Sunday, 21 September 2008

Some ATC's and a Layout

Finally... my ATC's are finished and up to date. Well they've been finished for weeks, just not backed and I was so slack! But they are all done now. Was supposed to pop upto Scraptivate and get some of the thick board backs I like for them, but got hit with a whammy of a headache migraine wannabe thing that I couldn't move let alone drive... and once the drugs killed the headache I wasn't fit to drive still, sux!! But I was fit to stick backs to cards and write on them!!

These are for a Flowers theme which I feel I have flunked... yes, Miss Flower Queen herself got stumped on flowers!! They are called "The Language of Flowers is Timeless"... man I can dribble bullshit... rofl!! I did have fun making them though... lots of techniques on there that can't be seen anymore!

These ones however I do like very much, for a 'white' theme and I chose Snow White! I used tissue and mod podge with glitter to make a snow carpet over the word snow... see what I was doing huh huh... rofl!! well I like the simplicity of these ones!

And here's another Layout {derr you say}!! Took me two days, spent last night staring at it and got nowhere... however I did find inspiration for an article for Aussie Scrapbooking while staring at it... so I guess that's what was meant to happen. This morning I finished it after I got my thumper under control!!

OK... so that's my weekend. Not quite the full on scrap fest I'd planned, but the house is tidy and I acheived some things!! Now I'm off for another nanna nap!!

Take care of you!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

No title... rofl just realised that. Dont think it needs one though... this is myself, Nes and Karen at the Old Bailey in Joondalup! Love this pic!

Also... no more weird dreams, just in case you were all a tad worried!!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Last night...

In my dreams...

I rode in a space ship {after remembering to put my helmet on of course}...

and on the way back to earth I cloned myself and 3 cats {not into one being, that would be plain silly... there was 3 other me's and 9 cats, 3 each of 3 kinds}

with a Dodo bird {the Dodo bird was the cloning tool... well duh you say}.

If you can explain that one for me... it would be wonderful!!

LOL... and yes, I do worry about myself!

Monday, 15 September 2008


Oh well, so much for getting back yesterday! Jill threw a couple of curve balls at the CC yesterday and I admitted defeat and caved... so went and did Amy's challenge from Friday night because it looked like the lesser of 3 evils! It was in fact a huge amount of fun this one... white cardstock, photo/s and ink {or pencil etc}... that's it. And yes, I almost died... and then created this:

Very heavily inspired by Rusty Pickle Pop Star papers... but a girl has to start somewhere when doodling a full page for the first ever time, and when most doodlers I know are all girly I had to find somewhere to start, not only with boyish doodling but older boy doodling {Kel is sooooo fussy now}... I've changed the arrow to red now though, looks more balanced. But I had the BEST fun doing it and Kel loves it, says I should do all of them this way now. Be cheap if I did hey!

So after this I went and stared at Facebook until it made sense... and now I find I've spent most of tonight there, not good!! Well dinner did get cooked and Kel and Dags are having a 'boys' night... watching A Space Odyssey together of all things... my boys are weird, but that left me up to my own devices!

OK... well I best be off to do some of that sleeping thing!!

Take care of you!!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Scrap Weekend...

Well that's the plan, in between washing and dishes and such. But today has been productive!! 2 Layouts today, and I did one last night... Kel got his hair cut, we got pics printed at Hardly's, did some grocery shopping, washing is happening, folding is done, dishes... well they got done but need more doing... it's been a good day. And now Dags is home and gets to start his 4 day weekend... all is good!

It's Cyber Crop weekend at ScrapWitch and Jill threw some nasties at us today, although one was a breeze for me and something I've been wanting to try... we had to make some inchies and use them on a page... excitement! So today I made my first inchies!!

They have an alcohol ink background, with Silver embossing and Fusible Film overlayed, then the funky green german scrap and a wee iddy butterfly... they're simple but I like them!!

And here's the LO I put them onto... that was part of the challenge, to use them on the LO. So I keep this one ridiculously simple, with another darn pic of me... but the colours matched so well and then went off on this whole FREE tangent... I was going to do a LO about my ATC's... ROFL, oh well...!!

This one I did last night just because... I took this pic back in February, only just got around to finding inspiration to scrap him!

Isn't he gorgeous... feathered fiend that he was trying to get to the Weiros!! I take a few nature pics I've found, so I'm going to scrap them with Haiku Poems and make a special album for them... love Haiku poems! Never really paid much attention to them until Heather mentioned them chatting one day, since then I like to find ones that match what I'm scrapping...

And here's the other CC challenge from today, no straight edges... cripes I nearly died, I SO don't like cutting my pics into circles... but in the end, I'm pretty happy with it. More old stash used up as well here... doing well getting through it, now that I can find it all!

