Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Guess what...?

I'm hopping on a plane in August... and I'm going to Adelaide!! I'm having myself a mini-break and going over to meet Lynn and help her out at the SA Craft Fair!!

I'm pretty excited to say the least... meeting Lynn & hopefully some of LC's Adelaide members and then getting to play with scrap things all weekend... woohoo!! And I get Balfours Frogs!!

Sunday, 25 June 2006

Another one finished...

Just had to throw this one in as well... just finished it. It's very simple but I like it... the stitching helped lift it a bit. I also finished the one for the photoswap... but can't show that one yet!!

So... I'm done! All projects finished... I think... bring on the EDM Comp!!


I've just had the best day scrapping with the Scrappi Dais girls and am pooped to say the least... although I don't recall doing much except some layouts and eat!! But I have completed 3 layouts today... almost finished another 2 that just need some hand stitching that I don't have the patience for right this minute!! Later I will...

Yesterday I played with photoshop and taught myself how to cut a portrait away from the background, add feathering etc etc. I'm pretty impressed with what I did!!

Here is the gorgeous Miss B... isn't she just the sweetest thing. This layout was for the challenge I set last week and didn't do. Lisa showed me these pics of B and I simply had to use one for the challenge. I also scraplifted a LO by Kerrin Quall in issue 43 of For Keeps... I really love her style and would have to say she is fast becoming a huge inspiration to me. Hope you like it Lisa...

This one is my perfume bottle! So I'm hard up for photos, leave me alone!! I was trying to see what I could do with the camera... this one took about 20 shots to get right.... geeseh, don't let me loose with something that moves!! But this bottle had to be scrapped, it's so funky... and finally something non-scrap related that I have spoilt myself with. So I guess it's another page for my BOM!!

So I've had a lovely weekend, ready for another week of work... feeling hale and hearty... all's good!!

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Have to blog...

Dear blog... it's been 5 days since my last input... I have sinned... so can I now say 3 Heidi Swapps and go in scraps... please? Oh shush... it's late... I'm tired... hehehe!!

Thought I'd better update as I'll be having Lisa buzzing me with the request "do me a favour... update ya blog" soon, although I think there is entertainment enough on her own blog... so many things to look at!! Must get some music again... but what... hmmmm!

Anyway... how y'all keeping? Me... I had a cold... was very sad and sorry for myself for a couple of days there. Had Wednesday off work and slept the day away and today felt sooooo much better. Tonight I think I could say I'm back to about 80%... so I'm pretty happy with that. There's nothing worse than having a cold on a Scrappi Dais weekend!

Man I am hanging for Scrappi Dais... feel more excited than usual, no idea why... and it's not the Prima's Chelle!! Although they're pretty exciting as well, aww heck... they're way exciting!! Maybe I'm just getting back into the swing of things since I've not been myself of late... who is that person anyway... I never know! LOL!! But guys... seriously... I'm fine!! Right... fine... good... settled!! It's just that...

LOL... teasing... sorry.... I'm in a 'mood'!!

I bought a Lotto ticket... figured I should use the newsagent for something other than my scrap mag fix! I subbed to For Keeps because I was having dreams about missing one of the onserts for the EveryDay Moments Comp... can't miss out on them!! So fingers crossed... I have big dreams and they're not going to happen on my wage I can tell ya that!!

So what else can I share... hmmm... nope... ummm... oh yeah... nah... save that one for Scrappi Dais...

LOL... teasing! Said I was in a mood!!
Insert that cute grin emoticon I love here... actually no... insert it over there >>> yeah that's the way >>>> here<<<<>

OK... that's it for me. Will post something to look at over the weekend if I do anything... this place always looks better when it's not just me rambling on about crap... mwah!!

OK... had to add a pic since you made it this far... some cute factor is needed. All together now... awwwwww:

Isn't it the cutest thing... I want a hedgehog! Got the pic from Cute Overload {closest I'm going to get to having one I think... echidna's don't quite cut it}... link is over there in the sidebar > yep that way there >>>>

Saturday, 17 June 2006

Sorry Chelle...

