Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Cat's out of the bag...

... so I can blab!!

For 3 months I have had a big secret... a very exciting secret, that I wasn't allowed to share until the August Edition of For Keeps is out... do you realise just how HARD that is!!

Well it's out... a few of you who know me well will have worked it out for yourselves anyway... but...

I was one of the very lucky winners of the Everyday Moments Competition! I'm a tad bit excited to be able to share with everyone!

Plus I am now hanging for FK to get to WA so I can see who else won!!

I won $1000 of delicious scrap goodies... of which I've not doubled up on on stuff I already had {awesome hey}, plus the LO's in the mag {which I'm yet to see} and the enormous satisfaction that comes with it all! So thank you ForKeeps and Aussie Scrap Source... you made my decade!!


  1. Congratulations Mistra, wow what an achievement! Can't wait to get my copy.

  2. I think a few of us guessed...
    Congratulations Mistra, I am SO thrilled for you. Your LO's were amazing and this win is so well deserved. Hope you scrap up a storm with all your new goodies.

  3. wow Mistra congratulations - I am obviously out of the loop as I never guessed - what a great win for you - and now you don't need to buy scrap products for oh - 2 months?? lol
    Congratulations Mistra - we saw how much work you put into that album - your perserverance and creativity paid off!!

  4. Woohoo. I am sooo excited for you Mistra. Doing the happy dance. Had a feeling ;) that you had won.

    A well deserved win. Your work was amazing, always is.

    Now can I see what you won?? LOL

    Take care and chat soon xoxo

  5. Yay! congratulations Mistra, I knew, your layouts were just incredible, well done

  6. I'm so very pleased for you!!! Congratulations on your big win hon!!



  7. ooooo at last it looks great Mistra got my Mag today but you might need tissues - your beautiful Jasper got himself published and he's gorgeous in print.

    The whole Mag had it all very low key I thought was a bit surprised

  8. woohoo Mistra! How fantastic.

    Can't wait to see pics of your goodies... hint hint!

  9. That's fantastic Mistra and sooo deserving

  10. You were very good at keeping a secret Miss M! A huge CONGRATULATIONS for a lot of hard work paying off big time! Your album is gorgeous.

  11. Congrats Mistra! Saw your wonderful layouts in the mag and thought I would just drop into your blog and say hi!

  12. *wow* awesome news!
    Big Congrats:)

  13. cong's again ...I guessed

    Really glad you where one of the winners as your layouts are awersome ...Jasper does look good in print