Monday, 21 December 2009

Santa came early...

for a certain young man in our household...

For 2 years Kel has wanted his own dog. After Sassy passed Darren & I weren't ready... finally now for Kel we are. She was supposed to be a birthday present, but we found her earlier and knowing she was perfect had to grab her then and there. Kel originally wanted to save an older dog, but this little girl was just what he had been hoping for... sometimes plans change when things are meant to be.

Her name is Cocoa {we are so original I know} and she's a Chocolate Labrador with a little bit of Border Collie thrown in, she's only 7 weeks old and missing her brothers and sisters...

but she's starting to settle in already, especially if we are on the floor with her.

It's safe for us down there on the floor... she has a toe fettish otherwise!

Until next time, take care of you.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Sweet Angels

Thought I'd share these with you... for the last 3 years Kel has bought me a present from his saved lunch money change to buy me a Mother's Day gift from the stall at school. And each year it's been an Angel Praying. Never my 'thing' before... now they sit by me while I scrap, and are my favourite treasures.

He can be just the sweetest thing.

Until next time, take care of you.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Making a list...

and hopefully finishing it!

I need to get some Christmas Spirit happening, but my mind is still off in DeNile ;-) so thought a list might come in handy... might help, or create a mild panic attack LOL!

Get the Christmas Tree up: can't have Christmas without it! This also involves moving the lounge and dining room around so we can fit the tree in; which then involves me cleaning both rooms because once you move something you find 'hidden' things, it's going to take all day. Sigh... should have put the tree up in June LOL!

Send Cards: I think I've left this kinda late... better get my skates on!

Buy Presents... luckily I only have to get 2 more Secret Santa ones for Darren's side of the family and I know what they want. One is on it's way already. I have my niece and nephews already, my sister and I aren't swapping this year... so that just leaves mum and dad. Easy Peasy. Then there is Kel, there's not much he wants... but he loves opening pressies and there's only going to be a couple to open. He's such a good kid, doesn't care about branding, doesn't care if we spend a lot or not... just like to open pressies and misses Santa! And then we have his birthday on the 31st which I wanted to be a huge thing for him, I had all these cool plans for his 13th and now... nothing. He wants a dog, that's all... so after Christmas we'll be looking at the animal refuge for a new family member. Big step for all of us there. And again... he's such a good kid when it comes to these things... he doesn't care if there's not party, so long as he gets his dog {and it doesn't even have to be a puppy because he wants to 'save' one}, and a cake and happy birthday sung to him. Oh... I digressed, back to the 'list' girl!

Buy Presents: {take 2} Chillax Missy, there's not many to get!

Wrap Presents: I think this is where my Christmas Spirit is hiding, I LOVE wrapping presents.

Plan Christmas Eve: New for this year, we are staying home alone. Might have one of Darren's mates over, will see what happens. But I get to plan some yummies for dinner... if that doesn't get my Christmas Spirit happening then nothing will!

Christmas Day: Get up, chill out... go to mum's, have a swim up the river and enjoy a wonderful day with the people I love the most in this world.

Is there a twinge of excitement... not yet {although Christmas Day itself does}, but I'm going to start writing a thorough list at least. Planning Christmas Eve dinner will help the happy bug, I love planning yummies! But I am calm, I''m not stressing... that's a good thing!

Until next time, take care of you.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Some more LO sharing... went to Tomorrow's Memories again on Friday night for their moonlight crop, had such a lovely time as always... and I won another prize, talk about lucky, I don't usually win things but I've done well lately at TM's. I bought a FAB headband that Evana made, I just need to alter it a little bit because I have a fat head!

Sadly mojo wandered away for the night,... we're having a few dramas with Kel and they all clicked into place on Friday. He is having a rough time, we're going to see if we can get him a referral for some counselling. He's been distraught to the point of sobbing about going to school {and other places}, because he thinks something bad is going to happen. Looking back over the last 6 weeks all the symptoms/excuses are showing signs of anxiety of some form and my heart is breaking that I can't just put a bandaid on it and fix it. So I'm not sure if he's even going to be able to finish the year, which is so sad... but I'd rather not force the issue if there is a problem. There's no bullying happening at school that the teacher is aware of and Kel says there isn't... so maybe him talking to someone that isn't mum or dad might help him. But I am glad now that I've realised we have a possible 'problem' nice and early and can get some help... it's very likely all the BIG changes happening soon that have triggered it; becoming a teenager, going to high school... all the unknown things etc. Hopefully if we are lucky he can start high school all afresh with some management procedures in place.