Been meaning to do this tag of yours for days... so it's being done NOW!!

Finish the sentence

1/ for my next birthday I would like... my husband to remember it before I walk out the door for work!

2/ my favourite book is... ummm The Second Sunrise by Geoff Pike.... it's old and I've read it about 5/6 times so I must like it.

3/ my friends would describe me as... weird?

4/ my favourite beauty treatment... manicure!! Every 3/4 weeks!!

This goes with that
(In this one you have to pick what you enjoy with the item given,)

1/ a glass of wine... dinner out with friends

2/ a winter’s day... p-j's and slippers

3/ Coffee... white with 2 please

Been busy...

It's been Cyber Crop weekend at LC's again and I have been flat out!! It's been great fun though!! Certainly earn my keep doing these... but I love to do it so it's certainly not a chore!
So all challenges have been set... I still have my second challenge to do. Lime Green, Black & White, with a splash of a colour of your choice!

Challenge 1 was to use a minimum of 3 Patterned Papers and NO plain anything! I challenged myself further to use only papers from my old stash {and no Basic Grey}... wasn't as easy as I thought it would be... especially with all my new 3 Bugs and Fancy Pants papers looking at me!!

So this one is Kellan doing the dishes... had to take a pic because he wasn't asked to do them... and it may never happen again!!

Challenge 3 was another step by step... I LOVE these! This one I based from a layout by Kerrin Quall. I disected what she had done and put it into step forms... even mine looks nothing like hers and I knew what the steps were! I love to see how we each interpret the same instructions to create such different work!! I used some ancient Fancy Pants paper... the old stuff they made before they got a clue... it was awful... and diamonds! But I have overcome my fear of using diamonds now and it worked well.

The scanner cut off about an inch of the white to the left... but I'm too tired to fix it and it looks ok... you all get the idea anyway!!

But this is Kel dressed up for school assembly on Friday... I had 1 night to get the costume ready... haaarumpf for the notice!! But didn't he look cute... I think he did!! Perhaps I'm biased!!

Will show you all the other LO later... when I do it!!

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Another LO for today...

it looks pretty much like the other one... but brighter!!

This is our gorgeous god-daughter on her 3rd birthday. We used to run these poor kids ragged on the weekends... they used to sleep like logs as well!! Unfortunatley, on this day, Courtney was run ragged before we were even half way through the zoo!! LOL!! Love this kid... she's got attitude, but in all the right places!
Well that's my flower cutting outting experiments... what's next!! Ooops... shouldn't say that - Lisa will set me some evil challenge!! I've since added glitter to the word "fairy"... it's a girly LO and girls have to have glitter some-where!!

Paper was Urban Lily, Letters are Heidi Swapp, Photoshop Brush was downloaded from deviantART {but can't remember whose coz there's literally millions to choose from - all the putah file is telling me is moreborders4}

Last day of holidays...

very sad today... no more fun days off!

Well I had the bestest break... better last me a while as I doubt I will be able to get any next school holidays because work is getting me a new assistant to train up! So long as I can grab the 2 days in August that I want... and get another week in before Gabi goes overseas for 8 weeks... I'll be happy. LOL @ me... planning my next holiday and I'm still on this one!!

Yesterday I did nothing... well I cooked brunch... then scrapped all day. I completed another 3 Layouts for Lynn... I love them {although I say that all the time don't I!!} And I also did one on my own choice of paper... using... wait for it... Urban Lily!! I used it out of choice!! I'm so proud of me!

Lee, one of the Angels Team, has this great talent for cutting out the design... I love what she does so thought I would use the same flowers and give it a go. OK... this lady has patience. It took forever! But I love it and am really happy with it! Here's the link for Lee's "Faces"... she even cut out all the white bits... that's where my patience said... umm no thanks!! And obviously this one is mine! Isn't Lily looking like the sweetest thing!?!

So now I have all this mojo and no photos to scrap!! LOL... another famous Mistra quote if ever I heard one!

