Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sketches by... Me!!

On my holidays, instead of the mountains of scrapping I had planned to do, I started sketching layout plans.  What started out as just doing a couple of rough ones for the Dusty archives from existing layouts, ended up being over 50 sketches, loads of them new!  I am having such great fun creating them!!

I am sketching them in an iPad app called Paper 53, it's sooo much fun... and instead of just keeping these for myself I thought I'd share them for anyone to use.

I have created a blog for them called Sketches by Mistra {original hey, but it's easy to remember and find that way LOL}.  

I have loaded the 1st 15 sketches and the others I will add each week, so keep checking back if they inspire you!

They are Mistra'style... so lots of layers, lots of embie placements and most certainly not perfect!  They were simply created as a kick off point for inspiration, so twisting and tweaking it certainly on the cards!   I like the rough water coloured look of them, for me they have really fuelled my imagination!

This is one of that I'm just waiting for a photo for to finish, hopefully I'll have it ready over the weekend to share with you all!

Thanks for visiting, take care and


  1. excellent mistra!! have bookmarked it and will give some a go :)

  2. Awesome! I love the water colour look of your sketches too - makes them a little bit different.

  3. OMG Mistra, is there anything you can't do girl???? You just keep coming up with some NEW thing to amaze us all. You are on fire. Fabulous.
    Cheers Di xoxo

  4. What a fabulous idea Mistra! And thanks so much for sharing your talent with us. I can't wait to get a look at them and start creating.