So pizza for dinner tonight... how ironic is that, go shopping and get all this beautiful fresh food and then order pizza for dinner... doh!!

OK... until tomorrow, will share some more LO's as I hope to have more done by then... take care of you!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


... In Real Life. A big thing for us Cyber Buddies, getting to meet IRL.

With Karen though... it's like she's just come over for a really long cuppa. Our friendship is cosy... nice and comfortable, like an old pair of favourite slippers you've not worn for a while... ROFL... OK that sounds terrible but you know what I mean!! I'll miss her when she goes home to the other side of the country, but I know we'll have phone calls and msn chats... and cyber coffees... and see each other again in a few months!!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

OK... it's hard trying to get the boy thing happening somedays, especially when you scrap such a girly girl LO first!!

This is a LO for the Sept Sketch Challenge at Scrapwitch, was a really tricky sketch and I struggled! One of the girls there {Amy} has done an awesome job though...

This one took me 2 days, how sad is that! Especially for something so simple. But it got there in the end... I love these pics of Kel rockin' with his air guitar! He was actually trying to be silly so I couldn't take a nice pic... he's such a doofus, he should know by now I'll scrap anything!

These next 2 I did yesterday at Tomorrow's Memories... what a gorgeous gorgeous shop and the crop area was perfect, heaps of room and lots of fabulous light!!! I loved being there. I organised a Saturday crop there for myself, Karen, Jules and Chrissie and we had such fun!! Vicki made us feel so at home and Kris was there teaching beginner scrapbooking, poor ladies sitting there listening to us giggle our heads off!! But I did scrap 2 LO's while there...

And the have to have "group shot out front of shop" pics. 1st one with Jules and Karen being naughty... the two of them can't help themselves!!

Was a fun fun day... the girls came over afterwards and went through my 6inch stack of paper and the big box of goodies mum left behind. I was so excited to get rid of most of it. What a day though, I nearly wet myself laughing so many times... thanks girls for a great day!!

Well I hope to get some more scrapping done... although today is Fathers Day so we'll be out and about and tomorrow we'll be catching up with Nes... so am running out of stay at home and scrap time... but that's ok... lots more weekends to come.

OK... that's all for now, until next time, take care of you!!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

What's today?

I so love holidays, love not knowing what the day is!! Yeah, I know it's Wednesday... but I've had to double check 3 times today...

Scrapped some more though... finished some challenges Jill set at ScrapWitch and Aussie Scrapbooking. Has been nice to have the time to do the housework, get all the shop paperwork done AND scrap as well. I really need a little win in lotto so I can live this life a bit longer... I quite like it!

The 1st 3 are Step by Step challenges, the 3rd being me going off on my own tangent as all the bits were not going to work for these photos of Kim and her racing boat. Both took a bit to get my head around as I had trouble making them 'me', but got there in the end, using old stash as well!!

And this one was for a Use Your Stash Challenge... 1st we had to grab a big handful of PP and sort it into Use, Reduce, Recycle piles... then with the Use pile grab the oldest PP and use it!! They were perfect for this photo from the weekend!!

Oh... and this is the paper clean out... I decided to do the whole Cropper Hopper and be done with it... I didn't throw any out though, it's all put aside for people to help themselves to whenever anyone is over... and then what is left of that I'll hand onto a Kindy or something.

Have a few hours to kill now before I go pick up Karen from the airport, might get some folding done and watch a movie because if I keep scrapping I'll have nothing left to scrap when she gets here!!

Until later... take care of you!!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Finished... well kinda!

But it's finished enough for now, until I find some special bits that might add to it.

So this is a quick story about me, my childhood and my life now... not knowing what we were doing I though this would be easier... now I know how to tell the story without words etc I want to do better, take my time and create something perfect. But most things in here are special to me, so for a first attempt, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

The Cover... I left this very simple to keep the image, this was one of my grandmother's books from when she was a girl.

The shadow box holds a bluebird brooch that both my sister and I have. This one {mine} mum put onto my wedding horseshoe when I got married... now it has it's own home.

The butterflies you see throughout are me... I love them!!

The cross and bee is representive of my sister, she's always had a thing for crosses and her iddy tatoo is a bee, another of her fave things.

You can't see it well here but there is a silver Church charm I've had since I was young. This pic was taken not long after we were married.

The locket has a butterfly on it, I aged this myself!! I can't find my silver one anywhere, but when I do it will end up in here! Kel has a penny on his page... these were my grandad's and I used to play with them as a kid, Kel and his cousins do the same.

So now starts the hunt for fab materials, emphera and memorabilia... although between my mum and Darren's mum this should be cheaper than scrapbooking!!

I've made another one today as well, a mini version for a friend. Will show and tell later once she has rcvd it!