Sunday, 1 July 2007

I had a great time at the Austism Crop in all aspects... fun, scrapping and luck wise!! I scrapped 3 layouts for the FK Awards for Excellence thingy, I can't show them yet but I think they're good, they're 'me' and that's what matters... one has 3 hours of hand sewn beadwork on it... but it was so worth it!! Had fun chattering and won a real treasure which I will adore for years to come... I was the lucky duck who won the special album. I nearly fell over and I sooooo wanted it {although I guess everyone did}. It's full of stunning layouts done by some very talented ladies and will not only serve to be a gorgeous album when I get pics into it, it will also be a great source of inspiration to further my own scrapping style.

So this weekend, instead of doing all the paperwork for end of year and BAS etc, I decided to scrap, as you do when procrastinating. And then as you do while doing said procrastinating sat here most of the day doing nothing... packed the kits up ready to go out, sorted out my Bazzill racks and worked out what needs to be reordered... moved some paper around in the racks... drooled over all the flowers in the shop... eventually I got my circle journal started for the SnC group and then about 7:00pm finally decided I should do that scrapping after KarenM decided I needed to give her a sketch. Nes told me about the CISters Stylish Sketches, so I found them via KarenB's blog, sent one over to Kazz and then was promptly told I can do it as well... so created this:

It's pretty much just as the sketch as I didn't have a lot of oomphf to be deviating away from it!!

And then I created this... got this one done nice and quick... again the use of sketches helped, this time the ever reliable Becky Fleck came to my rescue...

Now can someone tell me why on earth I do this... use flowers on a boys LO... and then finally get a girl to scrap and use none!? I do it all the time... ok, so I'm weird!!

Last weekend I created the start of my coffee filter circle journal with some of the girls from ScrapWitch... now this was fun!! I can't wait to get it back, should be a quick one as well as the groups are small and we're working on a 2 week turnaround!! So this is my Cover and my pages on what Happiness Is. I've done a LO similar in the past, its one of my fave LO's so I thought I'd adapt it for this little journal.

Other than that... not a heck of a lot happening! Have more yummies for the shop {at least the shop is always a happening thing!!}... am a month ahead of myself for the kits... just have to get the newsletter done and sent... not to mention get the new yummies into the shop!! That would help a tad.
Been very tired all week ... am getting sick of hearing myself say "I'm so tired", it's pathetic to hear it again and again... but I am, and at least I know I'm a sad case!! I should just sleep the weekend away... but I hate to think I'm missing out on something!!

Last night we had dinner at Chelle's {thanks again Chelle}... it was divine! Beef and Pork roast on the weber, lasagne... heaps of veggies... and a bottle of yummo Watershed Unoaked Chardonnay all for me! Darren was driving so for once I could drink... and I did!! But had no hangover this morning... bonus!! Was great to catch up with the girls with the hubbies in tow as well, must do it more often!!

So... tomorrow... paperwork and BAS, it's a must do!! Woohooo... NOT!!

Until next time... take care of you!!


  1. You crack me up, flowers on the boy LO but not on the girl LO...and if anyone can do flowers well on a boy LO it's you! Very nice LO's!

    Love the coffee filter journal idea... that will be a light one to post!

    Dinner at Chelles was great. We should get together more often with the hubbies, was good.

    Now...go upload those

  2. Gorgeous LO's Mistra. It was really nice catching up with you again.

  3. Hey Miss M,

    Lovely to see your creations. Looking good :) And gotta love the CIS Stylish Sketches ~ feel free to drop in my blog anytime, but make sure you say hi while you're there :)


  4. Mistra, so glad you are entering the FK Awards of Excellence girl. Your work is gorgeous and you should be so proud of it. Wonderful to catch up on everything you have been doing.

    Steph xo

  5. always welcome!!

    btw you've been tagged :)