Friday, 29 December 2006


OK... here it is, the big change that was in the air.

Hopefully {all going well} tonight LC's will have a new look, new name and new owner. The shop has been moved to WA, will be called MaDscraps... and be owned by ME!!

The last few months have been frantic with me being trained via internet and phone, finding a decent server and setting up accounts etc. This last week has been crazy to say the least. All the stock from LC's in Adelaide only arrived on the 27th so it's been a mad panic to get it all set up so I can function properly as a store. But it's all organised now and looking good!

It's been a really big learning curve but has been so exciting. I've had my first orders and am selling out very quickly of all the new yummies I've bought in.

We'll be expanding our lines and including some more OTP items during the New Year.

So pop on over and check us out. The address is Hopefully the forums will transfer smoothly across tonight as at the moment they are not active as yet and are waiting for the new data from when LC's closes and becomes MaDscraps. But the MaDscraps Shop is well and truly live and active.

Wish me luck... who would've though a year ago when I started my journey as one of LC's Creative Angels that the next year I would be owning it!


  1. OMG! No wonder you had been so quiet and had not update your blog in ages!!!!
    That is wonderful news! Did Kerry know? Is that why she organised us all to do a double layout regarding lc's?


  2. what a good secret to keep.. I am glad that you have bought this and have a nice pet project up your sleeves.. you are crazy about the new changes and all the shopping you can do. Enjoy it Mistra..

  3. Thanks girls. Crissy, no Kerry had no idea at the time she arranged that. It wasn't until later that that the Angels were told. It was good timing though, meaning even more to Lynn now if that's possible.

  4. Mistra,a big sigh of relief, the secret is out, you are going to be a huge success, and I am very excited to be on your MaDscraps team.

  5. wow!! congrats to very exciting...will have to pop over and take a look at the new place!

  6. Wow Mistra, congratulations on your new journey. I wish you every success.

    Mel xxx

  7. OMG how exciting for you!!! i had no idea this was in the wind for you.. running over now to have a look :)

    and I love tha name!

  8. CONG's Mistra you know that already

    I'm very happy to be a MaDscraper member

    Thanks for picking me as a winner in this month comp

    It's the place to be we have chatted over 80 pages in 17 days so come on over and say hi ladies