Sunday, 26 February 2012

Butterfly - TM's Project Pack

At Tomorrow's Memories, us girls on the Design Team make up easy grab project packs for the store, and so often I forget to share them with you!  This one I finished on Thursday, and took the kits, all ready to go, in on Friday... already they are selling fast {I am happy, it's always so exciting to see something you created wanted by others}! 

I really had fun with this layout... it's simple and uncluttered and happy, even with the earthy tones.  


There are always plenty of great packs to choose from, so if you're in Perth, pop in and have a look... it's a great way to get your photos scrapped and the packs are always so well priced!

You can also send in an order and they'll post them out to you, the shop has photos of the packs for sale on their website, updated bi-monthly - click HERE to see them all!!

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