Friday, 13 June 2008


I'm home!!

My 5 days in Brissy were the best 5 days I think I've ever had!! Vicki is more gorgeous IRL than she was online... and those who know her online already know she's an angel! She was so much fun and has a wicked sense of humour, well one that really appeals to me for sure!!

Brisbane bought back floods of childhood memories, the names, the old Queenslander style homes, the mountains... everything!

The Expo was fantabulous!! Sooooo much to see and do. I did 2 classes, one with Ngaire which I enjoyed immensely... even dog tired it was so relaxing and easy paced! The other class I did was with Lynette Carroll and was full on, but I have a new found respect for K&Co stickers and diecuts etc so was a very worthwhile class!

The highlight of the Expo though was meeting Donna, KarenB, Penny and Joy... and also K4S and Hyperscrap from Scrapwitch who I've not chatted to much online but were lovely!! Donna is a little dynamo... lots of fun, straight down the line, gorgeous and a wee bit naughty... fun naughty though!! I'm glad her and I have sorted ourselves out and had a chance to meet IRL! KarenB is just as she is online, down to earth, interesting, funny as a fit... warm and caring. Penny, Penny was gorgeous as was Joy... you know it was amazing that everyone was as I've imagined them to be online... I think Penny and I could get up to a bit of mischeif though given the chance... lol!!

V and I went into Printblocks when we were there and I have to say, I was blown away by the calibre of their service! Even with the Expo looming they dropped everything to show us around, got us a trolley so we could fill it and simply couldn't do enough to help. So the trolley got well and truely filled and I had a suitcase full of yummies to bring back for the shop!

Came home to lots of yummy orders as well, took me all day to pack them, so that was a great turn of events. Shop is doing well... I'm in the process of hunting for a new shopping cart so MaDs shop is better for all of us to use. So I will have a very busy couple of weeks ahead of me while I swap it all over... but it will be worth it!

OK... have to fly... have a lovely day and take care of you!!


  1. Welcome home Mistra! Glad to hear you had a fabulous time and I am very jealous that you got to go shopping at Print Blocks. Looking forward to catching up in person very soon.

  2. It was fabulous to finally meet you in person Mistra. I had the best time, and I must say that I will never eat Greek food again without remembering our girls' night out, LOL.

  3. The highlight for me too was meeting you guys - as you say - everyone is so as I expected! Aren't scrappers the best people!? Sorry we didn't have the chance to get up to mischief together - next year OK???
    Luv Pen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx