Monday, 13 September 2010


... what ya been doing?

I've been scrapping... lucky me! Okay, so I always scrap... but not so much lately. Between being sick, stressing over Kel and injuries or Kel and school, way stressing over work {not going to go there yet}... so with all the stress in my life the mojo walked out on me. Bastard... up and left me in the lurch just when I needed it most, never realised that mojo was male {luckily not my male, he's so in the good books right now}.

But finally... after 4 weeks, I feel better... and scrapped on Saturday after a marathon quoting day at work. I had whirlwind Kit Up for tonight's class on Saturday morning, thankfully with some help from Vicki... flew into work, did 282 quotes, came home rather comatose and got a phone call... Tina: "Hi, what you doing?" Me: "Nothing." Tina: "Cool, I'm coming for a cuppa with my scrap tote." and you know what... that was just what I needed, forced relaxed and play time... and I did. I relaxed and I played and that slurry of a mojo came home!!

So I caught up with my DT layouts for Tomorrow's Memories... this one only 4 weeks late {I'm still so embarrassed}, but I'm rapt with the result.

Just one of my fave pics of Kel, from last year actually... but the photo was perfect for the papers I felt. The papers are Kaiser {noice hey} and the chippies Dusty Attic.

And this one for Tomorrow's as well which is mega on time as Vicki gave me the papers on Saturday and it's in the shop today {had to redeem myself somehow LOL}. Love this one... the Basic Grey Basics papers are quite simple and boyish, perfect for me... but me being a fruitcake decided I was going to girlify them... I think I did! This is Lisa and I on her 31st, yeah I've scrapped it before... but I love this pic of us! It was a great night, Miss Lisa we need another one, although I guess we should save it for my 2nd 21st!!

Ahhh so... scrapping for Tomorrow's is done, I am satisfied, and this mojo had better stay put or there will be temper tantrums.

Sunday I had plans out and about with Dizz and Lisa... they all got a bit thrown out for unavoidable reasons, Dizz couldn't make it {missed you!}, then mum had things to do... but Lisa was needing to avoid housework, so invited me for lunch as well as a cuppa and we have a lovely few hours nattering away... so nice, although we need a night of jellyshots and other concoctions sometime soon I think, fun fun!!

And today... seriously, work was far too much for me today. There were even some tears. I'm working on a huge tender... if we win this it will be AWESOME for Scott's, so we're all trying... we're all doing whatever we can to get this happening. Today after 420 quotes {today's and Saturday's work... that's a LOT of quotes for those not in the industry}, they moved the goalpost on us and changed a figure... meaning... yes, 420 quotes need to be altered. I did cry, just a couple of tears... but I don't cry about work, I simply deal with the drama and move on... today I couldn't do that! Anyways... I'm fine now... we will all work together and get it moving, it will be done and done well, eventually.

Tonight I had a class at Tomorrow's Memories as well... yes, doesn't rain but pours. BUT, thank goodness for this class. It was so easy-going and fun... I came home refreshed, happy and calm, so good for the soul! Thanks ladies... today you were my saviours!!

Tomorrow's Memories Classes for October / November are already in the shop and booking up FAST if you're thinking of joining in! I have both an Angel Mobile and a Treasure Box class coming up... and there are some stunning LO's and a gorgeous Christmas Wreath as well, not to mention the cards... so so nice... they're all so pretties!

I have more things to share... just have to get them photographed and they'll be up, now to find some of that "time" thing again!

Until next time,
Take care of you.


  1. Sounds like you have been through the mill, as they say 'things can only get better'. Glad your mojo has returned, love you layouts. The papers on the first one are just perfect for the picture, love the touches of material and the chippies. The picture of Lisa and you is awesome.

    Hope you get the tender at work, good luck.

    Kaye x

  2. I just adore those LO's, I gotta get me some of those Dusty clocks, love 'em.
    And I would have cried bucket loads of tears about work if that was me, you're a strong,determined and focus woman if you ask me. Sending you big hugs my friend :)