Wednesday, 16 September 2009

More sharing...

I keep thinking I haven't scrapped much lately... then realise I've done all these over the last few weeks and not shared.

Calm Moment, I really love the pics I got when we visited Bells Rapids with the kids... and to catch them just sitting, relaxing and watching, rare rare moment! I'm trying to use up my drawer full of rub-ons atm, I keep buying them but rarely use them!

This Tin, a sentimental LO that I knew I needed to scrap after rabbiting onto Heather about my grandma's tin I asked mum for.

River Walk, I'm enjoying doubles again atm... what do you think of the chippy reed thingy, it's by Dusty Attic and definitely yummy!!

Pride, one of the midweek challenges from H&S.

Our Haven, a CC Challenge by Trisha for H&S... we had to scrap our bedroom. I can easily say our bedroom is the brightest room in the house. And I LOVE how the Kaiser PP matches our bed linen, even the Collections Journal Card ties in well!

Adore, another CC Challenge for H&S by Heather. We had to scrap the influence our father, or other male role model, had in our lives. Mine was choosing a man who loves me as much as my dad loves my mum.

So that's not so bad an amount of scrapping for a girl whose mojo went walkabout I think! I have some new yummies coming soon... some Basic Grey Indian Summer Papers and Woolies, hopefully some mojo will be hiding in the box when I get it.

Homefront is great family wise... we are doing ok with our Failsafe eating plan {reducing all the additives, preservatives and high food chemical foods}, we keep coming undone on the weekends though... funny that my routine always gets thrown out the window on the weekends as well with guests and social visits. LOL, that's ok though... would rather have the guests than not.

Darren is still hunting for work, plus he lost his job last night... by letter even, no phone call, no discussion. How rude... this company has no ethics whatsoever, and we know he was 'let go' because he didn't answer the owner of the company in the way she preferred to be answered {with the truth instead of whatever it was she wanted to hear}, of course they worder the letter that he didn't do a good job... so odd that the shift supervisor has been singing him praises... go figure. So anyway... big time job search now as the house will need to go on the market if he's found nothing by November. I hate making "woe is me" posts... but this one really has knocked the wind out of both our sails. Meanwhile I am sitting here watching a meeting of some staff who are complaining they've got it so bad because they lost some loading when we had the redundancies here at work... at least they have jobs, Darren would gladly jump into some of their shoes.

But... always needing to find some kind of positive {and this one is proving to be a hard one}... even if we have to sell up and start again later, maybe that is what we need. Renting for a year with no mortgage or loan commitments could mean Darren could go back to school and do something, get some sort of qualification on paper, even do that childcare course he's always wanted to do, or learn to be a clown, whatever... so long as he does something that brings him joy!! Sometimes a fresh start can be good, so long as we still have each other while making that start.

Ahhhh... on a happy note, I am very much looking forward to some beautiful friends coming to play on Saturday. Jules, Nes and Bri are coming, and maybe Chrissie too... unfortunately Lisa can't because her nanny is overseas... bad bad nanny! I am really looking forward to our get together... and Jules and Nes haven't met Bri yet, although we all talk regularly on H&S... so it will be fun fun fun!!

Until next time, take care of you.

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