Sunday, 13 January 2008

Cyber Scrapping!

I joined in on the cyber crop at Scrapping Around, it's always an easy going pace with great challenges so suits me just fine!! I've done far more than I thought I would though, have done a lot of hours scrapping, but somehow still had time to play some games with Kel, do the dishes and get some washing done... been a full weekend!!

Anyway... 1st here is an altered DVD case, with an index book to slot inside. I'll be putting my pics from last year onto DVD and storing them, makes for a pretty storage!!

This one was for an old and new challenge. Using old product with new... so finally I got to use some of my old papers that I've had for years!!

Now this was FUN!! Jac set a "garbage" challenge... aka Emphera. So I ratted through my recycle bin and got pizza vouchers, corrugated board, freight barcode, bit of cork sheeting and a tag that was getting thrown out because it was torn! Kel looks deformed but if you take a closer look he's got pepperoni tucked in to use as fangs!! He's a boy... I don't think I need to say more!!

Then I made this little storage tin with an old Eclipse Mint Tin, a black jewel I found on the floor and some lady beetles that I took off something ages ago for a 'just in case' moment! I really love it... grungy and simple! Am going to make some more and use different colours and store buttons in them!

This was from Karen's challenge... to scrap about something New you've learnt so far this year, I did the realisation that housework is never going to go away!! Obviously we all know it never does but the realisation that it's forever... was too much!!

And this one is the sketch challenge... which of course bears very little resemblance to the sketch! LOL... no it does, same general placement of the elements!

And here's our gorgeous girl... she's growing so fast. We had to use the quote "Time is not measured by clocks but by moments". Was fitting to use on a LO of Courtney as we get but moments with her in the scheme of things... but we remember those moments and not the small about of time that we have her with us!!

So that's the weekends work... back to the grindstone tomorrow, as in work work! But... gotta earn a living somehow!!


  1. Wow Mistra you have been busy on your holidays...I love seeing your work. I hope work wasn't too bad when you went back, a new year always puts a new perspective on things.
    Take Care
    Sharon xxx

  2. pinkrose ~ Karen Haywood19 January 2008 at 21:17

    Mistra you did great at the Cyber crop

    loved all your layouts and it was great to have you join us for the weekend

  3. I love your style Mistra, you have stunning creations,
    Charlene Camilleri