Saturday, 10 July 2010

My 1st Class

Today I taught my very 1st ever class, to say I was nervous as all heck going in was an understatement! But once I got into the swing of things I think it all went well... well I hope it did!!

I had a ball... I LOVED seeing everyone's piece become their own, LOVED seeing people new to the techniques I was showing love them like I do... LOVED it all. The ladies were wonderful... I hope they all love their pieces, I thought each of every one of them looked fabulous!

Can't wait for my next class now... it's August 21st and will cover these techniques but boosted, very full on, very messy... lots of FUN!!

Take care of you.


  1. Looks fabulous Mistra! Glad you had fun teaching the class - really there was no doubt you would blow them away ;-D

  2. YAY for you Mistra, wish I could go to one of your classes! (PS I've copied the RES piccie to put on my blog too)

  3. Congrats on surviving your first class - it can only get easier from here on. The class BTW looks absolutely stunning

  4. Well done Little Miss, you would have been a natural anyway. Bigger and better to come

  5. Your blog is awesome, your work is amazing... and to think you now teach classes! When are you coming to the US to teach??? :-) Oh, how I would LOVE to take one of your classes! Those lucky ladies must have had a ball!

  6. Congrats on teaching your first class Mistra!! We always knew that you would be a natural and that everyone would love you...sorry I couldn't be there to wish you well for the first class. We will be back soon....we are so lucky to be having a wonderful family holiday! See you soon.