I've been scrapping some of my older photos lately. Which is fine because I have an album for us, an album for Kellan and then one of Father and Son moments... so really I could scrap the same photo up to 3 times without essentially wasting time and supplies. It has been fun because my style has changed so much over the last year that I enjoy seeing the differences between them!

Plans for today... none. The weather looks nice so might escape... would love to go to the beach {Lisa did these FAB digi beach LO's and I want some more beach photos now!} but seriously... to cold for that!! Lisa is our Scrappi Dais Digi Queen. She has talent {whether you believe it or not my dear}... and it really shines when she goes digital!! She has a knack for creating 'amazing' with simple clean lines... whereas I have to throw everything I can on the page now... forget Chanel... less is no longer more for me... more is more!! Hehehe!!

Friday, 9 June 2006

Friday... exhaustion!

I am pooped!! Today I went shopping with my mum and sister! I had to get Kellan some more uniforms and that was all... perhaps treat myself to a new pair of shoes. So we met up at 11:00, had coffee and then were off shopping... on mum!! She gave us pocket money to spend! At first I was having trouble spending {believe it or not}... it's been so long since I've gone fun shopping!! But there were sales and I had a ball.
I was seriously decadent today though with one item... I bought myself a designer perfume. I haven't had one for easy 10 years! I got Britney Spears Curious on sale for $34.00 I really love it and feel so spoilt!!
So after over 5 hours of shopping I am worn out!! But have the scrap bug... wanna scrap!!

Oh... and I got some new shoes as well!!

Thursday, 8 June 2006


Today was my pamper me day! I got my nails done and some eyebrows ripped off my brow!! Afterwards I popped over to my MIL's for a cuppa, then headed home to scrap!!

Last night I started making some embies for a LO for LC's today, just a star and some brackets, using this awful paper. The colours are gorgeous... the rest of the range is gorgeous, just this one sheet out of the whole lot was BLUCK!!! But I thought... the poor thing deserves a chance and some things are great in small doses!! The embies I made were gorgeous... I was on the right path, that was a good decision to use this poor, sad, lonely peice of paper!!

I started working on a LO at about 1ish... its now 11:30 and I have finally finished! 10.5 hours for 1 layout! Like OMG! And guess why. I had this bright idea that this paper would look great if I sanded it, then inked it then cut it this way and put it there and there - I mean the embies looked great, if I had any true talent surely I could make this work, couldn't I?

Well it did... looked great {surprisingly}... just a bit 'flat' and needed a wicked title... herein was my downfall... where to fit the thing!! Over 5 hours playing with friggin chipboard letters!! In the middle of this my mouse decides to bit the bullet and die... stupid thing. So after tears and a tantrum {that needed placating with hubby's credit card}, I have an old mouse of Darren's that has a tail... who cares, it works!! And my letters are done, they are glued, they are balanced and if the colours don't scan well for this I'm really going to have a hissy fit!!

Oh... a word of warning... don't DM Chip Chatter Letters {hey it seemed like a good idea at the time}... they warp a little. If I can't get this one to stop wanting to bend itself off the layout then it will be the first one I have ever thrown in the bin!! LOL... nah, it will be salvagable... I think...

But despite spending my whole day on a layout... 'twas another lovely holiday day!! And I do like my LO... a big sense of acheivement using something way out of any comfort zone I've been in and trying something different, that I think works.

Edit: Woke up in the am and the Chip Chatter Letter is fine... it curved and then flattened itself back to normal all by itself!! Phew...!

Wednesday... {yesterday}

Or "tha ovva day" as Kellan would say!