But we've all had a calm, if not extremely hot weekend {aircon died last weekend... great, talk about timing} and he's talking about going to school tomorrow. So I'll get him up in the morning, and if he gets there, then great... if not we'll try again Tuesday.

I scrapped my 3 half finished layouts from Friday night in the cool part of Saturday morning, and then Saturday evening started on next weeks DT project, which I LOVE... I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

This next one was for my Step by Step at Home and Scrapped, the girls have created some FAB layouts... I always get such a kick out of seeing what they create. I'll load the steps for this to my MaDscrapping Blog during the week.

So hopefully we have a less eventful week, I wish I could wave a magic wand for Kel and get rid of his anxiety... the last week of school is always such a treasure and I hate the thought that he could be missing such a wonderful time. But time will help...

I've put new clothes on the blog for Christmas... to try and get my Christmas Spirit happening. I'm really struggling this year, not only is there next to no money, but there's next to no family tradition as well because of Darren's brother, and that's the part that is really getting to me. We'll go see his mum & dad on Christmas Day though... but Christmas Eve is a non-event. But I'll try and do something special for us, have some nice treats for Christmas Eve dinner and just the 3 of us watch Christmas movies etc. And my mum is fussing now for Christmas Day. We're going to the river for a swim first, then back to her house for a late lunch/early dinner, of which the simple fare has ended up a full on deal... but that's mum, I love her passion for Christmas, she has always made it such a special day for us!

It's been a while since I've had a rabble on here... likely because nothing great is happening with our family life, other than we are family. We're all worn out, the 3 of us... we need to have a HUGE declutter and start afresh, it's been a rough year and it's showing around the edges; guess it's quite the same for a lot of us... I know that my close friends have been through the wringer this year but we keep on keeping on... because we have to! I'm hoping 2010 is a much better year for us all.

Until next time, take care of you.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

More 3AS bits...

This month I got to set the challenge at 3AS; this is my LO for it. We're focussing on family, summer and the holidays this month so my challenge was set around family quirks, because we each have them! Pop over and see what it's all about, why not join in - there's fab prizes up for grabs!

This week was also our sketch week {I like sketch week} LOL! This is the sketch from So Sketchy.

And here is my LO based on it. This month I am working with Dream Street "Nostalgic" papers. Not something I would normally grab for myself... but the colours/patterns are very me and I've had a lot of fun with them so far.

And I made another one, because it was fun!

So, it's been a month as 3AS DT already and it's gone so fast, they say time flies when you're having fun and it's true, I am enjoying myself there without a doubt!

Until next time, take care of you.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

12 Days of Christmas @ 3AS

We have been busy little bees coming up with Christmas Ideas at 3 Angels Scrapping. Here's a few of mine:

Table Setting using scrapping stuff - so easy these days with diecut sheets and tags, rhinestones and stickers!

I have used Pink Paislee's Mistletoe & Co Range here, it's my fave range so far this season.

A Birthday Calendar using a Daily Calendar Holder - I've only been working on this for years, well had the idea in my head - it finally got finished on the weekend!

A gorgeous {and easy peasy} Diary which could easily be used to make a mini album or journal. Instructions for this are available at Storm Scraps, my dear friend Heather created the tutorial for it so say howdy when you pop in!

Papers for this one are Webster's Pages - so so stunning!

There's heaps of ideas happening, so if you want some Chrissy Gift or Decoration ideas, pop over to 3 Angels 12 Days of Christmas Gallery and have a see!

Until next time, take care of you.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Starting Monday...

I'll be running a SBS over at Home&Scrapped as the December Challenge, so if you don't have the time or mojo is running low, pop on over and play along. A new step will be added each day, so by Sunday you'll have a completed LO with minimal effort and without having had spent hours procrastinating over what to stick where!

Hopefully I'll see you @ Home!!

Until next time, take care of you.