Tuesday, 14 November 2006

And speaking of handbags still...

We had a rough night and I've not slept a wink. We had a home invasion whilst we were in the home, again. But this time they've taken my handbag with my purse, filofax, iPac, phone and wedding/engagement rings plus my MIL rings she passed to me. I'd taken them off at work and put them in my bag to keep them "safe" and remembered thinking on the way home I must put them back on when I got home. I'm so upset and Darren is beside himself, they are treasures that can't be replaced and I'm soooo MAD at the ^$&!#*% who dare come into our house and take what is not theirs.

They've come in thru the bedroom window, which an adult could not fit through so it would have to be a young kid. I have a big suspicion of who as well since we've had no trouble until this one feral family moved into the neighbourhood. They've grabbed the iPac on the bedside table and then would've spotted the bag in the hallway. Since we would all have been in the middle of the house they'd have been out of sight.

I am always so paranoid about my bag, it's always on the floor next to me when I'm inside the house and under the bed when I sleep - except for this time where I'd put it on the return in the hallway where I could see it plain as day - I had my hands full when I came in and plonked it there and when I went to grab it last night - gone! So many one off incidences leading to this - I can't help but wonder what fate had in mind here, I've done nothing to hurt anyone else!

We've had a wander around the bush but can't find anything, was hoping they'd grabbed the bag, run into there, taken the purse and then chucked the rest... I just want those rings back. We've phoned the local hock shop and emailed them pics of the rings {thank god I'm a scrapbooker or I'd never have thought to take photos of my hands!} But my feeling is they just wanted easy cash and will have tossed the bag. Am typing up a reward notice to put on the local shop's notice board. Even if it's the same ferals handing it in I don't care so long as I get those rings back.

OK... thanks for listening... I need to go and chill, Forensics are here, not that they'll find much but it's needed for the insurance.


  1. Mistra that is terrible that this has happened. So brazen of the people aswell. I do hope for your sake that things are found, mostly your rings.

  2. Hoping that your rings return if nothing else. Big Hugs for you and thinking of you aswell.


  3. So sorry to hear this Mistra. How dare someone enter your home and steal your belongings and while your in the house too! Happenings like this really disgust me and I so hope that you get your treasured rings back. And like you said who cares if its the damned little pr*cks handing back the rings for the reward... so long as you get them back.
    Thinking of you! Hugs.

  4. OMG Mistra you poor thing! What a nightmare. Bastards! We have had a few houses near us burglared during the day too! Coppers think it is kids as they are in and out so fast and just taking what they can grab.
    Glad and feel safer with our dogs. No one walks past (we live on a corner) without us knowing, let alone trying to break in.
    I hope you get your rings back.
    take care

  5. Hi Mistra
    Followed your link from Fran's blog. How awful about the home invasion. I hope they catch the so-and-so's!
    I went back and read through some of your previous posts. I love your pages - so inspiring!

  6. How scary! makes me feel yuck inside, cant imagine how you felt Mistra, so sorry about all your personal belongings