Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Back on the Rollercoaster...

So much for Darren's career path. The centre where he was going to work and train have decided they don't need anyone for 2 years, after we get a formal job offer 3 weeks ago. Darren has already resigned from his old job... and as 1st April {yeah great... we know who the fool is} won't have a job.

We are deeply suspicious of the 'new' lady, who has been none to nice to either of us since she started... and we've already caught her out on a lie.

The bigger kick in the guts from Darren being the Chair there for almost 2 years... not to mention the 18 months I've put into the centre. We have helped them financially, emotionally and physically doing the right thing by our community centre where our son still needs to go for BS & AS Care. Needless to say we are now looking for other options.

Another lesson for us to learn... don't do nothing for no-one unless they are family or close friends. Wish it was so easy as that.

Monday, 26 February 2007


It's been quite a month hey. Don't think I've ever been on such a roller coaster ride in my life and will be glad to see the back of February 07.

Having said that though I have learnt a lot about myself this year and am grateful for that. The rest of the year can only now be on the up.

We have stressful times ahead of us financially while Darren takes a new career path... but happiness means more than money to us, always has. It will be so nice to see my hubby free and happy again. You have to love your work, you're there for such a huge part of your life that it's imperative you do.

So we have exciting adventures ahead of us. Rock on March and goodbye soon to February... and Rock on the Boxx Retreat!!

Sunday, 25 February 2007

That's It!

I've had enough... it's over ok guys... let it be in the past and stay there!

For those of you have been reading my blog, friends blogs and certain forums and making your own assumptions... here is some of my side. For goodness sake... here I was trying to make no comments in my own defence or ever thinking of attacking others, trying to keep the peace and do what is right.

I closed down the MaDscraps Forums... because I had to... for my health, my family and for my sanity. I HAD to do this for me... BUT I tried to find an alternative for people. I did not say they had to join this site, it was merely a suggestion for those who didn't know any other places! And... I also had asked the site owners permission before suggesting it. I'm not rude no matter what some people may think.

YES... I was offered help of sorts... but in the end it was me at the helm and this I could not cope with.

NO... I did not plan this when I bought the site & shop, I'm not evil, geeshe. I'm just a normal person trying to cope the best I can. If I had not bought it, or if no-one else had bought it, the site & shop was going to be closed down anyway, so there was always a possibility. It's something I didn't want to happen so I bought it! There... now you all know one of the reasons I bought it. I bought it because of loyalty, love of scrapping and the dream that I could do it all... but I couldn't.

And yet... even after the forums have been ressurected by the original owner so everyone has their community {which I think was wonderful of her to do}... I still get crap over it.

I'm a good person... trying to cope with a lot of issues and doing what I can to get on in this world... I am not some evil entity out to destroy everyone's social structure.

I hold no grudges... I'm not like that... I would hope others would do the same. It's too small a world and too short a life to be carrying on this way. I'm not sure who it is causing all the rukus... nor do I really care. People react in different ways to events and how they cope is their business... I would merely like the same respect.

Please let it be now... please let my friends alone... life is too short.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

More LO's

I've been playing at ScrapWitch's Cyber Crop today. Has been such fun to join in on a Crop instead of run one... refeshing! So today I've done 3 LO's. 2 for the CC and 1 for one of Jill's monthy challenges. Has certainly helped the motivation again!

This one is for a numbers challenge: 6 Colours, 3 different kinds of Embies and 4 Photos.

This one is a challenge to use a big "U", but since I'd done one with a "U" before Jill said I should do "W"

This for a colour challenge using Hot Pink, Brown and a Orangey/Yellow... and this is my Melbournite friend Jac!

Oh... and one more. I did this for a challenge Chelle set... had to use everything in 3's! Funny thing with this one... I finally get a pic with a girl in it, and I don't use flowers!

Monday, 19 February 2007

I love my Hobby!

I so love scrapping... I really do. I love the creativity it allows me, the memories it's recording and the friends I have made through it.

Got together with the girls on the weekend and had a great time, scrapped, laughed... ate! And even cuddled the ever so sweet baby Tyler {why have I not done that yet... bad bad scrap aunty that I am}

So I did a monogram for a swap I'm doing, then a couple of LO's.

Yeah... a bit plain. It's based on a sketch by Becky Fleck {trust me the sketched looked far better than what I've done to it!}... but well... I was a bit lost without my flowers!! But I love the colours on it!

And this one is a photo I 'found' hiding on the putah of Kel and our god-daughter Courtney. Are they not oh so cute! I love this LO... 'cept forgot to add the date before scanning it... oh well, it's there IRL now, am loving red and brown though atm... my new comfort zone!

I'm so looking forward to the Boxx Retreat, more scrapping, more laughing, more eating... punch and planes {well maybe, the plane may have landed by now}... oh oh and the 'energina buzzy', hmm wonder if he appears?! ROFL... what happens when away, stays when away. I found the LO's I did from last years retreat and I was totally giggling over them again... we had such fun!!

Had a very very low day today. No reason for it... just happened that way. So I came home from work early and hid from the world for a few hours. Am feeling somewhat better for it now though, at least I know the signs and what to do. Hide... when the world gets confusing just go hide for a couple of hours... does wonders!!

