Sunday, 11 November 2007

Little Pig Little Pig...

OK... yeah... it's not the best LO created. But it's done! I had such trouble trying to work out how to create a LO to suit these pics, I've so lost my scrap mojo... totally flown out the window! But you get that, and at least this is now documented, with journaling even!

Anyway... this is Kel dressed as one of the 3 Little Pigs for the parody his class did for assembly. He had a whole one line, but was so proud to have it! He loves acting, even if it's a small part. We really must get him back into drama classes. Hopefully with Darren starting work again next year {yep... wooohooo, he has a job} we'll be able to arrange that.

We've found him a job working 3 nights a week, 11 hour shifts, so with loading it will be a full wage. He'll still be able to drop Kel to school and be home with him in the afternoons... so Kel doesn't miss out or have to go into OSC. It should work perfectly! Having to juggle the housework between the 2 of us again won't be fun for me though... it's been nice having a house hubby... but you can't have everything! We'll manage though, we did before and we will again!

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