Had a great day! Did the usual morning routine... made myself a latte then packed all my scrap stash away to go to Lisa's for lunch and spend the arvo there.
Beforehand I had to post some final items & get some Bazzill from Spotlight. I was cringing at the thought... but HAD to have Pear Bazzill TODAY, the shade was the only one that was going to work. Should've not done that... my 99c sheet of Bazzill cost $95!! OMG... I am so bad - yet paying 99c for Bazzill is still the thing I have issues with!
Then I had to stop at the shops to get some yummies! Guess what? They have a Turkish Delight Chocolate drink now... like talk about heaven in a cup!!
I could've left my stash in the car... no scrapping happened, although I doubted that it would!! What did happen was lots of chatting and a thoroughly enjoyable day being spent... as it always is with Lisa!
Left her house at about 4:30, poor girl didn't get a thing done all day! On the way home up the Roe Highway a familiar car joins the flow of traffic 2 cars ahead... 'twas my hubby on his way home from work! Now we couldn't do that again if we tried!! I know... trivia info... but was a buzz for me!
Sooo... that was yesterday. I cooked a gorgeous Risotto for dinner, even Kellan ate it!! All summed up... it was a perfect day!!

Tuesday, 6 June 2006


I am fast proving to myself that I never do anything useful on my holidays!! But then, I guess for me... the chance to simply be at home and do nothing is a holiday! LOL... what do I mean 'me'... that goes for all us women!! Whether we are SAHM's or WOTHM's... we both work all darn day!
I got up usual time... got Kel ready, woke up hubby... took Kel to BSC {still do that because not taking him upsets his routine and therefore his happiness}, then came home and waited for the post office to open!
Did the post office thing, bought half of it home as sending one LO via Registered Mail to Sydney and one Letter to NZ proved to be a major effort in paperwork! So I still have yet to go back so I can post the CJ's and the other stuff!
Then I caught up on my forums, chatted with Lisa and Jac until they both had to tend to those motherley duties... and then I played Pharaoh - until Darren got home!! Like OMG... where did those hours go!!
But I did have fun... I am relaxed... some housework got done and I have thoroughly enjoyed my day!
I would like to get some scrapping done... but to honest, I couldn't be bothered at the moment. I have all these gorgeous supplies to use... they are sitting on my desk looking at me longingly... and yet I continue to ignore them! Well... not to worry... I'll get over this and be off and running again soon!! Some new pics will help with that... now to actually take some!!
So that's another day... wonder what tomorrow has in store for me!!

Monday, 5 June 2006


...did absolutely nothing except veg all day! Guess it's a good thing as now I've done the nothing thing and am geared up for busy busy busy for the rest of the week!
Haven't been in a chatty mood... in the forums or msn. Guess I don't have to be do I, we all have those moments.
Well... I'm supposed to be watching King Kong with Kellan... again!! Be back with tomorrow's thilling {not} instalment tomorrow!! My foray up to the post office... excitement plus hey!!

Sunday, 4 June 2006

Holiday Diary...

I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays, I'm on holidays!!!
Guess you got the message... I'm on holidays!!
Thought I would do a holiday diary on here so I remember I actually had one as well all know how quick they fly by!! So I'm behind already... but hey, it's me, would I have it any other way!!
Saturday 3rd June:
Woke up with headache... good start but that wasn't stopping me! Took Darren to the doc's to get some paperwork finalised re his compo thing, then Macca'c for lunch as I had 2 kids {9 & 39} harping at me for it! Wasn't that hungry but head was saying it needed food so I had a happy meal. LOL! Then went to take some pics in Guildford for LC's SnapShots Journals. Next stop was Ultimate Games so Darren could buy a game... and I walked out with a second-hand {big spenderer of $10 I am} expansion pack for Pharoah - a game I was hooked on about 4 years ago. Well I was hooked until Scrapping took over my life!! Then we went to Jaguar DVD to treat ourselves to some DVD's. We haven't bought a DVD simply forever!! We picked up Narnia and King Kong for $20 each.. gotta be happy with that!!
So home again... King Kong went straight into the DVD player... Darren loaded his game, I loaded mine... tried to deall with the concept of chatting on msn with my friends... but not being able to see the screen through the migraine that the headache had developed into proved impossible so logged of after a whole 1 second I think! So I konked early and went to bed. Asleep by 9:30 I think! What a waste of a perfectly good weekend night!!
Sunday 4th June:
Slept in until about 9:30ish... like OMG I slept that long! But... very minor niggle of a headache! Woohooo!! Darren made me bacon and eggs for breakky, yummy... low carb on the menu today as I'm positive the migraines stem from too many carbs.
Vegged with Kellan watching TV, he has a cold so I've dosed him up and wrapped him up warm. Darren's brother turned up after lunch by surprise, which is ok, he's family and family can drop in whenever {what's the bet though that it was arranged and Darren forgot!!} He had Jess in tow so Kel was rapt to have someone to play with and also left me free for the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted. So I worked on the next Angel Medley for LC's and then got lost in Pharoah until dinner time... how bad am I! But no headache from the computer so it's most likely the carbs... who really knows but I'm so glad I got rid of it with no medication this time!
I did clean the kitchen and do some washing today... I'm not a total slacker, but I haven't left the house all day!!
Tomorrow we plan to escape so I can get some pics... always needing more pics!! The weather was divine today, hope it's the same tomorrow!
And right now... now I plan to go to bed again. I'm on holidays... sleep is needed!! Good Night!!

