Sunday, 9 December 2007

Another Floating Cube

I really like these! I've made another mini one today... it's only 3x3inches! No pics in this one, just thought it would make a nice little decoration for Christmas!

OK... back to housework for me, am slowly getting the back room cleared so I can turn it into a dining room... just so tired all the time lately. Oh well, it's that time of year isn't it!!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

The Floating Cube

This is the class I did today at The Scrapbook Shop. I had a lovely afternoon, had to finish it when I got home because Darren had to go to work... but only took me a few minutes!

The pics likely aren't the best, but you get the idea! It wasn't that hard either... feeling tempted to make some more! This one will go to work to keep me company on my desk!

Finally some scrapping!!

I feel like I've not done a scrap layout for months, but it's obviously not been that long! Last night however I got 2 done at the crop... phew, was so relieved!

Kel 'allowed' me to take a photo of him the other day, he was goofing around {as he does} but I managed to get a gorgeous one... was so excited to have something inspiring to scrap!

I've used one of the December PageMaps to create this one, and have used BG Periphery papers, they were perfect! Still love Basic Grey!! Also bought some fab Kaiser Wood Flourishes from Jo which did the trick... I'm really loving this LO... and look, no flowers!!

Last Saturday the girls and I had our Wine Tasting Tour through the Swan Valley via Limo, was another wonderful day filled with lots of laughs... not all at my expense for a change either {grin}!! The day was perfect, our driver Frank was great fun and the wine was well to yummy, not to mention the 4 bottles of Riccadonna we managed to put away! These are just a few of the pics from the day... I've not seen the ones from Kim's camera yet.

Today I have a class at The Scrapbook Shop, to make this floating acetate cube calendar thing... don't worry... hard to explain but I'll share with you tonight!

Darren has settled in well at work, still getting used to the night shifts but he'll get there. He's happy... and rapt with the pay packets! What a boost they are to have after so long. We have a lot of catching up to do as we've had to use the credit card over the last couple of months, but that won't take long when we get stuck into it. Kellan and I are having fun together when Darren is at work, I've been making it special time for the 2 of us. Next weekend I have Kahli to look after {Kel's friend} so I'll get them out of the house while Darren sleeps, go to the beach and see a movie... will be fun!

OK... I'm off for now, have a mountain of washing calling my name... not to mention the dishes... and the vacuumuing... and and and... lol, you know the drill!!

Take care of you!!