Sunday, 20 June 2010

Time to get down n'Dusty!!

So... I've been doing OTP and girly and sweet as for weeks, my poor child needed some attention... talk about hard converting back over to the 'boy zone'. Embies for teen boys are few and far between... so after playing with the Dusty Attic Tribal Borders, I nabbed some more. They are perfect... Kel loves them and I think they'd suit most teen-aged boys... and I think even some teen girls too!

I made my own background paper here, with paint, a plastic card and then my hands... I made such a mess! There's a whole lot of texture going on that the pic just won't capture.

Then I did my ink, sploosh, UTEE, spray thing with the Dusty Attic and got it all happily working together.

So it's a simple LO but the Dusty Rocks & the background I love... I just need more 'boy' practice again I think!

Take care of you.


  1. You do boy just as awesome as you do sweet and girly, Mistra!!! Love that title!!! Hope you are well. Hugs xxx

  2. Oh you are defintely the queen of mess!!!!

  3. Ooh I'm not sure... have you seen Marcy's pictures of her space after creating, she is the Queen of Mess I'm sure... I'll just be the Princess!

  4. love love it!!!
    That paper could be Basic Grey easily! Clever thing you!