Sunday, 5 August 2012

Butterfly Kisses and Look Through - Dusty Attic ATC's

Hi everyone... I have a couple of ATC's to share with you today.  These were created for The Dusty Attic, one is for last months theme of "On the Red Spectrum" and the other is this months current theme of "Through the Window", both fabulous ideas for themes!!

Butterfly Kisses - Red Spectrum ATC

Last weekend as I was creating, I realised my messy sheet had the perfect colours to create a background for the Red Spectrum ATC.   If you end up with lots of messy sheets, before throwing them away, have a look at the colours and patterns left behind, you might be able to use them again on your projects!

A Flutterby was inked with Schoolhouse Mix'd Media Inx and sprinkled with Fairy Dust Glitter...

One of the ATC Frames was painted with Warm White paint and then the edges lightly swiped with Schoolhouse Mix'd Media Inx and spritzed with water to soften it.  When dry it was covered with a thin coat of crackle accents and sprinkled with Mica Flakes.

Look Through and Dream - Through the Window ATC

I didn't have any windows small enough to create this, so I cut down and re-glued one of the doors, it worked a charm!

I added some brickwork to the side, a 'curtain' gently draped across the window and a little dreamy Parisian scene to dream about!

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  1. Such beautiful little pieces of work.

  2. Oh these are really creative and oh so beautiful!!

  3. I just love this! The fairy dust on the butterfly with the red background is amazing.

  4. these are so beautiful Missy. Everytime I see your work I just want to reach through the screen and touch it! so much texture :) hope you are well xox