Thursday, 15 February 2007


Wow... been a while since I've known I was tagged. The delightful Crissy tagged me so here goes:

A cuddler? Yes… love cuddles, ‘specially teddy bear cuddles.
A morning person? So so… make a better night owl though!
Are you a perfectionist?Unfortunately – yes {‘cept the house, the hubby helped me learn it’s a never ending battle that one}
Talented? Depends on what you’re comparing my talents with! But… I can hold my own with a few things.
In your pajamas? Well… I’m at work right now, so no!
Left handed? No.

Friend you saw: Lisa – she bought me brownies today at work, a gorgeous surprise.

Sent text: Forever ago – my mobile was stolen and I like the freedom of not having one!

Wore to bed? My skin.

Made: Nothing… chill out night.

Got any plans
Yep… Freo on Saturday, lunch by the sea. Sunday – Scrapping with my girlfriends!

Number: 5

Colour: Pink

Missing: my mojo

Q's and A's
q:first thing you did this morning: had a shower
q: last thing you ate: Lisa’s brownies

q: do you have anything bothering you? Not even going there.
q: what's the last movie you saw?: Epic Movie {yeah sad I know}

q: where is the last place you went? Huh… toilet… haha… went to see my mum last weekend.
q: do you wish upon stars? No, prefer to pray
q: are you a friendly person?: Most times

q: where did you sleep last night?: In my bed
q: what color shirt are you wearing? Not… wearing a brown and cream dress
q: when was the last time you really cried? Sunday {still not going there}
q: what was your last thought before you went to sleep? Can I JUST GO TO FRIGGIN SLEEP ALREADY

q: what are you about to do? Go have lunch
q: if you could drink anything right this second, what would it be? Oooh… would really love a perfect cup of tea
q: what's your job position called? Sales Support Manager – although I’m not… I’m just an Estimator!
q: what's your favorite month(s)? January & April
q: what's your favorite bottled water? Oh oh… I think it’s called Balance, it has Bach Flower Essences in it.
q: what were you doing at 9pm last night? Chatting to Jac & Lisa

q: did you attend your high school prom? Yes
q: did you go to someone else's prom? No
q: do you prefer coffee or tea? Either – so long as they are GOOD ones
q: something to read within 5 feet? I’m at work… I work in a print factory… surrounded!!
q: how much french do you know? A little – “ce la vie” being used a lot right now!
q: ever crash a car, been in an accident? Yes… not my fault though and no injuries.
q: do you look good in yellow? Would have to wear it to find out!
q: do you sing? Yes… in the car!
q: ever sing in public? Gosh no!

q: least favorite color? Hmmmm pastels, I know, not a colour but I like all the others!
q: how many driving tickets have you had? 2 in 17 years
q: do you own your own house? Paying one off slowly
q: at what age did you/do you want to get married? Married at 25
q: have you ever been married? Yes am currently married
q: how many kids do you have/want? Have 1… not sure if we want more

So... who's next! You... you're reading, you're next!!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Yeah... I'm blogging... for today, at this moment. Been a while... again. Sounds like a broken record that part, but soon to be over! Today, in a 'clear' moment... I've discovered what it was I've been searching for over the last year. And it wasn't more... it was less, and now I know that... I can see that I will again be truly happy.
What you want is not always {well rarely is} what you need. Pity it's cost me a lot to learn that! But I am blessed that it didn't cost me my family and close friends... yeah, my health suffered... but that's fixable.
Some reading this may not have any idea what on earth I am on about... but I know, my friends know, my family know, you don't want to know - honest, trust me there! I'm not going to go over it here. This is my place of peace... I'm moving on and what is past is past, I now look towards the present and future and it will be good.
But next time I do something as mental as put a friggin' permanent pink stripe through my hair... can ya book me into the pshyc ward because if that wasn't a cry for help I have no idea what is! LOL!!

Saturday, 3 February 2007

the prodigal blogger...

is at least trying to find some time to write in here! I really should make more time... but I'm finding that every spare moment I have I either need to sleep or hang with my boys. Guess it happens that way from time to time... life... it goes on!

Well we had a big cyber crop 2 weekends ago now... and I'm only just sharing the LO's now, yeah I know. I'm a slacker! 1st one is for a challenge to use only your scraps and I pushed myself further and also only used RAK items for the whole lot. Was fun... is very pink and girly for me! 2nd one was for a challenge to scrap a LO finishing the sentence "Happiness is..." simple challenges for the first one... next one will be harder!!

So what have I been doing... other than running a scrap shop. Work... yep, still have to work full time as well. That's ok though... my choice. Believe it or not sometimes it's good to not think about scrapping! Work has been rather stressful these last 2 months though... hopefully that will sort itself out soon...

Sooo... what have I done... not a lot. Seen some movies with Dags and Kel... oh did the Australia Day thing at Minnawarra Park with the family last week... I think Aust Day is fast becoming my favourite holiday of the year! Chillin out, sitting with family and extended family amongst a crowd decked out in Aussie Flags, show bags, bands... then the fireworks! Always a great night!

Today I got my hair cut for the first time in about 8 years... yeah.. about 8 years. I usually cut it myself, but it was time for a treat. Got them to do some funky colour to it as well... although we still need to build one of the colours... they've stripped it back and I have fudge in there, so it will build up or fade as I want... and I can change the colours as well. So soon the motley colours will be even... just my hair was so dark and had to go so light! She straightened it also... and wow... I almost don't recognise myself! And guess what... I was expecting horror on Dags' face when I got home... and didn't get it! He loved it... wow!

OK... so that's about all. Yep... nothing too exciting in my life, but that's a good thing!!