Friday, 2 June 2006

Bounced out of bed...

then got back in!! Too cold!!
I feel like I was hit by a bus! We went to bed on time, I slept like a log and am exhausted! I had lots of dreams, but I know where they have stemmed from so that's ok... but don't you hate that when you wake up exhausted because you were running amok in your dreams!! Guess its worse when you have no idea what bought the dream on and you sit there thinking.... hmmmm OK ducks and yo-yo's... lets not even go there!! And yes... I even googled that one!! ROFL!!
But... last day of work for a week! I woke Kel up this morning and he was excited because after today he gets 3 whole days off!! He loves long weekends and holidays - but then who doesn't!!
Kim, Lisa, Chelle and myself are doing the Scrapboxx Retreat again next year. Pretty excited about that... was a bit dubious at first as the venue was a little cramped, but Maria has fine-tuned all that, so I'm thinking the next one will be perfect. If the girls are going, then I'm there! Not missing out on the fun that's for sure!! They had a riot on Lisa's birthday which I had to miss, not fun missing out on any get together but a birthday!! Even if it was boring {will never happen with these ladies} I still would've wished I was there!!
Well... that's all for now. Just a little ramble while I wait for Kellan to get his act together... I swear he gets slower every day!!

Thursday, 1 June 2006

Finally blogger was being happy... it has it's moments! Poor thing gets warn out! This is the dorky pic I tried to upload! Well Kel isn't as dorky looking as I thought he was! We get about 20 of these for each of the perfect photos I end up scrapping... thought it was time to share a tragic but fun photo!!

Hmmm... what to say...

ok... as punishment for being a dickhead {don't ask, just rest assured that I'm a total doofus} I have to update my blog! So now my punishment is your punishment!! Hehehe!!
Sooo... what to say!! What was on the list... one more day of work and I'm on holidays, I didn't get my nails done yesterday, I'm gonna catch up with Lisa next week so she can smack me, hopefully I'll get to catch up with Flee as well, my mojo has walked out the door after Chelle's challenge, Darren's payout isn't in yet... but it's coming, tomorrow is jeans day at work, tomorrow is also free lunch day at work, SC picked up one of my layouts... oh and it's winter!!
How's that for a sentence - out of breath?
I desperately need this holiday... my brain is very frazzled and worn out, which has become very obvious to some!! Pity it takes me a while to work it out. I was trying to hang until the school holidays but really didn't think I could make it this time! So I have 4 days {Monday is a Public Holiday in WA} all for myself... no Darren, no Kellan... just me and the bed!! I think Tuesday I might sleep all day and then fit in some socialising for the rest of the week!! I'm also going to get my nails done next week as well as my eyebrows {it's not a monobrow Lisa} waxed and have a massage... should be noice!!
Ummmm... and I just lost my train of thought. See - I'm braindead!
I will update again later... when I get a clue! I tried to put a pic in but blogger is being stupid... it's ok, wasn't terribly exciting!!