Monday, 30 April 2012

Brick Wall Tutorial

Hi everyone... I created this the other day for a layout yet to be revealed.  The true brick finish was so easy to create, and with little mess too - so I thought I'd share it with you all!!

Brick Tutorial

You will need:
Dusty Attic Brick Wall
Mix'd Media Inx {Pewter, Leather, Truffle & Patina}
Mix'd Media Inx Embossing Powder {Honey, Leather, 
Heat Gun

First pop out the bricks you will need and adhere them to a messy sheet using 2/S Tape, this makes it easier to work on them.

Randomly dab some Mix'd Media Inx {MMI} in Pewter, don't cover all the chipboard.

Next add some Leather MMI, again randomly and just a touch, like shown...

Now sprinkle some MMI Embossing {Honey & Leather} randomly.  I just sprinkle a touch on with my fingertips to achieve a blotchy speckled effect like you see in bricks.  Emboss with a heat gun...

Once the chipboard is cooled add just a touch of MMI Patina...

Lastly, sprinkle on some Truffle MMI Embossing, just a tiny amount... and emboss with a heat gun.

And you're all done... ready to go build a wall!!


I use Mix'd Media Inx because they are wonderfully thick and juicy, so they hold the embossing powder without the need of a clear embossing ink.  Mix'd Media Inx are are made by Clearsnap under the Colobox & Donna Salazar Designs names.  They stay wet for ages, making them so easy to work with and are my preferred ink now, I haven't been able to fault them!!

The colours I used are as follows to help you find alternatives if you need:

MMI Embossing - Honey {Sandy Beige}, Truffle {Dark Reddish Brown}, Leather {Dark Brown with a Metallic Copper}
MMI Ink - Pewter {Grey}, Leather {Dark Brown} Patina {Green/Blue}

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  1. STUNNING effect!! Love your brickwork Mis. Thanks for sharing this awesome technique.

  2. Thanks Mistra for a great tutorial.

  3. Great tutorial thanks Mista.

  4. WOW how good do those bricks look!!
    Hope to see them on a layout soon! Thanks for sharing

  5. They look amazing! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  6. Wow - just like the real thing! You are so clever Mis!