I'm just dizzy atm instead of one of the worse things.

My lovely Taysha {my mini me at work} has next week off, going to miss her bright personality as well as her help, she's been a godsend, she's doing so well... proud of her I am, she just takes that bit of workload off me now and it makes such a difference!

So ups and downs {oooh literally as well with the roller coaster in my head - LOL} but more ups and happiness this week, lots of support, lots of love... lots of cuddles from my son and lots of care and support from my hubby... so even with the sucky bits... lots to be grateful for!!

I'm CC'ing tomorrow at SW, although Kel wants to go to Gosnells Markets sometime as well... will be fun... hopefully I'll have some more LO's to share by the end of the weekend!!

Until then... take care of you!!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Soooo nice...

to not be dizzy... the tablets are working in combating the dizziness, I'm fuzzy and tired... but at least I can cope with that!! It's 12:30 and I got up 3 hours ago {had a great sleep in, thanks to the effects of codeine last night... the migraine I was fighting all day needed a kick up the butt} and so far I've not needed any tablets, although I'm starting to get a little loopy now... but that's ok, the tablets will help.

Thanks everyone who has emailed, commented and asked after me, it means so much to know that there are friends out there who understand and are there for me!! I'm feeling much more positive now... we'll likely find I need glasses or something stupid like that!

It's also soooooo nice to be scrapping again {thanks to Pagemaps, the valium of the scrapping world} I loved her November sketches and have used 2 already. This one below and another I've saved for an Aussie Blog story.

But look... I got the boy thing happening... and happening fun as well, I've been finding it hard but I think these pics of Kel really helped getting the mojo going again. So love this kid, he really needs to do drama I think!!

For this one I have used: PageMaps Sketch, Bazzill, Kaiser Grunge & Extreme PP's, Collections Chipboard Alphas, Tim Holtz Grungeboard {Skull, Arrows & Corner}, Riff Raff Chipboard Cogs, Collage Press Journal Tape, 7 Gypsies Stickers, Jenni Bowlin Ticket, Metalic Tape, Golden Paints {Iridescent Stainless Steel & Micaceous Iron Oxide}, Plaid FolkArt Paint {Metallic Antique Copper} and much turns of a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder. I am soooo
o in love with the Golden Paints. Track em down and grab some for yourself, you won't be sorry!!

I did this one a couple of weeks ago. I love it... I love this pic of Dags, love the filter I used on it {not that I remember what one it was as usual}, really happy with the outcome and had such fun creating it! I still don't like getting messy, but when playing with distressing fluids and inks and doing this style stuff... I actually love it, because it's supposed to be messy!

I have used: Bazzill, Kaiser Military PP {loving Kaiser boy stuff atm}, Hand Rusted PP, Fabrics, Emphera {thanks to Red Velvet}, Collections Chipboard Branches, American Crafts Thickers {Felt}, Collections Clock & Word, Kraft Tag, Tim Holtz Distress Inks, Tsuienko {sp?} Walnut Inks, Golden Paint {Iridescent Bronze} and my Bug to Emboss again!

So... that's the weekend so far, have done nothing but do some washing, scrap, chat and have a nanna nap {well if you can call laying down rabbling onto my loopy son for an hour a nap}... we've had a good weekend though Kel and I... Dags was at work yesterday and today is in recovery mode {ie more nanna napping} so we've not seen much of him... well I've not... Kel stole him last night... but I enjoy listening to them giggle over silly internet things and games and movies, both warped as each other!!

So... off to scrap some more while I have the energy and the time!!

Take care of you!!

Friday, 31 October 2008

Dizzy Missy...

Those of you who read here, or talk to me IRL know that I've been suffering from dizzy spells. And those who talk to me a lot IRL also know that they are very frequent and exhausting... as in all day. The only relief {for which I am soooo grateful} is to lay down and rest. And I've got very worried over them...

Today I finally got in to see my doctor... and I have him baffled. The dizzy's are persistant but not constant; as in sometimes I can get up and wander around and be fine, then sit down and spin out. The mornings aren't as bad as the days and evenings and some days are better than others... he has no idea! Great... I was really hoping for a "take this and you'll be better" deal here!!

So I have some anti dizzy drugs to take... they're kinda working. I just feel fuzzy now, but do I know it when they wear off!!

