Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wild Rose - Flower Tutorial

I've been creating more flowers!  This time with Spellbinders Rose Creations die. This is such a versatile die, if you can't decide which of Donna Salazar's Flower dies to buy first, I would suggest this one!

So, you will need 3 consecutive petal sizes, cutting 1 of the largest, 3 of the middle and then 2 of the smallest - as shown below.  You can use any sizes you want, the 3 smallest ones create a sweet little flower!  For the tutorial I have used the 3 as marked.  I have used one of Donna Salazar's 'Trunk in the Attic' papers for this one, love the creamy vintage look.

First we assemble the layers, smallest to largest and secure with a brad.  We don't need to glue the layers.

Once together spritz the layers with water... just enough to make the paper damp!  You can always add more as you work if needed.

Bring the first layer up around the brad to form a bud, continue for all layers, making sure the petals offset one another as you work.

The larger layers can have the tips folded back a bit to create an opening bud...

Once done it will look something like this...

Dab the top of the flower with Jasmine Mix'd Media Inx.  I use the Jasmine as it softens the colouring of the paper, but you could any colour that works for your project.

Spritz with water to allow the ink to blend and run...

and then gently open the petals, open out the largest layer to form nice open petals and allow the others to fall as they wish, we can open them a little more later...

Flip it over and dry the back first with a heat gun, to set the larger petals... 

Then turn it back right side up and keep drying.  Keep the heat gun moving so you don't burn the petals.  Alternatively sit the flower in a sunny spot and let it dry naturally.

Once dried you can arrange the petals more if needed, as we haven't glued these once the layers are dry you will be able to spin the layers so they sit just right!

Thanks for visiting, take care and be true to you.
Mis xo


  1. Hi Mistra, Thanks for sharing how to make this lovely flowers, I will have to check if i have this die, it really does make the most beautiful flowers! have a great day!

  2. this is beautiful Mistra - I have to get one of these dies - they look fabulous - thanks for sharing :)

  3. Mine arrive just yesterday can't wait to start creating with it, these are lovel and thanks for sharing.

  4. Pretty, pretty Mistra. I love this die.

  5. Woow! I made some of these last night Mistra. They came out just like your toot except I didn't have any of the Mixed Media ink. I need to pick some of that up. Thanks again for sharing your work is always inspiring.

    1. Awesome, that's great to hear!! Natasha has the MMI in stock now at her little shop... it's great stuff!!

    2. Will have to get that die Mis, thanks for the tute. Can't wait to play. May improvise with something from the cricut while I wait for die to arrive.

    3. Thanks for the tute Mis. Will have to get that die. In the meantime I may just have to improvise with something cut from a cricut cartridge.

  6. Hi, just found your blog. These flowers are lovely. I have used this die lots of times to make roses but have never tried doing it you way. Thanks for showing how. Hugs mrs a.

  7. Love your rose! These dies from Donna are my favorite flower dies. They make gorgeous roses in a variety of styles. Your roses are a new way for me. Thank you for sharing.

  8. great tutorial Mistra I am going to have to try these

  9. Those flowers are sensational, love your layout of Coco!