Monday, 6 July 2009

I had Scrappi Dais yesterday at Lisa's, was a great day... was only myself, Lisa and Karen there this time though... I scrapped up a storm, was so pleased! The fact I was there until 11pm has nothing to do with it I'm sure! Such a relief for the mojo to be released again... even if I did have the wonderful help of some sketches! I'm definitely thinking I need human company to scrap these days though!

Adore, based on a Pagemaps Sketch

Friend, a Mistra Design

Just a Photo, a Mistra Design

Sloshed, a Mistra Design

Sweet Nothings, based on a Pagemaps Sketch

Walk Beside Me, based on a SM Mag Sketch I think {sorry, can't remember who}

{Edited to add: Sketch Acknowledgments... naughty Missy keeps forgetting that bit and a lovely friend reminded me that we should do so, which is true!}

Until next time, take care of you.


  1. Wow. Mistra. Your pumping.
    btw I think your very funny. (ie. your twitterings)

  2. Loving these latest creations. Sorry for the long absence in visiting your blog. Hope you and yours are all well xx