If the dizzy's aren't gone by Wednesday next week... I have to have a CT Scan.

Now I know that's only a precautionary thing, to rule out the worst scenario {... and confirm I have a brain LOL}, but still... it's scary. And even though my doc said he doesn't think anything like clots etc are happening in there the stupid "what if's" keep popping in my head, which I guess is normal as well... but still... what if! Certainly changes ones perspective on a few things!

So fingers crossed for a dizzy free Missy by Wednesday okies... I really don't want to have the CT Scan!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

So what's going on...

Have you noticed the world around you, as in your little world, not the whole world... has changed, or is changing, or is it only my little world?

There's a weird sort of tension/vibrancy thing happening... people around me are doing "things" - making changes, making statements, making innuendos, making somethings... some are fantastic positive steps, some are out of left field, some are outright destructive... and I sit here and wonder what is going on with so much all at once?!

Maybe it's always been this way and I've had enough time off this computer to notice, or maybe I've simply never paid attention and now am... maybe it's this dizzy thing I have happening... or maybe I've just lost the plot... who knows! LOL!!!

But there's definately something in the air... I can feel it stretching and pulling, grating and rasping... changes are happening and I wonder what the outcome will be!!

I hope the equilibrium of my little part ot the world finds it's balance soon, although I can say that at least the centre of my universe {my family} is all hunky dory and thriving... thank goodness for that!!!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Mojo still MIA...

Still struggling to scrap without effort, I know I shouldn't force it if it's not happening... but I want to scrap... just not doing the best job of it right now!

Anyway... this is me when I was 4 I think... not got the date on there yet as I have to ask mum, I know it was taken after Singapore and in QLD {Enogerra perhaps because of the fence}... so thinking I was 4, but I look younger... mum will know! I've been wanting to scrap it for ages using these god awful Kaiser papers... why I bought them I have no idea... but they suit the retro era and I got them to work.

This one {another old pic} I did last night and today... used a pagemaps sketch for it again, they come in big time handy. Managed to sneak some butterflies in there, not sure if Kel saw them... hehehe

So... home front... ups and downs. Tat died on Tuesday night, pretty much in my arms. We're sad, but relieved as well. She was ready to go {well over 15yo} and it was her time... she's been a spazoid puss for about 6 months... dementia etc so we've been waiting and were prepared. She passed at home and not in pain... just slipped away quietly, so we're pleased about that... a nice way to go if you've got to go. She's out with Jasper and Sassy now... an end of an era for us as the 3 of them were a part of mine and Darren's beginning. One thing that touched us most... the day before she died, our two boys Tiger and Shadow ,were on guard duty with her... they knew and looked after her, it's nice to see that animals can have that human emotion...

And me... well I've not been well... not sick sick, but definately not well and have been keeping my head down. Which is why most people haven't seen me online lately... it's enough trying to go to work and be a mum atm, also why I've not had the best patience in the world either... seems there is a limit to the amount of stuff I can deal with!! I've been suffering major dizziness and was thinking it was the cold I had, but have been over that for a fortnight now and still have the dizzies. So I'm off to the docs next week to get him to check me over. This is God getting me back for teasing Jules {aka The Dizz} I just know it! I have the best Doc though so he'll sort me out!

Darren's been working heaps of overtime, to try and help us get over a nasty bill month and get ahead for Christmas... so it's been fun and games on the energy levels... he has none after a hard slog 13 hour shift poor bugger... so it's up to Dizzy Missy to do all the housework... rofl... hence housework not done, tough, it'll get there in the end, always does!!

And that's about it... for me this week anyway! I'm going to get off here and go veg on the couch for the arvo... figure it's hard to fall over while laying down!!

Until next time... take care of you and I mean it!!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Something to share...

OK... finally some layouts to share with you, they're not the best though so don't expect any inspiration to happen from this lot! Mojo has seriously left the building here...

This one... kind of saved an extremely tragic layout of Tat, one of Jill's UYS {Use Your Scraps} challenges over at ScrapWitch. This was to use your stickers as a border... finally got rid of these ones!

Again thanks to one of Jill's challenges, of course I have the bloody date wrong... this is where my brain is atm... of in fairy land! It should be Aug 2007... anyway... it's been a year since I've had these pics and one of Jill's sketches came to the rescue.

