Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Was playing the other day {LOL, I must share a story about 'the other day' later}, I've been waiting to play with these wings from The Dusty Attic.  When Jen let us play with the prototypes I had them thrown in water and feathered right away... playing with different finishes etc for our Dusty Day at Tomorrow's Memories, but haven't had the right layout to put some on since.  The other day I decided to just 'play' and created this.  

It's a sweet 4x4 canvas with a lot of mixed media arty farty stuff on it {collage, muslin, impasto, stamping, paint, metal leaf, diamond dust, webbing spray, embossing powders etc}, I had wonderful messy fun!!  I love wings, love angels... I always feel so relaxed and happy when I am creating them, I should just play more often, it's fun!

Take care of you.


Oh... the other day:  when Kel was little, we'd ask when he did something and he'd reply 'the other day'... sometimes it seemed odd because we were sure it was month ago or something... but nope, he'd always insist it was 'the other day' {pronounce the uva day}.  It took us a while to realise that Kel had NO concept of time and "the other day" could be anywhere from yesterday to 3 years ago.  It's cute now and every time I or Kel say "I did this the other day" Darren cracks up laughing... just one of those little family things you never want to forget!

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