Did this scrapping at Scraptivate last week with Jules. We had a wonderful night, filled with lots of giggles as always. Caught up with Jen and Vicki as well there, was great to see them again! Jen is always an inspiration to me, even when she's in "no go mojo" land as well!! I did have to rely on one of Becky's PageMaps sketches though... but I'm happy with it in the end...

And another of PageMaps sketches' being used... they're my saviour atm! This is the mess Karen and I made when she was staying this Sept... we had such fun, and it was great to just leave it all out and come back to it later!

And finally another of Jill's challenges... a mini Step By Step, which I had to change to suit myself... as I do!! This is one of Toni Crane's pics from the retreat last year, have been wanting to scrap it and finally it is done!

And that's it. I still have a CJ to work on and still have the coffee filter CJ Penny gave me back at the Expo in June to get done... I really have to get onto that but my colour to use is Blue... eeek!! Well will do that when mojo comes home, it's for her cutie girl so want to do it well!

What else... not much, same old... have a slight addiciton to Facebook, sad I know... all I can say is, never ever say never!!

Have been sick and down for the count with a stupid annoying cold... and have the dizzies... blagh... over it. Over a lot of things atm, but won't go into them here... no-one needs to hear all that and it won't solve anything airing it all to the world... but I'm fine, the family is fine, MaD's is fine enough for the now... so really, most of my world is doing ok and that's all that matters!

On a really positive note... I finally have an assistant at work!! I'm training her from dead scratch, but she's catching on and she's such a cutey... makes me feel ancient though as she's almost 19 and has her whole future in front of her!! So it's hard work training from scratch as I still have to do the work of 2 people while she's learning the ropes, but it's so worth it, she'll be an asset and a great help I'm sure! With luck I'll hopefully be able to take that long service on 2010!!! Wooohooo!

Oooh and on a very exciting note, I have a couple of friends coming from interstate to see me for my 40th {next year... still ages away that one}... but THAT is soooooo exciting, I can't hardly wait!

And one last bit of excitement... I've just noticed our very first flower on the Macadamia... it's the 1st time it's flowered... so one day we'll have those nuts we've been waiting for!!

Until next time... take care of you!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

World Cardmaking Day... well Weekend!!

So... today was World Cardmaking Day... but Now Scrapping has made it NowScrapping Card Making Weekend... why settle for just one day!

We've had a Cyber Crop running since Thursday.. and we've had ourselves quite a bit of fun.. tonight especially has been a blast chattering away with everyone popping in.. not to mention the bottle of wine I managed to drink... yep, I'll be paying for it in the morning!

I managed so far 3 cards and one... well something, still not too sure what it is...!!

This is for the Surprise Challenge... where we were to use a Nursery Rhyme for inspiration and then whatever combo of stamping, lave, buttons and ribbons we wanted.

I chose Ring a Ring of Rosies... and did 3 cards based on that one Nursery Rhyme:

Ring a ring of rosies
a pocketful of posies
a-tishoo, a-tishoo
we all fall down

Ring a Roses:

A Pocket Full of Posies:

A-tishoo: {I have used tissues to make the background}

And I have to add this... this is the mess just 3 card created!

And this is my 'thingy'. It started out as a card for Vicki's challenge... various choices based with a Christmas Theme... it wasn't until I was half way through that I realised I forgot the Christmas Theme part of it {and yes, that was before I started on the bottle of Lancasters!}! So anyway... I've made a mini album in the end I'm thinking! Just need to add some journaling in there... had a ball making it!!

Sooo... 1am, and I'm still awake... need to be up early to tidy up a little more.. Scrappi Dais tomorrow... well today! So off to bed with me... will see what hangover follows!! LOL!!

Take care of you!!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Some ATC's and a Layout

Finally... my ATC's are finished and up to date. Well they've been finished for weeks, just not backed and I was so slack! But they are all done now. Was supposed to pop upto Scraptivate and get some of the thick board backs I like for them, but got hit with a whammy of a headache migraine wannabe thing that I couldn't move let alone drive... and once the drugs killed the headache I wasn't fit to drive still, sux!! But I was fit to stick backs to cards and write on them!!

These are for a Flowers theme which I feel I have flunked... yes, Miss Flower Queen herself got stumped on flowers!! They are called "The Language of Flowers is Timeless"... man I can dribble bullshit... rofl!! I did have fun making them though... lots of techniques on there that can't be seen anymore!

These ones however I do like very much, for a 'white' theme and I chose Snow White! I used tissue and mod podge with glitter to make a snow carpet over the word snow... see what I was doing huh huh... rofl!! well I like the simplicity of these ones!

And here's another Layout {derr you say}!! Took me two days, spent last night staring at it and got nowhere... however I did find inspiration for an article for Aussie Scrapbooking while staring at it... so I guess that's what was meant to happen. This morning I finished it after I got my thumper under control!!

OK... so that's my weekend. Not quite the full on scrap fest I'd planned, but the house is tidy and I acheived some things!! Now I'm off for another nanna nap!!

Take care of you!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

No title... rofl just realised that. Dont think it needs one though... this is myself, Nes and Karen at the Old Bailey in Joondalup! Love this pic!

Also... no more weird dreams, just in case you were all a tad worried!!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Last night...

In my dreams...

I rode in a space ship {after remembering to put my helmet on of course}...

and on the way back to earth I cloned myself and 3 cats {not into one being, that would be plain silly... there was 3 other me's and 9 cats, 3 each of 3 kinds}

with a Dodo bird {the Dodo bird was the cloning tool... well duh you say}.

If you can explain that one for me... it would be wonderful!!

LOL... and yes, I do worry about myself!

Monday, 15 September 2008


Oh well, so much for getting back yesterday! Jill threw a couple of curve balls at the CC yesterday and I admitted defeat and caved... so went and did Amy's challenge from Friday night because it looked like the lesser of 3 evils! It was in fact a huge amount of fun this one... white cardstock, photo/s and ink {or pencil etc}... that's it. And yes, I almost died... and then created this:

Very heavily inspired by Rusty Pickle Pop Star papers... but a girl has to start somewhere when doodling a full page for the first ever time, and when most doodlers I know are all girly I had to find somewhere to start, not only with boyish doodling but older boy doodling {Kel is sooooo fussy now}... I've changed the arrow to red now though, looks more balanced. But I had the BEST fun doing it and Kel loves it, says I should do all of them this way now. Be cheap if I did hey!

So after this I went and stared at Facebook until it made sense... and now I find I've spent most of tonight there, not good!! Well dinner did get cooked and Kel and Dags are having a 'boys' night... watching A Space Odyssey together of all things... my boys are weird, but that left me up to my own devices!

OK... well I best be off to do some of that sleeping thing!!

Take care of you!!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Scrap Weekend...

Well that's the plan, in between washing and dishes and such. But today has been productive!! 2 Layouts today, and I did one last night... Kel got his hair cut, we got pics printed at Hardly's, did some grocery shopping, washing is happening, folding is done, dishes... well they got done but need more doing... it's been a good day. And now Dags is home and gets to start his 4 day weekend... all is good!

It's Cyber Crop weekend at ScrapWitch and Jill threw some nasties at us today, although one was a breeze for me and something I've been wanting to try... we had to make some inchies and use them on a page... excitement! So today I made my first inchies!!

They have an alcohol ink background, with Silver embossing and Fusible Film overlayed, then the funky green german scrap and a wee iddy butterfly... they're simple but I like them!!

And here's the LO I put them onto... that was part of the challenge, to use them on the LO. So I keep this one ridiculously simple, with another darn pic of me... but the colours matched so well and then went off on this whole FREE tangent... I was going to do a LO about my ATC's... ROFL, oh well...!!

This one I did last night just because... I took this pic back in February, only just got around to finding inspiration to scrap him!

Isn't he gorgeous... feathered fiend that he was trying to get to the Weiros!! I take a few nature pics I've found, so I'm going to scrap them with Haiku Poems and make a special album for them... love Haiku poems! Never really paid much attention to them until Heather mentioned them chatting one day, since then I like to find ones that match what I'm scrapping...

And here's the other CC challenge from today, no straight edges... cripes I nearly died, I SO don't like cutting my pics into circles... but in the end, I'm pretty happy with it. More old stash used up as well here... doing well getting through it, now that I can find it all!

So pizza for dinner tonight... how ironic is that, go shopping and get all this beautiful fresh food and then order pizza for dinner... doh!!

OK... until tomorrow, will share some more LO's as I hope to have more done by then... take care of you!